Saturday, August 22, 2015

Black Eddie - Knowledge is Power

I was introduced to Black Eddie through Joe Harvey and the Cut Camp collective.  Every once and a while I'd hear a verse from him drop through that circle and every time I'd think how nice this cat was.  (flow, voice, bars)  A nice emcee schooled in the tradition Seven & Crescent rhyming, like how Brand Nubian was able to rock joints alongside dropping knowledge.

And that's where we are here.  Eddie hit me up the other day with his new joint "Knowledge is Power," which nods to the old Saturday morning promo and delivers with the math.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rest in P!

Of all of the emcees that have passed, I've been more shook with the passing of Sean Price.  He's seriously been one of my favorite rappers and like Ghostface was able to stay relevant while fads changed in hip hop.  I think a lot of that was that instead of chasing what was the style, he did himself.  He wasn't afraid to rap about being broke and his word play... man... he was one of the illest emcees (Period)