Thursday, December 10, 2009

Interview on "Totally Crushed Out" + New TRACK

My man Ryan Pangilinan started up new online mag, "Totally Crushed Out." We did an interview last week and it was posted up along with a NEW track from the as yet untitled follow up to "Basement Sessions." The track is called "Process" and my man Just Another DJ produced it. Peep the links, but I'll paste the interview below.

Dawhud Interview
The Meeting of Minds: Dawhud vs. Totally Crushed Out
by Ryan Pangilinan
The story of white suburban kids discovering hip-hop is a pretty tired tale at this point. For all Asher Roths, Snows, and Brian Austin Greens that pass through pop culture infamy, there’s guys like Miilkbone who are relegated to the dollar bin. Then there’s guys like Indiana-transplant-by-way-of-Seattle, Dawhud (nee: Dave Thomas) who have cultish sensibility and exist in a backpacker limbo of sorts.

Dawhud’s self-released debut album “Basement Sessions” came out last year to critical acclaim, landing on top 10 lists and heralded as another return to the boom bap. Since his 2008 record, Dawhud has been hard at work on the Revisionist Project, a record that covers classic jams with underground emcees.

Recently, Dawhud chatted about his start in hip-hop and gives a little detail on hip-hop in the Hoosier state.

Totally Crushed Out: Okay. So the first time I remember hearing about you, you had the radio show in Olympia and you used to take a bunch of pictures of events and what not. What made you want to stop observing and be an actual participant?

Dawhud: Well... hate to break it to you but I didn't take too many pictures. Maybe that was Aaron. HAHA. But, I got interested in doing music since I was about 11-12.

I remember coming home from elementary school to see Yo! MTV Raps and I'd try to write some party raps like Kid N Play.

In sixth grade I got a Casio Rapman keyboard. It was this wack little keyboard that had a fake jog wheel that made "scratch" sounds and a mic that you could change the pitch of your voice with.

I remember those. My kid has a similar one

Yeah... I still got one. I've even used the mic effects on a couple of the tracks I've been working on lately.

Fast forward to high school, the group I was in with my friends I'd dig up records and we'd go over to this guys house and have him make the beat on his EPS-16. I'd give him the samples and tell him how to make the beat, but he'd actually do it on the sampler. About a week later, duke would say he "lost" the disks and then we'd find out that one of his boys was using the beat that I basically made.

So then you started going for self?

Yeah. I never originally thought I'd go into making beats, but it just ended up happening because we were sick of dealing with cats that would steal our tracks.

My senior year, I had my parents lump X-mas, B-day and senior grad presents into a Gemini mixer, a 4 track, some belt drive turntables and a Yamaha SU10 sampler. That was the real start for REALLY getting into making beats.

Were you already collecting source records for sampling?

A little, mostly getting stuff from people's parent's collections.

That's the way to do it. What was the first break that you copped on your own?

Grover Washington's Mister Magic. Found it in a free bin at one of my fav spots. I threw that LP on and was like, “WHAT?!” Oh... there's another... but this is more sample source than break, Bob James “Westchester Lady,” and here's the story behind that.

My man's dad had a big porn stash and one time I was over at his house and he put in this "comp" porn video. It had a ton of old 70s porn and there was this one where they were playing that Bob James track. I was like, "Oh I've got to get this." I ended up recording the porno onto tape so I had the sample.

Haha.. That's fresh.

I still probably got it somewhere

That's got to be a serious hidden track

You could hear mostly the music, but in the background you could hear some deep throat action. Ha.

On the “Basement Sessions,” you reunited your radio crew, Late Night Marauders, for a skit, which was hilarious. id you ever think of doing a podcast with the old crew?

Yeah, I've thought of stuff like that, but just recording those skits was kind of hard. They were trying so hard to sound professional and the whole thing about our show was that we were just phawking around.

So what made the LP were really the outtakes.

Carlos (aka DJ Say Ten) sent me a HUGE box of our old shows and I've been meaning to digitize them.

That's awesome. Will that be recurring in Dub Styles or other projects?

We'll see. Dub Styles will have a DJ/host vibe to it. [Dub Styles is] the mixtape that is referenced on [Basement Sessions]. But, it'll be me on the mic, as host, djing, etc.

Are you going to do multiple voices?

Naw, it'll be like B-Mello doing a mixtape.

You should get B-Mello to do it with you!

