Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ace One feat. Stakzilla - Manile

Man... the homie Ace-One stays killin it!  As he's getting ready to release "Rap Monster Redux: A Titans Revenge... RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!" we've been blessed with the 1st single, "Manile (Rue de Moi) feat Stakzilla.  I origianlly heard this track when I was back in Indy and met up with him to finally perform "Battle Anybody" live and it... blew... my... mind.  "Manile" is strictly 70s Cadillac riding music. (so fresh)

And on the real... I have to give a HUGE shout to Iris on the beats.  This woman is making some ill sh!t.

The beast is stirring...

The Rap Monster has returned to destroy & rebuild with, "Manile" (Rue de Moi) prod. by IRIS, the 1st single from ACE ONE's Strong Roots Records debut release & final Rap Monster installment, Rap Monster Redux "A Titan's Revenge...RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!" w/DJ Spoolz & IRIS, and mixed/mastered by Blooded The Brave.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Real Life Click - Been Too Long feat. Lega'c Jones

Real Life Click is gearing up for the release of their "Blood of Kings" project and this week we've been blessed with their latest single, "Been Too Long" featuring Lega'c Jones.  The group consists mainly of Ang P, MIZ, Know Life and Page Turner.

The 1st time I heard Ang P was when he dropped the "Chronic and Patron" video. It was a dope single, but with that track as my baseline, I honestly did a double take when I heard more material from Ang P and Real Life Click. 

"Chronic and Patron" was a track designed for club and party rockin... and for a joint like that... it was pretty dope and better than 90% of the garbage that GETS radio/club rotation.  It was an example of how a talented emcee could make a song like that and actually make it pop.  Anybody can drop 808 drums, two synth notes and chant a garbage hook. THAT'S why it was refreshing to hear an emcee like Ang P flex on a song to compete with that market.

Talking with Ang P, he mentioned that it was a double edged sword dropping a song like that. It opened a lot of doors, but like the response I had when hearing additional material, people aren't expecting the updated Boom Bap sound Real Life Click has. But, if it opens ears to quality music, it's all for the better, right? 

Here on "Been Too Long" we're given a bonified jump off for their project.  As the song hits after Ang P delivers the intro, it's established very quickly that it's equally a headphone nodder AND a radio playable joint without sounding like your average over glossy Clear Channel rotation.  MIZ and Ang P trade bars as Lega'c Jones fills in on the hook which proves that this is a shureshot 1st single.

Real Life Click are going to be celebrating the release of their "Blood of Kings" album on October 24th.  This album will easily be one the most anticipated projects I want to hear this year. 

Get familiar.