Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Monstarrrs - Rampage (Ace-One, Stakzilla, Big Oil)

Release the Kraken!!!

Monstarrrs is one of Ace-One's many groups and side projects.  The Rapmonster, the Kraken, the Kaiju... Goliath... this rap titian is on a RAMPAGE and he brought company with Stakzilla on the rhymes and Big Oil on the beats.  These Monstarrrs follow the themes that Ace's carried throughout his last few LPs/projects and like an ungodly disaster on a great city, the Monstarrrs come stomping through leaving a wake of destruction in their path.

With the energy and chest pounding bravado of a wrestling theme, "Takeover The Jam Sh%t" sets off the 8 track LP and to quote Ace, "It's ON!"  The trio are on monster mash busting beats, rhymes and eardrums throughout the whole project as it goes from the above mentioned track to the closing "Change Sh%t."

The tempos may change, the energy may ebb and flow, but it is nothing but a bumrush from the trio.  An end to end burner and much like any disaster, this LP attacks with force... and before you know it... it's calm as we see the devastation laid from the Monstarrrs.  But, unlike the monster movies of old, we want the rampage to continue and for the Monstarrrs to return.