Yeah... I originally was going to have him on the version of "Dub Styles" that was featured on my LP. He said he was down, but it just never ended up happening.

He's a busy guy. He's still grinding and being a dad.

What you actually hear at the end of the track was the demo I did for B-Mello so he would know what I was wanting him to do

Are you still working on the Revisionist project?

Yeah, it's just taking time. I want to do that project right and well... MONEY

Do you have any semi-completed tracks?

Yeah, a Prince Po, Moka Only track over a flip of “I Got Cha Opin,” a flip of “Microphone Fiend” with Wildchild, Frank (Fash-1) and Verbal Math from Dolla Bin. A track with Rusty from the Mudkids on a collage of several classic tracks

Have you ever thought of shopping what you have to a label to get some support that way?

Yeah, I just haven't kissed the right babies. But, yeah, I've been wanting to shop it around, but just haven't gotten that far with many people.

I know Ubiquity said they thought my LP (Basement) was good, but not the type of music they wanted to do, so to speak. I think the issue is more... what labels are interested in some DITC type boom bap.

Ubiquity is mostly downtempo. Have you thought about being a true Seattlite and head towards Massline?

Never really thought that because I thought that my sound and subject didn't fit in with their general vibe.

I like those guys and Ra actually said he was down to work on Revisionist History.

That's cool. What's Indiana's hip-hop scene like?

It's like Seattle when [Tribal Records’ compilation] Do the Math dropped. Like there's stuff going on, but it just hasn't clicked. Rhymefest was originally from Indy

Then he abandoned it to roll as a Chicagoan, eh?

And Rusty from the Mudkids battled Eminem at the 97 Skribble Jam.

I remember that

Yeah... but I understand, Chi is 2 1/2 hours away and a MUCH bigger city. But there's stuff going on here. The thing that DOES suck is that most tours skip over Indy. They'll hit Chi and the next day be in Columbus, OH or Cinci.

But, there are some dope acts here. Mudkids, Twilight Sentinals, Ace-One, and some real dope producers here too.

That's cool. You can lead the scene, my man. So what's in the works for 2010?

I'm hoping to have Dub Styles out by the spring summer. A lot of it is done, just trying to finish up a couple tracks. Dub Styles ended up also creating another LP, which will be more of a true follow up to Basement Sessions. On some good old fashioned boom bap.

That's the best. Are you going to press Dub Styles yourself?

Well, I'll probably do a preview/leak online and see how that goes. The WISH is to do a promo pressing on tape. I am also thinking about doing a pressing on CD as well, but we'll see.

Aiight man, I gotta rap this up, so last question: what's your favorite Group Home lyric?

HAHA That's dope. "Yo, I'm coming up with mad rage/ 18 and hittin' the front page/ You know I'm makin' it/ and if I can't have it... I'm takin' it

Your pick is much better than mine, D.

What's yours?

"Hit your moms over the head with a metal pipe"

Oh, I think yours is better.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Beats, rhymes and a whole lot of life

It is what it is. Working on things and this thing we call life is doing it's thing too. Without getting too much into the nitty gritty I'm finding myself in a position that I was in when I decided to fully commit to working on "Basement Sessions." For those of you that may not know, the kick in the pants that got me to pause and decide to work on that project was when a close friend passed away. God slapped me in the face and said, "yo, life is short... you got one shot... don't waste it." (that is if he'd say "yo") HAHA It was bittersweet because I would do anything to talk to my friend who passed than have released "Basement Sessions," but if it wasn't for his passing I wouldn't have realized that what I wanted and needed to do.

He passed the week of Thanksgiving four years ago and as happenstance would find it Thanksgiving has continued to be a time of reflection. I guess it usually is supposed to be like that, but what I mean is that moments like my friend's passing seem to levitate around this time of year. (which in turn makes me seriously take a magnifying glass to my life/dread the emerging holiday season)

So, what have I found after this long 4 day weekend? Well... I know what I DON'T want to do. HAHA I guess that's important. The next few weeks will really tell as to what and where things are going to be heading. Now, how vague can I be? HAHA I'll say one thing, my mother in-law said to both my wife and I to not waste our time doing what we don't love and use the talents that God gave us. Hearing that along with the other talks we had over the weekend has opened up a dialog about the future.

What does the future hold, I dunno about all the other ish but I can say this...

