Friday, November 3, 2017

Homecoming 97

D&G was an epic.  I was never pushed up against the wall more than any other project. Although it wasn't my first album, it felt as if I was releasing my debut and had a LOT to prove. Once I was done with the release of "The Scepter & The Sword" I was going to take a break.  I wanted to chill and walk away for a minute.  Then out of nowhere my best friend was at his mom's house and sent me a picture of when we went to Homecoming 97.

That's all it took.

A simple funny pic and me jokingly thinking I looked like a bootleg Tony Montana from "Scarface" set it off.  A photoshop here... and then realizing that the pic represented the 20 year mark... well... dayum ish just got real.

Quickly 19 full tracks that were a mix of new and revisited material with a throwback vibe that would have fit nicely as a mixtape in 97 poured out of me.  I've never been able to knock out a project from top to bottom this quickly.  As every project I've worked on has taught me a new lesson for the next one, I was able to use those lessons to crank out this project on a short timeline and have fun, once again.

I wasn't expecting to be putting out material so quickly after the release of D&G and as a result I kept it really close to the chest and only started hinting at the project with short video clips. But, in many ways this project plays out as a prequel to "The Scepter & The Sword" as "David" is running for Homecoming King. Currently the biz model is to put out the mixtape before the album and well... this was the other way around.

So... to the River Ridge class of 98, I present to you my love letter.  "Homecoming 97"