Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dub Styles snippet (leak) vol. 2

This snippet features pieces of 3 tracks from the "Dub Styles" project. The 1st is a portion of a track I'm calling "A Day Like No Other," which you may have heard on the promo video. The 2nd is the full length version of a track called "The Basics," which was produced by my man Dr. Peppersauce. And the 3rd is just a teaser of the pseudo title track, "Walkman Redemption."


I hope ya'll are getting geeked because I'm pretty excited about this project. I'm working on the mixes to finalize the project and hoping you will be hearing it shortly.

And stay tight... more ol' school demos coming your way.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Old School Demos vol. 2

Cats have been diggin' these demos that I've been unearthing. A while ago I was thinking about putting a comp of all these old school demos and alt takes together, but I just was busy with other projects. I will be be throwing up these tracks in chunks as I rip the files off of tapes, mini-disks etc. Once I've put all the demos together I'll make them available for DL and post it.

SYA - The Mob Comes Equipped

This track was supposed to be an uber possie cut, but like what I have learned with trying to record possie cuts is that it's hard to actually get done. The only verse that was recorded was Keith's, B-Wyze. I did this beat with my Yamaha SU-10 and tried to layer some other drums over it with my mom's keyboard. I've heard quite a few cats use this sample and I've even revisited it years later when I competed in Big Tunes in Seattle. (a whole other story)

SYA - The Mob Comes Equipped 98 by Dawhud

Lyrics & Beats

This is a solo track I did back in 98 and no joke I got the sample off of a 70s' porn video tape. I've always liked this hook and wanted to do something with it so I reused "Lyrics & Beats" for a new track on an as of yet untitled LP.

Lyrics & Beats (original version 98) by Dawhud

Purification 98

This was a solo track I did in the summer of 98. This track I recorded straight to my mini disk player because I was wanting a more clear sounding track. This is on some "death to the wack emcees" type ish. About a week after recording this track I performed it at a show along with the original version of "Wild Style," which I'll be putting up soon.

Purification 98 by Dawhud

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ol' School demos (SYA... it's the click)

These are some of the old demos from the original group I was in back in the day. We all grew up in the same neighborhood and knew each other since we were at least 10 years old. The original group was made up of my man Keith (B-Wyze) his twin brother Kenneth (Kenny Mac) & myself... (at the time I went by Negative) Through middle school and high school we held it down. Our group was originally called the "Sycotics" (yes misspelled on purpose) Then we became "S-Y-C" for short and when we added some unofficial members that were in a group called "Young Assassins" we finally became "S-Y-A." (Sycotic Young Assassins) Did we rhyme about being crazy or anything? NO. HAHA We were just on some cipher/pass the mic type ish. Basement... freestyling... comp book writing... lunch table beating ish. We kind of were like the Wu-Tang in school. Not as in style, but as in we were a group that had all these spin off groups and unofficial members.

Is You Gonna Come Wit (97)

This is some straight pass the mic demo ish. Seriously... no 4-track, I just had a mic plugged into a mixer and tape deck. We'd spit in the mic and pass it when we were done with our verse. This track features Keith and myself along with our man Justin, who was part of the crew.

SYA- Is you gonna come wit 97 by Dawhud

Look, Listen & Focus (97)

You may notice that this beat and... I think my verse are what ended up becoming "T.E.C.H." This demo was done the same day as we did the "Is You Gonna Come Wit" track. Same thing... pass the mic and spit. HAHA I think I actually was holding my sampler and triggering the samples while we were recording.

SYA- look, listen & focus 97 by Dawhud

It's the Click (98)

This track we did on my Yamaha SU-10 sampler and a Tascam 4-track. This features all 3 original members and was one of my fav tracks we did back in the day. I think Keith recycled one of the verses from one of the other demos for this track. I helped write part of Ken's verse right before we recorded it. HAHA

SYA-It's the Click 98 by Dawhud

Do You Wanna Rock Wit Me (98)

This track has been one of my favorite jammies of all time. I put it up on my myspace page a while ago. I'm not on the track, but I did the beat. We did this track from start to finish in the process of a few hours. (from sample, to beat, to rhymes, to recording) I originally didn't want to make this beat because at the time there was all that Puffy jiggiy ish going on and I didn't want to make music like that. After the twins told me to trust them, I got down and made the beat. I'm glad they did because this track is bonkers. It is seriously a dope summer jammie.

SYA-Do you Wanna Rock Wit Me '98 by Dawhud

Monday, May 17, 2010

When I say "Dub," not talkin' 'bout 20's

Some of you may have seen the teaser promo vid with a cameo of my dog Max showing a rough draft of “Dub Styles: Walkman Redemption” has been finished. Yes, after roughly 2 ½ years of writing, making beats, developing the project… it turning into two different projects and putting other projects on the backburner, “Dub Styles” is basically done. I’m now at the tweaking stage with perfecting mixes, changing little bits, rerecording and editing tracks before the project eventually will get mastered.

A very select number of individuals have been given a DL of the rough version to preview. (much like what I did with the 1st version of “Basement Sessions”) So far the response has been pretty good and cats are getting what I was trying to convey with the project.

The nice thing about this project splitting into other projects is that there shouldn’t be such a lag between the next LP/EP etc. Although I started writing for a follow up while I was still in the mixing phase of “Basement Sessions” I wasn’t expecting what happed to happen. (which ultimately slowed everything down) But, here we are, roughly in the same exact spot I was 3 years ago when I finished the 1st draft of “Basement Sessions.” (man, I can’t believe it’s been that long)

So what do we do now, where do we go and how can you get your mits on this? HAHA I haven’t quite figured everything out. Given the current climate of the music industry, CD, vinyl, digital… usb… I’m not sure what to do. Honestly, I’m still trying to square everything on “Basement Sessions” due to ish that ultimately pushed back its release 6-9 months. ($) Regardless I am hoping to have something, even if it’s a rough 1 track preview track available for these coming warm months. Bandcamp… Soundcloud… Rapidshare… we shall see. I’ve got some ideas, but I’m open to suggestions and would actually dig some feedback from you all on what you think regarding this project. (how you think it should be let out)

Support indie hip hop and art!!!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dawhud's got beef with Ras Trent


I know this is like a year old, but it's only fitting for the project. If only Dub Styles would be this dope/funny. HAHA I'm about one track away from finishing principal recording and I'm looking at a 4 day weekend, so I'm hoping to have a rough version of the project done by this time next week. When will that mean that you can peep it? Hold tight.