I'm working on "Dub Styles" and I'm hoping to have it done shortly. A lot of the recording is finished and I'm planning on a spring 2010 release/preview leak. I honestly think the project would make a better soundtrack for the spring/summer than while we're all freezing our a$$es off in winter. (yeah... not so much) HAHA I'm really diggin' it, I hope other cats will dig it.

You know what... blam... here we go peep this!!! Follow the link. This is a rough demo/snippet of some of the vibe from project. This is roughly how the project is going to sound. Just to let you know I've even made some changes from this. (I changed the intro a little bit) You most likely have heard the "Come Equipped" track that my man Dee Supreme laced a while ago, but dig it. This is but a taste for you all that are interested. Also, my man Josh G laced another one of the beats for this project. This has been a dope project and I'm really diggin' how some beats from other beatmakers/producers/associates mesh well with this project. (I will say it has been a little weird at 1st not rhyming on a beat that I made, but it's all good... takes some of the load off me)

And if you're wondering why it's taken so long... well some of it has been the ish I was talking about in the 1st part of this blog and also the project itself took a different turn and other songs that originally were for this project ended up creating another project. All good.

In other news...

My man Rusty from The Mudkids dropped a free EP. Peep the link and DL the "Free Money EP!!!" I DL'd that bad boy and rocked it on some serious head nodding ish. Don't sleep on this. I mean... on the real, it's free. HAHA The site is looking fresh and I'm looking forward to seeing more from their site. And for those of you that DON'T know... Rusty battled a Mr. Mathers back when...


Dig it.

Until next we meet.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Metromix Indy Scary Gigs Article (Dawhud)

More funny than scary. HAHAHA


This was when I was back in Seattle and I was in the Big Tunes beat battle. HAHAHA The Big Tune battle at that point didn't have the Red Bull sponsor and it was a monthly battle going down at the War Room in Capitol Hill. My man Corey, "Just Be" was there to witness it. Man... I wonder if there's a youtube of this somewhere. (just looked... didn't see it) Well, I think on my profile there's still the pic of me from the battle. HA

Read and enjoy

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MetroMix Indy, Basement Sessions sale & other news

Celebrated my 30th B-day with the dopeness!!! Had my parents come out to visit, which was real dope because I hadn't seen them in a year. My wife kept the whole thing on the DL the whole time. Honestly the best thing I could have asked for. I wasn't really planing on a lot for my 30th... mostly just kick it. (Have a beer or two, work on some music and chill.)

A couple days prior I was contacted by MetroMix and they were doing a piece on hip hop artists in Indy. Sounded cool in my book, but more than anything I was shocked that 1) they knew who I was 2) wanted to have me in their publication and 3) wanted to do a photo shoot with me. Dope! So, the day after my B-day they had one of their photographers come over to my house during lunch break and take my pic.

I honestly had no idea when the article was gong to run and happily stumbled across it online today. Then after work I mashed out to a local spot a grabbed a few copies. HAHA Turns out it's the center page. I jokingly said to my wife, "never thought you'd be with a centerfold, eh?" (you can almost hear her eyes roll) HAHA

In other news...

You can now get Basement Sessions through here for $5 + shipping!!! And with purchase you will get a free DL of the album. (good look) Just click on the pic of the album cover. Dope ish!!!

Dub Styles is moving along. I've let a VERY select few close cats peep out some ruff versions of the project. I'm hoping to finish up principal recording on this project shortly. (then it'll be the UBER tweaking of post production) HAHA

Stay tuned

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Instore @ Indy Vinyl & CD (& other news)

Yep, yep. Cool points have been achieved. HAHA Saturday August 29th in celebration to help promote the Mudkids latest EP, "MKEP" they had me open for them at the instore. As you can see, that's Rusty from the Mudkids in the background. HAHA Thanks to Indy Vinyl & CD for having me perform there, it was a blast.

Had a great time hanging out, hearing the Mudkids do what they do best and hip some cats to my ish. Only thing that sucks is my Numark CDX that I've had for a minute and have NEVER had problems with now seems to be broken after the show. This morning I plugged the thing in and tried powering it up and the blasted thing doesn't seem to do a bloomin' thing. (shaking fist) Either I'm going to have to have Numark tech support try and help me or I'm going to have to finally break down and go the Serato route.

Despite that it was dope!!! And for those of you how don't know... PEEP the MKEP out now. (iTunes etc. etc.) If you're in Indy, you can pick it up at the local spots and at Indy Vinyl & CD you can cop a T-shirt with it for FREE!!! (can't hate on that) Mudkids ish!!!

