Sunday, October 28, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

"Battle Anybody" Undercaste Recording Session.

This is a preview of what will be an ill cut featuring Ace-One.  This track has been bubbling for a minute, but it's going to drop on the next solo Dawhud project and will be on some "Meth Vs. Chef" ish. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Dedication to "U Suckas!!!"

"Revisionist History" is in full swing as we roll into October and the final sprint of our election season.  BUT, this is the ONLY "Revisionist History" you need to worry about.  Last month, the jump off was a remix to Vintage Dope's debut single, "Cratebangin," with the classic Zapp and Roger "More Bounce to the Ounce" flip.  Now that Summer is over and Fall is upon us, we need something classic that fits that shift.  Cold... hard... and straight up mean.  (The type of joint that when you hear it you make a "who farted" face.)

The Bomb Squad/Public Enemy is responsible for some of the BEST production and albums in hip hop.  That being said, "Black Steal in the Hour of Chaos" is probably the hardest beat ever made.  Chuck D's iconic opening line simply defined a generation and showed the public that there was more to hip hop than party raps.  Rap was big, rap made a statement and the revolution WOULD be televised via MTV.  (back when it was known for music videos)

Issac Hayes' end to end burner, "Hot Buttered Soul" and the track "Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic" painted the backdrop for The Bomb Squad's epic track.  The only thing missing was Chuck D's commanding voice and Flav's distorted "CB" vox on the hook.  The end result was nothing short of a bonified classic.

So, why should we mess with such a dope song?  I honestly don't want to George Lucas my favorite tracks and make Han shoot 2nd.  This project is a platform to make some dope music while revisiting and paying homage to the originals.  (hip hop & source material)  Personally, I've found that I appreciate the music even more after dissecting the beats and rebuilding them.

The beat I made for this month's installment has had long history and it only recently developed into what it is now.  I originally made this beat quite some time ago when I was juggling this, wrapping up "Basement Sessions" and developing what would become "Dub Styles."  After I originally made this beat I let a few people hear it and even asked some cats if they'd be interested in throwing a verse over it.  But... it's easy to have people say they want to do something to a beat, it's HARD to get them to do it.  (I've even heard Jake One and other producers say this regarding their projects) 

Fast forward to when I re-upped this project and after the 1st release.  I was contemplating what to do next and I wasn't really in the mood to put out one of the joints that some people may have already heard.  Also, after the 1st track was released, I wanted to put something out that was just as undeniable as Zapp & Roger.  Once I made that decision, the track started to take shape.  I reworked the beat, listened to a lot of Public Enemy for inspiration and just started writing.  What ended up on tape was a rant about "hustling" rappers in this social media age we live in.  Usually I try to not write something that I think will become dated, but in a way the message is universal. 

So... without any further delay, this month's "Revisionist History" track is dedicated to all "U Suckas."