Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dolla Bin "Styles You Can't Afford"

My week has been made. Ups, downs etc. Taxes due... how the phawk do I owe cash when I don't make cash? Anyway, taxes, life, bills, stress... dude I work with lost his moms. (RIP) So the week has been all over the place and as I'm slowly working my way toward Friday I see some light at the end of the tunnel.

BLAM... check the email after running around all day and there's an email from Ian Head. "Styles You Can't Afford" is out!!!! You honestly have no idea how much I've been asking these cats about when the LP was going to be dropped.

Don't know if ya'll have heard of these peeps, but it's a duo Verbal Math on the rhymes and DJ Ian Head on the beats. They're honestly some of the dopest ish I've just stumbled across through this myspace generation. (to quote the liner notes in my LP) They put out a classic EP about 2 years ago and I've been waiting for a long minute to hear their LP. I've bumped their EP soooo much it's not even funny. Ian and Verb are of likeminds when it comes to hip hop, diggin' etc. so it's no shock I was all over it.

Do yourself a favor and cop it, you can DL it for free at... or

You can also DL their "One More Crate" EP. Some dope ish, don't sleep.

PS For my Indy cats, peep City 2 City and hear him talk about Indy and Missin Link. HAHA "Got my hands grungy in the land of Tony Dungy"

Sunday, April 5, 2009

New tracks, old favs and all that inbetween

Myspace in an effort to battle it's shrinking traffic due to Facebook had granted us artists the ability to now have 10 tracks in our player. (or at least that's what it seems like to me) HAHA Regardless, it is the dopness!!!

Since I first got the notification that I was going to be able to upload more music, I was pondering what to throw up on the player. (o.g. demos, new ish, remixes, etc.) Well, after long thought I decided to break you off with a little of column A and column B. Here we have a couple of tracks from the LP that I re-upped after a long hiatus, "Lunchroom Tables" and "Inspiration." I also put up some new tracks from the "Dub Styles: Walkman Redemption" project, "B-Boy Stance" and the "Dub Styles (remix.)" New, old and a remix. BLAM!!!!

Now that I'm able to put 10 tracks up here, I'll probalby start rotating the track list more. So, stay tuned because there should be some real dope ish getting upped with all the projects I'm working on.

Speaking of, with the 2 new tracks along with one of my personal favorites, "Come Equipped," you'll start to see a theme building with the "Dub Styles" tracks. Funny... I kind of had that idea floating in my head, but it wasn't until after I was working on "Come Equipped" and I went diggin.' When I was at this spot called Missing Link, I found a dub 45 that said "Dub Stylist" on it. I thought, "Oh, sh!t it's on!!!!" Blam!!! Had to do it. So, I copped the 45 and made the beat for the remix out of it. (simply had to... how could you not?) Those two tracks are what really got the Dub Styles project going. I had some ideas floating around, but this is what helped make it get the focus it needed, so it wouldn't come off as a batch of songs just mashed together.

B-Boy Stance... that just came as I was working on this project. I was thinking of a dope track to do live and that just flowed out. I've ALWAYS dug that sample... I remember when Supercat flipped it... that was the 1st time I heard Biggie. But, I digress... I honestly was thinking about performing that song at the release party for "Basement Sessions," but I wanted to keep more to the music I was basically just putting out. (Basement Sessions) I dig this track, I don't know what the deal is, but some of these "Dub Styles" tracks have more of a swagger to them then what was on the LP, but then again understanding the context of "Basement Sessions" and the universe that "Dub Styles" fits into... it makes sense. But, you won't be able to get that till it's finished. HAHA

So, for the time being, peep the new ish on the page, along with the old ones. If anybody has something they want me to reup, just hit me.


Peep Deez