In other news: A bulk of "Dub Styles: Walkman Redemption" was recorded last week. The project is far from over, but it is on it's way. I'm hoping to have some more music up on the myspace page.

Finally... the domain has been forwarded to the Basement Addicts myspace page. It only took like 2 years for me to get that going. I may have the domain pointed here in the near future because this spot seems to be more of the main spot instead of the myspace page. The site is still in the works along with all the other projects, but wearing many hats along with balancing the day job it isn't easy.

Stay tuned peeps!!!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Who's Next?! in full slide show GLORY!!!!

This is a slide show from the release party for "Basement Sessions" from last summer. That night was a blast. More than anything it was a nice night to hang out with my 206 fam.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


4th of July I went with my wife and her parent's to visit some fam out in the burbs of Cleveland. When I jokingly told my friend's that I was heading to Cleveland and going to say what's up to "Bone Thugz" I got a txt back from my friend wondering if it was anything like the episode on "40 Rock." Although I didn't get to peep downtown Cleveland, these two videos pretty much sum it up.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Physics (on the DL tip)

The Physics

I was introduced to the Physics through my man Just Be when I was trying to book a show. I hit them up and Thig hit me saying that they were working on their LP, but not ready to perform. Jump about 9 months into the future they drop their LP "Future Talk" and dug out a nice fan base in the 206. I've hit Thig every now and then to just chop it up and randomly I was like, "Yo, when you going to drop some new ish?" HAHA He emailed me back saying, "Next week." HAHAHAHA

So here we are, The Physics drop another gem and this EP is for DL on their site.

If you did check out their debut LP you'll know what feel good hip hop you're getting yourself into. The "High Society" EP is along the same lines, but I would say that their sound has progressed/matured. If this is a sample of what their new LP is going to sound like... sign me up.

Do yourself a favor and cop this joint.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Beats, cuts... rhymes for you project.

You working on a project and interested in some beats or cuts? Get at me. Let me know what type of vibe you're going for and I'll see what I can do for you and your project. Let me know what your budget is and we'll make it work.

You want some dirty, grimy, diggin' in the crates classic SP1200 ish? Holler at me.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Basement Sessions inst versions 4 the DJs


These are inst versions of the LP along with some clean versions of a few tracks. This is strictly for my DJs. HAHA I guess I'm endorsing Serato. HAHA

Friday, May 29, 2009

Damn I miss home...

This is the latest video from Jake One's LP. The track features Vitamin D, C-Note, Maniac and Ish from Digable Planets and is called "Home." Shot in the C.D. and Broadway in Seattle, it's a dose of exactly what the title of the track is, home. It's bittersweet watching this video and seeing all the spots I drove past everyday.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Revisionist History track featuring Wildchild


Revisionist History... BLAM!!!

This is one of the tracks from the project, it's a flip of Rakim's Microphone Fiend. This is but a taste of this project. Hope you all dig it. It's really going to be some next ish!!!

Not sure how long I'm going to keep this up, but enjoy it for the moment.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dolla Bin "Styles You Can't Afford"

My week has been made. Ups, downs etc. Taxes due... how the phawk do I owe cash when I don't make cash? Anyway, taxes, life, bills, stress... dude I work with lost his moms. (RIP) So the week has been all over the place and as I'm slowly working my way toward Friday I see some light at the end of the tunnel.

BLAM... check the email after running around all day and there's an email from Ian Head. "Styles You Can't Afford" is out!!!! You honestly have no idea how much I've been asking these cats about when the LP was going to be dropped.

Don't know if ya'll have heard of these peeps, but it's a duo Verbal Math on the rhymes and DJ Ian Head on the beats. They're honestly some of the dopest ish I've just stumbled across through this myspace generation. (to quote the liner notes in my LP) They put out a classic EP about 2 years ago and I've been waiting for a long minute to hear their LP. I've bumped their EP soooo much it's not even funny. Ian and Verb are of likeminds when it comes to hip hop, diggin' etc. so it's no shock I was all over it.

Do yourself a favor and cop it, you can DL it for free at... or

You can also DL their "One More Crate" EP. Some dope ish, don't sleep.

PS For my Indy cats, peep City 2 City and hear him talk about Indy and Missin Link. HAHA "Got my hands grungy in the land of Tony Dungy"

Sunday, April 5, 2009

New tracks, old favs and all that inbetween

Myspace in an effort to battle it's shrinking traffic due to Facebook had granted us artists the ability to now have 10 tracks in our player. (or at least that's what it seems like to me) HAHA Regardless, it is the dopness!!!

