Saturday, October 30, 2010


This is a joint from the "Dub Styles" project.  Those of you that heard the leak of "Dub Styles" got to peep it.  I'm not sure if its on the myspace, but that joint's been forgotten.  Anyway, I wrote this track because I was just remembering the types of clothes I wore back in the day and how things have changed.  Then when I was at the beatbattle earlier this month there was this kid there with a hightop fade and an Oakland A's baseball jersey.  Now it was kind of fresh, I'm not going to lie, but duke couldn't remember when cats wore that ish.  I myself do and the circle of cats I was in jokingly mentioned that these kids should bring back Hi-Teck/Jodici boots.  HAHA

Things have changed, things have stayed classic and somethings have come back without their original meaning.

Well... for you kiddies, here's this joint. 
FRESH (in the day) by Dawhud

Here's another joint I wanted to share and show the side by side of the original and the redux version.  On the "Lost & Found" comp I had the original version of "Lyrics & Beats" I did around 97/98 and mentioned that I reused the hook for another song.  Funny, because the hook ended up on this total redux of "Lyrics & Beats" and elements of one of the original verses ended up on "Come Equipped" on the "Dub Styles" project.

Lyrics & Beats (from untitled Dawhud project)
Lyrics & beats by Dawhud

When hearing this version it's on some gutter/basement boom bap.  Simple yet effective... some just want lyrics & beats.

Lyrics & Beats (Original Version)
Lyrics & Beats (original version 98) by Dawhud

Here's the original version from 97/98.  The horn sample came from a porn movie that a friend of mine brought over to my house.  I honestly hooked my tape player up to my VCR and taped the sample off of it.  Later when I got my SU10, I loaded it up and looped some drums.  I always dug the basic elements of this song, but it just didn't come out the way I really wanted, I guess that's why I kind of gave it the redux and chopped up verses to use on other tracks later on. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dawhud - Lost & Found (1997 - 2000) demos (free DL)

LOST & FOUND (1997 - 2000) Demos, Skits and Lost Joints.

A few months ago I started uploading old demos on the blog with pseudo commentary/behind the scenes info of the tracks.  I have compiled all of the tracks with pics and flyers in a single DL for you to enjoy. 

These tracks were recorded between 1997 and 2000.  Some of these demos were reworked for the "Basement Sessions" LP.  This collection works as a companion to the "Basement Sessions" LP and really gives you a glimpse of what that project came from. 

Click Here to DL Dawhud - Lost & Found (1997 - 2000)

If you are having trouble with that link, try the Bandcamp page and DL the comp there. 

Lost & Found (1997-2000) Bandcamp page

Lost & Found (1997 – 2000)

1) It's the Click (SYA) (98)
2) Is You Gunna Come Witt (97)
3) Purification (98)
4) Most Don't Come Close (98)
5) Look, Listen & Focus (97)
6) Lyrics & Beats (98)
7) Wild Style (98)
8) Do You Wanna Rock Wit Me (98)
9) T.E.C.H. (98)
10) Deja Vo (skit) (98)
11) Elements of Hip Hop (99)
12)' 2 (98)
13) World Premier (99) original 4 – Track version
14) The Mob Comes Equipped (98)
15) From This Moment On (00) original 4 – Track version
16) Cheeseburger Delux - Grand Buffet (skit) (98)
17) From This Moment On (00) digital 12 track version w/o Just Be vox (bonus)
18) World Premier (99) digital 12 track version (bonus)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

BRAINS!!!!!! (sneakers, zombies and wack costumes)

It's that time of year to dust off the Halloween Pro-Keds and kick it.  Yep, Fall is in full effect.  Just before I was going to head out on Saturday I realized that there was that brief window of time that I could still rock those kicks.  BLAM!!!  Went back to the closet and pulled out these bad boys. 

Now, I'm not a HUGE sneaker head, BUT I do have a few pairs of shoes that I keep in the box and rotate with what I'm doing.  These bad boys I copped off of ebay because they were out of season.  F-R-E-S-H!!!  I'm not a big fan of orange and most people aren't, but the Jack-O-Lantern and Headless Horseman on the side are ILL!!! 

