Sunday, October 25, 2009

Metromix Indy Scary Gigs Article (Dawhud)

More funny than scary. HAHAHA


This was when I was back in Seattle and I was in the Big Tunes beat battle. HAHAHA The Big Tune battle at that point didn't have the Red Bull sponsor and it was a monthly battle going down at the War Room in Capitol Hill. My man Corey, "Just Be" was there to witness it. Man... I wonder if there's a youtube of this somewhere. (just looked... didn't see it) Well, I think on my profile there's still the pic of me from the battle. HA

Read and enjoy

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MetroMix Indy, Basement Sessions sale & other news

Celebrated my 30th B-day with the dopeness!!! Had my parents come out to visit, which was real dope because I hadn't seen them in a year. My wife kept the whole thing on the DL the whole time. Honestly the best thing I could have asked for. I wasn't really planing on a lot for my 30th... mostly just kick it. (Have a beer or two, work on some music and chill.)

A couple days prior I was contacted by MetroMix and they were doing a piece on hip hop artists in Indy. Sounded cool in my book, but more than anything I was shocked that 1) they knew who I was 2) wanted to have me in their publication and 3) wanted to do a photo shoot with me. Dope! So, the day after my B-day they had one of their photographers come over to my house during lunch break and take my pic.

I honestly had no idea when the article was gong to run and happily stumbled across it online today. Then after work I mashed out to a local spot a grabbed a few copies. HAHA Turns out it's the center page. I jokingly said to my wife, "never thought you'd be with a centerfold, eh?" (you can almost hear her eyes roll) HAHA

In other news...

You can now get Basement Sessions through here for $5 + shipping!!! And with purchase you will get a free DL of the album. (good look) Just click on the pic of the album cover. Dope ish!!!

Dub Styles is moving along. I've let a VERY select few close cats peep out some ruff versions of the project. I'm hoping to finish up principal recording on this project shortly. (then it'll be the UBER tweaking of post production) HAHA

Stay tuned