Since I first got the notification that I was going to be able to upload more music, I was pondering what to throw up on the player. (o.g. demos, new ish, remixes, etc.) Well, after long thought I decided to break you off with a little of column A and column B. Here we have a couple of tracks from the LP that I re-upped after a long hiatus, "Lunchroom Tables" and "Inspiration." I also put up some new tracks from the "Dub Styles: Walkman Redemption" project, "B-Boy Stance" and the "Dub Styles (remix.)" New, old and a remix. BLAM!!!!

Now that I'm able to put 10 tracks up here, I'll probalby start rotating the track list more. So, stay tuned because there should be some real dope ish getting upped with all the projects I'm working on.

Speaking of, with the 2 new tracks along with one of my personal favorites, "Come Equipped," you'll start to see a theme building with the "Dub Styles" tracks. Funny... I kind of had that idea floating in my head, but it wasn't until after I was working on "Come Equipped" and I went diggin.' When I was at this spot called Missing Link, I found a dub 45 that said "Dub Stylist" on it. I thought, "Oh, sh!t it's on!!!!" Blam!!! Had to do it. So, I copped the 45 and made the beat for the remix out of it. (simply had to... how could you not?) Those two tracks are what really got the Dub Styles project going. I had some ideas floating around, but this is what helped make it get the focus it needed, so it wouldn't come off as a batch of songs just mashed together.

B-Boy Stance... that just came as I was working on this project. I was thinking of a dope track to do live and that just flowed out. I've ALWAYS dug that sample... I remember when Supercat flipped it... that was the 1st time I heard Biggie. But, I digress... I honestly was thinking about performing that song at the release party for "Basement Sessions," but I wanted to keep more to the music I was basically just putting out. (Basement Sessions) I dig this track, I don't know what the deal is, but some of these "Dub Styles" tracks have more of a swagger to them then what was on the LP, but then again understanding the context of "Basement Sessions" and the universe that "Dub Styles" fits into... it makes sense. But, you won't be able to get that till it's finished. HAHA

So, for the time being, peep the new ish on the page, along with the old ones. If anybody has something they want me to reup, just hit me.


Peep Deez

Friday, February 6, 2009

Peace out jobby job!!!

In this era of unstable work security I have found myself blessed in finding a new gig and upgrade. Today is my last day at my current grind. I'm an office director/accounting assistant/IT/any possible thing that involves keeping the place together. I learned a lot at my job, but was unappreciated and underpaid. I thought though that given our current state on econ and the importance of my job, I should stay put for the long haul. BUT, also given the current state of econ I couldn't help but feel like I gotta look out for #1. (they'd drop my a$$ in a heart beat if they had to save themselves, so what do I have to lose looking for a new job)

Now I'll be doing the 9-5 a helluva lot closer to where I live, be a few blocks away from my wife and to top it off, paid more. I can dig it.

My resume reads a broad history painting a picture of a Renaissance man that hasn't really found his niche. In ways that's true... but in other ways I've probably been working on what I originally wanted to do subliminally. Like many people I started off in retail and the service industry. My 1st job was at a movie theater. Then it was a video store AND movie theater at the same time. Through college I went through both ends of the movie industry and finally found myself at JC Penney folding shirts. HAHA

Going to a liberal arts college where a lot of the kids there are your stereotypical treehugging hippies. I was of a small minority of kids there that actually had a job and despite my political views was looked at as "the man." I was out there actually slaving away for minimum wage working for "the man" and was somehow looked at as the establishment. Don't ask me because I don't phawking get it either. ...But, I didn't mind because I worked at a dope spot, so to speak, with a LOT of honeys. (so the joke was on them I guess)

I went to school to become a teacher, but after getting out of college, I found myself back in school on both ends teach and learning. Stressed and pushed up against the wall with my mind, body, soul and pocket book I found myself quitting my dream and folding the same shirts I did in college. I felt defeated, but at the same like a huge weight was lifted. I had always wanted to be a teacher, but due to the fact that the only real world experience I had to bring to the classroom were service and retail jobs, I was too young and too inexperienced with life and the world to teach these kids.