Another thing that's cool about these kicks are that when you open the box the tissue paper on the inside has blood splatters on it.  HAHAHA  Just dope!  Knowing how much I love these kicks, I should see if I can cop the other limited Halloween joints they made.  (Friday the 13th and Dracula kicks)

Speaking of blood on my sneakers...

Classic track!!!!!!!

After donning the shoes and having a full day, Kath and I went to Broad Ripple to get  dinner and were greeted by a sea of humanity... or zombies that is.

I knew in Ballard they would do zombie walks, but I never happened to be around when one popped off.  I grabbed my phone and hit record. 

Please note: Zombies will break character for beer.

After the large throng went past we made our way closer to our destination and saw more of them waiting on the other side of the street.  Please note: Zombies apparently obey traffic laws.

Even in large numbers zombies will allow oncoming traffic through their large mobs.  Interesting.

Outside of the sneakers I will not be doing anything special for Halloween, but I will show you one of the wackest costumes I have ever worn.  Now I don't remember this costume at all, but I always remember the picture in one of those incredibly embarrassing photo albums your mom makes to show your girlfriend.  The best part of this costume was the fact that my mom obviously was working hard on it because she crocheted the mask/wings.  Now that's not what's funny, what IS funny is that she just plain said, "forget it" and threw a garbage bag over me to finish the costume.

Now this is just ONE example of all the wack costumes I've worn over the years.  There was the one year I went as a vampire.  Now I didn't have a vampire costume, I had a poncho with a picture of Dracula on it and vampire fangs.  I couldn't talk with them in my mouth so I either had to mumble "trick or treat" or take them out of my mouth.  Then there was the year I wanted to be Batman and we got the "bootleg" Batman costume that my mom altered because she thought it was TOO dark to be wearing at night and sewed a large Batman logo with glow in the dark puffy paint on the cape.  (hey mom... see picture above for example of a dark costume... honestly a black garbage bag isn't going to say, "Hey driver, don't hit me.")

I could go on and on, but I don't have any pics for ya'll.  (I digress)

Anyway, have a Happy Halloween suckas!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Beat Battle

Boom!!!  Yesterday I was in the Broad Ripple Music Festival's Beat Battle that was sponsored by Heavygunblog.  Indy has some serious heatmakers and they all brought it for this battle.  The night before I was up till 1am working on some beats to throw in the mix.  One of them was a sample challenge beat for the battle using theme songs from the 80s.  I went through some 80s soundtracks I had and came across this.

Dawhud - Ghost flip for Beat Battle by Dawhud

It wasn't until the day before that I realized that the battle started at 1:30pm and went all the way till 9:00pm.  The moment I found that out I honestly couldn't help but think, "damn... phawk braggin' rights, let me get eliminated."  HAHA  Don't think I "booby trapped" myself, but when I didn't advance I called up my wife and was ready for a sandwich and a nap.  HAHAHA  No joke I was eliminated by a cat that goes by JP.  He looked like a "hippie'd out/Yoko'd" John Lennon with a green leisure suit.  He played some dope stuff, but in my opinion they were more on some DJ Cam/Krush chill beats than some battle joints.

This is the 1st joint I played and the beat that I actually did at 1am before the battle.

Dawhud - Battle joint by Dawhud

Unlike most beat battles I've been in there was no back and forth, they just had me play my 2 beats and then JP played his.  The judges made their decision and that was that.  Also, the sample challenge beats weren't played until the 3rd round, so unless you made it to the 3rd round, nobody got to hear it.  However, J. Brookinz and Heavgunblog is putting a comp together of all the sample challenge beats with some local emcees over them.

Here's the 2nd joint I threw in the mix. Looking back I would have picked something else, but that's what I picked because I had no idea what JP was going to come with.  So, BLAAAM!!!!

Dawhud - 2nd battle beat by Dawhud

All in all it was dope and after taking a "disco nap" I was recharged and met up with Joe Harvey, Longevity, Blake Ali, Rusty and a bunch of the cats from the show earlier at Locals Only.  It was kind of an after party for the joint. 

More stripes... dig the beats.