Monday, September 29, 2008

Another year...

"Kick out the LP, pushin' the 3 nada"

Yep, hit 29 to an uneventful B-day. On the real, I've been at that point when your B-day is just another day for a minute. I'm also of the school that when cats think the effin' day belongs to them because it's their birthday is some "bridezilla" bull. Like 2 weeks ago I went to see Keith Murray and there was this drunk as phawk dude actually standing on the monitors dead center of the stage. Everybody was like, "Get the phawk OFF THE STAGE Ig-nint a$$ NUH!" To which he replied in his drunken ashy shirtless self, "Phawk ya'll ni@@az... it's my birrrrrrrrtha-day!!!" Then 5 minutes later dropped 2 bottles of beer on the stage while Keith Murray was in the middle of a song. WTF bro?!

This is the kind of ish I'm talking about. 1/2 the time it's usually dumb white chicks trying to act like their Paris Hilton for a night. (get out of here with that ish) It's not sexy when Paris does it and you don't have the money or looks to act like you have the money and looks. (BONG!)

So, what did I do? Well... in my own little way, I ended up doing what I would have really wanted to do anyway. Went diggin' at my fav spot, visited family, had a couple beers and just chilled. I ended up getting a total surprise when 206Zulu Radio emailed me saying they were going to play my LP on their show that night. (so, that was a dope b-day surprise that was unintentional)

All around it was what a Saturday SHOULD be. Forget all the domestic crap and just chill... to the next episode.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sucker free since '79

Word... simple and plain, that's it. I said it to my wife the other day and she was like, "huh... what does that mean?" Maybe it's not as simple as I thought, but to those of us that grew up under the umbrella of hip hop, we all know what's up.

I guess that saying/mantra just is a deceleration that I've basically grown up with hip hop. I honestly remember seeing the "It's Tricky" video from Run DMC when I was 6. I remember my pops seeing it and thinking it was the devil's music/something he didn't understand, so he quickly flipped the channel. That was it... that's all it took and look where I am now. I guess that was the slippery slope that lost me into this evil world.

Pardon the vids not being embeded because youtube disabled them.

IT's TRICKY!!!!!!!!

HAHA It was funny because I remember how my dad fought so HARD against my interest in hip hop. He even would listen to every tape I bought before I could hear it and then possibly have me take it back to the store. (like when I bought the Batman soundtrack by Prince) Sooner or later my dad realized that he was just doing the same thing HIS father did and he hated it, so by Christmas in 6th grade he bought me a Public Enemy hat and t-shirt. Now looking back that was the moment in which my dad finally let go of his anti-hip hop ish and just let me embrace it like he did with rock when he was growing up.


I didn't turn out too bad did I, Dad?

Friday, September 12, 2008

pop the tape in the DECK!!!!

Tapes... In the age of iPods and MP3s I'm actually bumping old tapes on my boombox. I remember a few years ago my man Carlos and I jokingly would hit up record shops and be like, "You got that new shit?.. ON TAPE?!" HAHAHA People would look at us like we were crazy.

On a side note... Up until about a year or two ago I would still bump the old mixtapes I made in like 99 because I didn't have a CD player in my car. AND now the CD player is busted with my Rakim CD stuck in it. It'd be dope if it was "Paid in Full," but it's his "Master" CD which has like 3 dope songs. HAHA

Funny thing is I got this dope shirt with a cassette printed on it. I don't know HOW many times I've been asked, "What is that?" Half the time its by people that are older than me and should know better, but every once and a while these "young cats" ask. Like damn... you're the reason why sh!tty demo tapes are now called mix-tapes... ya'll don't know nothing about TDK's or 3rd gen dubs of Evil D or Doo Wop. Get the phawk out of here with your mismatched clothes and tight jeans.

So, to bring back that vibe of old school mixtapes in the digital era, here's a dope mixtape circa 95-96 from B-Mello. (dope ish)

Side A:

Side B:



Monday, September 8, 2008

We're illin' in the basement

What's up ya'll (all 3 of you)

This is the 1st of many blogs for Dawhud, Basement Addicts, TransAtlantic, Revisionist History and any of the other projects we're cooking up.

If you've peeped the the myspace you know that Dawhud's LP is now officially out. It's available on many digital online spots and also through, and the myspace pages. (Dawhud's and Basement Addicts) Also, if you're in the Indy area it's available at Indy Vinyl & CD and soon Luna. We're in the process of trying to get more distrubution and promoing the hell out of the LP. (reviews... stickers etc.) Trying to go "all city" with it, but not come off like all those spamming cats. (you know who you are)

Basement Sessions
$10 + shipping


Lots of projects on deck. Dawhud is hard at work on several projects (mentioned above) Just Be and Dee Supreme are also keeping it on lock with the TransAtlantic project. We've experienced a minor set back, Dee's MPC got fried, but we've got a lot of material to work with already. It's just a matter of getting it done. (life is... life) HAHA

So, keep it locked as we update this on a regular basis.