So I find myself in Seattle under the impression that in the "big city" they hand out decent jobs to people on the street. No phawking wonder I wasn't ready to teach, if I was that oblivious to the world. Post 9/11 and bust the city was laying off people that previously had 6 fig salaries. This glut in people looking for even just entry level work forced me to once again return to the old stomping ground of retail. Same company, just a different store and location. Instead of folding shirts I was a broke a$$ jeweler, hawking cloudy diamonds and fixing watches. HAHA

Time passes, sales isn't my shtick and I end up with what actually is one of my more memorable job experiences... tour gide, bartender, deck hand etc. with Argosy Cruises. This was honestly a dope job. How could you NOT dig working on the water during the summer months?! It didn't really pay the bills, but it kept our heat on and the tips helped us when it came to leisure spending.

Slowly but surely I find myself in an internship with Senator Maria Cantwell's office while Argosy was on hiatus due to the winter months. It was a great opportunity, but didn't pay and the part time gig at a record store didn't do much but pay my balance on my plastic. I thought after working for a US Senator, I'd come out a "made man" and once again walk the streets of the "big city" where they'd hand me some job. Well... after another tour with Argosy I was in a way. I did a brief stint for a crumbling dot com doing market research and then was basically offered my wife's old job at the Puget Sound Business Journal. There I was given my battle scars of office politics and finally was able to understand the humor of "Office Space" so much more.

After filling up on the 206 and thinking that we were never going to be able to advance in the highest educated city in the US, we migrated to Indy. So, here I am...

Funny... throughout all of these life experiences and jobs, the only constant has been the music. Although varied like my resume I went from working on my own music, to radio host, to DJ/producer, to DJ in a trip hop band to finally realizing that all along I ultimately wanted to do what I started out doing. (writing and producing my own music)

What's even funnier is that when people ask what I DO, I don't think of whatever job is paying the bills at the moment, I think of what I DO. The music. Although it has yet to pay the bills, the dream of this has always been with me and honestly the "dream" of being a teacher was only there because I though, "well... damn, music isn't going to pay the bills." HAHA

Who knows where the future will take my wife and I. But, when taking a step back from life I've found that somehow I've been doing what I always wanted to anyway, I just wasn't paying the light bill with it. I guess it just echoes what a friend of my wife said to her, "your job allows you to do what you want in life." True.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Phawking Jammie from back in the day!!!


Back in middle school and high school I was in a group with my friend's Keith & Kenneth. We went by several names... for a while we went by Sycotics, probably because of Diamond D's LP that dropped the same year. (yeah we spelled it wrong) Then we were SYC, which some how was Sycotic... something Click. HAHA Then... hahah well, we earned a few emcees and added bits of their name to the click when we were finally known as SYA.

Keith and Kenneth were ALWAYS my boys, I was busy with other things although I still was real serious about hip hop and music. I wasn't in the fold as much, but we were always down to work on some ish. Then again it was high school and all we really wanted to do was to try to impress some ladies. (The twins were always more sucessful than I back then.) HAHAHA Also, I started getting more and more interested in production back then and finally got my 1st sampler, a Yamaha SU10.

A couple of the tracks that I gave the redux action to on the LP were originally from those days. (Wild Style, T.E.C.H. and the original beat that ended up becoming Everybody Get)

One of the tracks I did back then, which is now on the player is this old school jammie, "Do You Wanna Rock Wit Me." I'm not on the track, but I produced it. Keith and Ken came over to my place on a Saturday and were like, "Yo, we got this idea for a track..." At 1st I didn't wan't to do this track because at the time Puffy and Ma$e were getting real BIG off of all that jiggy ish and I didn't want to make some radio top 40 type music. I was in high school and STILL an over the top backpacker. (before there was that term)

After the twins finally convinced me to make the beat, I laid it down and we recorded this demo version in a few hours. I've always dug this track and have always wanted to redo it proper. I remember when I was in college I heard De La use the same sample on the "AOI" LP and at 1st I was pissed, but after a second it was one of those moments when you know that you're on the right track. HAHA

Well... although life has many different paths for everyone, I was talking with them on the phone the past coupel weeks and we've been talking about finally putting some ish down. Hopefully this track will get remade, redone and given the proper release it deserved. I'm honestly amped to remake this beat and clean it up.

So, peep one of my personaly jammies from the vault. (seriously) I've only let a few people hear this track, but it's still pretty dope. Enjoy and hopefully we will have a proper version of this personal classic for everyone to dig.


