Friday, November 29, 2013

Oh... It's On

I know it's been a while since I've put anything out. Once "Revisionist History Vol. 2" was put on hold, it seemed like that was it. In the interim since the Vintage Dope track, "V-Dope Biz," wrapped up "Revisionist History Vol. 1, I've been in the midst of plotting my next project, networking, trying to come up with a follow up to "Battle Anybody", producing the Heretic & S.O.S LP and a bit of a creative block.

Although I was in a little bit of a slump, I continued to work through it. So here we are and potentially, there will be a GLUT of music within the next year.

So... what's on deck?

Double EPs or is it an LP?

If you remember, the 1st LP was "Basement Sessions" and the mixtape within that storyline was "Dub Styles: Walkman Redemption". With "Basement Sessions" as the umbrella concept I'm going to be expanding the "session" and "diggin" portion of the project as two EPs that SHOULD also work together as an LP in itself when slapped together as an A & B side. The working titles for the two EPs will be "Poetry Motion" and "Motion Poetry". The extended portion of the "sessions" EP, "Poetry Motion", will be a mix of reworked tracks from "Basement Sessions" along with new guest heavy/cipher cuts. The extended portion of the "diggin" EP will be a project with beatmakers and DJs doing guest spots. (rhymes/cuts) Basically one EP will be focusing on emcees and the other on producers/beatmakers/DJs. I'm honestly really excited for this project and think it will be a dope addition to the "Basement Sessions" concept and seal the deal.

Dawhud mixtape

I've collab'd with a few artists and also have a handfull of unreleased joints. I decided to compile them together and make a mixtape. And when I mean mixtape, I mean mixtape. I will mix these joints together and may press it up on cassette.

Heretic & S.o.S. EP/LP

Starting in the summer I began working with the two emcees on a couple tracks and it started snowballing into a full project. I'm not sure if I'll be on the mic at all, but I will be on the production and decks.


Vintage Dope

It's been too long and we just need to do a couple cuts for the EP. But please believe that this project SHOULD be out the following Spring/Summer.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pete Rock & CL Smooth TROY live

Got to witness one of the most EPIC hip hop shows in my life.  Camp Lo, Pete Rock & CL Smooth... bonkers.