Saturday, August 30, 2014

Vdope #murderdout tape is HERE!

Just received the red and black limited edition copies of the Vintage Dope album. You can order a copy at & each order comes with a DL of the album.

Steady #cratebangin

Sunday, August 17, 2014

DJ Premier drops "The Dig Up" Live From HeadQCourterz (6/6/14)

To quote Ice Cube, "Once again it's on!"  On the real, this is humbling.  Check the show and DL "The Dig Up" or cop one of the few copies of the cassette that are left.

Check the 52:01 mark.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fresh Fest Compilation (Corn Fed Mix Vol 1)

Justdue Records recently put out a comp of the artists it features at it's monthly showcase in Bloomington, IN.  The selection of tracks features artists like ACE One, R-Juna, Stakzilla, Son of Thought, Black Eddie and other upcoming artists from the Hoosier state. Sonically the collection of tracks runs the gamut from boom bap to trunk rattling mobbin' music.  There's seriously something for everyone on this mix and even as the styles vary, it's easily an end to end burner regardless of your taste in hip hop. 

DL the Fresh Fest (Corn Fed Mix Vol 1) and if you're in Bloomington, check the method!

As Ace-One would say, "ZOOM!"

What is Fresh Fest?  It is a showcase of Hip Hop in Bloomington, IN that aims to bring diversity and unity back to our cultural landscape.  It is named Fresh Fest to honor the original tour that took place in the mid 80′s.  Many say it was a large factor in taking Hip Hop culture beyond the streets of New York City.  At that time, many talented acts were festering under the radar of dying disco and bubble pop.  Today, with the over saturation of plastic trends and fabricated characters, many say it is hard to see or hear good music anymore.

Well, Indiana has been overlooked.  For too long a place where people left to “make it,” today’s talent is deeply rooted.  Fresh Fest wants to take Hip Hop into the ears of everyone who needs it right here.  Most acts are from all over Indiana, and we are proud, but we’ve hosted artists from Boston to Chicago, to Oakland.
An intimate basement show provides a uniquely raw experience that elevates the level of energy given to and reciprocated by the crowd.  We get people hype.  We also smash stereotypes held by some less aware people that we cannot work together as competitors, black men and women, white men and women, gangsta rappers, backpack rappers, party animals, animal lovers, political activists, singers, promoters and anyone else we are supposed to fight with.  Hip Hop was founded on Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun!!  Remember that!!
We have had the pleasure of hearing the music of classically trained singers over the sounds of self-taught hip hop producers.  We have seen spoken word, sets with loop machines, live afro-beat bands that shine light on one of the true roots of hip hop and emcees who’s styles range dramatically.  We are proud to have a female presence in our scene, both on stage and in the crowds.  PSA:  SUPPORT DIVERSITY!
In an effort to bring people together on one project we have a compilation featuring many of our past performers.  This project is a reflection of all the effort put forth by artists and their respective groups, labels, etc…  It is only the first of many volumes to come.
You can catch Fresh Fest every first Tuesday of the month at The Root Cellar Lounge in Bloomington, IN starting at 9:30pm.
This event could not take place without the help of many people.  I would like to give a special thanks to the Root Cellar Lounge, DJ Spikes, Josh Johnson, Strongroots Records, Bet the Bank ENT, Cut Camp, Ghost Town Collective, Sonrah Musiq Group, and FundRazor Records for your continued involvement.  There are too many performers to thank individually.  You are all appreciated with deepest sincerity.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

DJ Premier drops The Dig Up on Live from HeadQCourterz (5/16/14)

Once again, I'm honored to have the LEGENDARY DJ Premier drop another track of mine.  This time Primer dropped the intro to "The Dig Up" featuring DJ Evil Dee doing his thing.

The track drops at the 1:38 mark and DJ Premier GOES IN on the joint!!!

Oddly enough, it's the episode when Masta Ace and eMC were on the show.  Then fast forward to July and I'm opening and vibing with Masta Ace and eMC.  Crazy!

DL "The Dig Up" and grab a copy of the limited cassette while there are still a few copies left.