Monday, January 12, 2009

For those of you that don't know, L-Rox mastered my LP and Redsecta is his company. I got to know him through the producer forum on As this project was developing I was asking him questions and getting pointers for mixing etc. He really helped me a lot when it came to the final mix down. (basically guided me through 3 different cuts of the LP) He's no doubt been someone that has tought me A LOT regarding audio enginering. If you have a project you're seriously working on... I can't stress it enough for you to hit him up.

A couple months ago we did an interview for his site and now you can check it out at...

There you can read the article and hear a couple of the tracks from the LP.

Here's a pasted version of the the interview, but I highly suggest peeping his site.

A little over a year before I mastered Dawhud's "Basement Sessions", he hit me up asking me to critique all of the mixes and after a couple of revisions, I got thefinal mixes to begin mastering the album. One of the things that I remember noticing even from the first set of mixes he sent was that there was this (for a lack of a better way to put it) "old school boom bap" feel that I really don't hear much these days, even from a lot of cats who borrow from that "era" of hip hop. It's there not only on the flavor of beats, but also on the recordings and mixes, and as I learnedlater, this is in part because he's been working on this album for manyyears, but also because here's someone who has been working on musiclong enough to know how to get that sound. Ladies and Beatheads, Ipresent to you, Dawhud:

Introduce yourself Dawhud, where do you hail from, how did u come up with the name?

Originally from Seattle. I just moved to Indy about a year ago, but I'm not totally planting my feet. (might move) The name is Arabic for David.
In college I became Muslim, but I'd say at the moment I'm not practicing anymore. I had a ton of wack names over the years, but I just thought I'd go with something that says "me." So, that's it basically. Even got it tatted on my left sholder.

That's real. How long have you been rhyming/producing? What came first?

Well, I started rhyming when I was 11. Simple party rhymes and ish like that. To be honest it was dancing that came 1st. Trying to be like Kid N Play. HAHA

Damn, so if you would have stuck with that, we could be seeing you on "America's Best Dance Crew"?

HAHAYeah, if that Hammer shit was still dope. When I was in 6th grade I got a Casio Rapman. It was this keyboard with a mic and a jog wheel that made this scratch sound. That was when I started thinking about making beats. Then came the pause mix tapes and then I started digging when I was about 13.

How deep are the crates by now?

Jeez... PBWolf said it, "my vinyl weighs a ton." My room is so full of stuff. I've probably got around 4k or more. Not including CDs or tapes.

Do you have a method of cataloguing at all, like what you've gone through and stuff?

All my hip hop is filed A-Z. Everything else is... well... I know where stuff is, but it's not really organized. I will say it is kind of sectioned like CTI ish and Stereophonic orchestrated stuff. I also have like a section which is my "to do" crate where I set aside all the stuff I know I want to work with.

How many beats do you make on average? are you the type that wants to knockout a bunch of beats per day/week/month or do you work only when you feel like creating?

Basically when I have the time or in the mood. I was into cranking out beats back in 98-00.

I want to touch a bit on the sound of your project...

Yeah, no doubt.

When I got your mixes to master, almost immediately I could tell these were done on analog gear, I'm not sure why analog samplers sound the way they do but when I heard your tracks, I went "oh wow, I have a feeling dude is rocking some old samplers here."

Yeah,I'd say that most of the LP was done with an SP1200. I used an MPC 2000on a couple joints and did the drums on "Who's Next" with an EPS classic.

That's it - I used to work with an Emax, and it's that sound, they've got that analog filter chip in there

Yep,some grimy dirty ish. A coupe of the songs were originally from back in98 when I had a Yamaha SU-10. It was basically just like the SP-303that all the Madlib jockers rave about.

You got an interesting story about buying a sampler off Large Pro

Haha yeah. I got his S950, but haven't really done too much with it; I got it off of ebay by TOTAL happenstance. He hit me up "thanks for paying real quick I'll mail it out Large Pro."

Right, I wanted to say that I heard on one of the tracks (FingerCramps) I heard you say something about you having Large Professor'sS950

Right, on Finger Cramps; I'm thinking it's BS and was like, "real cute your online name is Large Pro." Blah, blah dig my own grave. After he emailed me I checked my records from him to see what his real name is, which is "William Paul Mitchel." Well... about a week later I get the box and it says W.P.Mitchel on it. I screamed like a little girl.

Haha, that's funny, well, I'm sure Large Pro will be glad it went to a good home!

More than anything I just wonder WHAT he made with it.

Yeah, that’s a museum piece right there; it would be interesting to know what he's done on it.

Like when he said, "Put it in the S950 and streach it." Was he talking about that? Dope regardless.

Overall the project has that "party" vibe, almost like it was done back in the day when people only had samplers, and limited sample time to work with, did u track those to tape?

The closest were the beats for "Wild Style" and "T.E.C.H." I actually took the original ish from the 4 track I did back in 98 and loaded it up into the computer.

Dope, so the project is roughly 11 years in the making?

Yeah,in many ways. "From this Moment On" I made around 00 and Just Be and Ioriginally wrote the whole song, but never did an official recording ofit till I got real serious about this project.

I really liked the mixes, they were nice and open and I think we mastered it to be up to par with what's out there now, in terms of average loudness, but I feel we retained a lot of that "grimey" feel; it's really one of my favorite projects to listen to after having worked on it.

Really? Thanks. I agree, it pops,but keeps that feel from all those old tapes I used to rock when I'dride the bus. More than anything I wanted to put out something that Iknow I would listen to and enjoy. There's a ton of what I would call"hobby rappers" that just slap 10-15 songs together and call it a"mixtape." (i.e. demo with no focus). I think that's one HUGE elementthat's missing with a lot of emcees and producers. Focus. It's like theExecutive Producer is missing. Know what I mean?

Right. One thing I noticed too is that you got some skits on here and they're DEVELOPED skits, with the appropriate background noises and everything;it's all really well done, there's one where you and your boys are at school banging on the lunch tables and rhyming and it sounds realistic that's not common anymore.

Funny you say that because I actually recorded me banging on my desk for that.

What did you record that with?

I just took my condenser mic and put it on a small desk stand. That wayit got the vibrations from me hitting the table and the actual sound of me knocking on the table. It was kind of the same way when I did "Ol' School Sessions." On the beat box part you hear this chime... well backin high school when we'd have our cipher kids would use quarters to make scratching sounds or chime/symbols.

Nice man - good example of creative recording; so what do you work with at the moment?

I finally got protools, but haven't really figured it out. For the LP and some of the other stuff I've been working on I tracked everything in Acid Pro. 4. Kind of a poor mans Pro Tools.

Whatever gets it done man. Me personally, I'm always more impressed when I hear dope projects done with modest setups!

Yeah, this LP was really one of those, work with what you have and make it work kind of projects.

Let me ask you, what about your turntable(s) for sampling, what do you have? Do you sweat the cartridge much for sampling?

Tech1200's and Shure M-44's; I don't really sweat all that stuff, when it comes to making beats, but I also DJ, so I've got the pro stuff. (if that's what you want to say).

That's the equivalent of having a decent mic/pre combo for samples! What's next for Dawhud? What are you working on?

Several projects; one is "Dub Styles: Walkman Redemption" which is kind of a follow up to the LP. It's the mixtape they talk about on the album. So,you could say it's the album within an album; "Revisionist History",which is simply that. I'm taking the original samples from classic hip hop tracks and flipping the samples. So, when you hear it you'll be like, "Oh, $h!t that's I Got Cha Opin." That's going to be a dope project. I'm mostly going to be producing for that project. I've already had Prince Po, Moka Only, Pacewon and The Mudkids work on that project; also working on a project with Dee Supreem and Just Be called"Trans Atlantic." He's a producer from Finland and Just Be and I are now in different parts of the country so this whole project is going to be a bunch of jumping files back and forth. (like the Foregin ExchangeLP)

That's what's up man. Where can heads reach you?

... and soon:

Yo, many thanks for letting me work on your project, it was definitely an enjoyable one, any shouts?

No doubt. I really liked having you put in some work on this project. Youreally made this LP shine. Uhh... Dee Supreme, Just Be, Ak-Rite, Fash-1all the people that helped out with the project and who've supported me through this whole thing.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

LP of the year from "Weekly Volcano"

Floored by this. (I'll need to update the press-kit for sure!)

"Album of the Year: Dawhud, Basement Sessions (Olympia – Hawk’s Prairie)
Seek it out, the Olympia-bred Indianapolis transplant dropped a gem. Dawhud’s three-year project defines the art of creativity as he captures the second golden-era of hip-hop with a fine composition of drum beats, skits and amped lyricism that has long since been discarded to the land that legends created. Take a listen and enjoy this work … should make 25360’ers proud. East Tanglewilde REPRESENT!"