Monday, December 19, 2016

D&G Limited Edition 7" Lathe Cut

When D&G offered a glimpse into their upcoming album, "The Secpter & The Sword," it was in the form of a snippet/mixtape featuring a mix of previews, remixes and b-sides from the project.  Two of the tracks that stood out were "The House of Dawhud" and the original version of "Goliath."

Dawhud and Ace-One decided to release these tracks as a single outside of the "mixtape" format and have them made into a limited edition double A side lathe cut. Taking the concept of this epic project and wanting it to be a special limited release, the 7" is a clear lathe cut and laser etched with the D&G logo on the center.  Along with the 7", every jacket is laser etched and painted by hand.  Each 7" will technically have a different cover and every lathe cut will be different from all of the 50 copies made.
D&G will be accepting preorders and will start shipping the single after January 7th.

 Preorder the limited edition 7" now before Christmas for only $10. After the New Year, if still available, they will be $12 (plus shipping).  Each purchase comes with an immediate download of the two tracks including inst. versions via the D&G or Dawhud bandcamp site.

Something's Coming...

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ang P X Eddie Venom - #Project 1031

Dayum Ang P is on a roll.  Rest is for the dead and after a short breath from the last EP, Ang P & Eddie Venom are back with another dose.  And like how "Manicotti" had a lighter vibe than "L.I.F.E." to represent the season it was released, "Project 1031" complements fall.

Nonstop... RLC cold killin' it!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ang P - Daddy's Soul Donut

Can't stop WONT STOP!  Ang P started off this year with his "L.I.F.E." Lp and then quickly followed it up with the "Manicotti" EP and here we are with another serving.  To quote Ang P from the RLC "Blood of King's" release, "It's a marathon baby, it ain't a fast race."  Non-stop and consistent.  Other artists would start muddying their own catalog by putting out music at a pace like this, but with every release dude is keeping stride and gliding to the finish line.


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Who's Next redux

Today is my bday and my gift to you all is a track from the vaults. One of my pseudo shelved projects is a follow up/sequel to "Basement Sessions."  Tracks for the LP were pulled for other projects, scrapped or just sat unfinished.  One was this redux version of "Who's Next".

This is just the demo version of the redux because when revisiting the session files I discovered that there was something wrong with the files.  Following the theme of the follow up, it then sat scrapped as I realized I'd have to pretty much start over to recreate the track.

Until then...enjoy this treat from the vaults.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ang P - Manicotti EP

RLC don't stop...

After JUST releasing "L.I.F.E." a few months ago, Ang P is on a takeover mission and drops the "Manicotti" EP produced by Eddie Venom.  Taking a dip from some of the concepts from "L.I.F.E." Ang P brings lightness with "Manicotti" as the Ying to "L.I.F.E.'s" Yang.  Eddie Venom serves a plate of top shelf production and Ang devours each track making anthems like, "Thought's of A Man" and "Juice Bar" with ease.

At 7 joints this EP is like a soundtrack to summer fading into fall.

RLC did it again...  

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Something's Coming...

To prep for the release of "The Scepter & The Sword" Dawhud and Ace present the "Something's Coming..." snippet/mixtape.  Comprised of alt versions, b-sides and remixes from the project the duo are simply telling you exactly what the title says.

Setting off this snippet/mixtape/ep is "The Premier" which is a shout to the legendary DJ Premier who gave them love when they released "Battle Anybody" in 2013. The track's production and cuts pay homage to the producer and DJ along with Dawhud's verse. "Stomping out this joint going out to Chris Martin!"

Teasing the listener with a glimpse into the project and offering up some rare treats, this certainly wets the appetites of those that have been waiting patiently for their epic to drop.  The title says it all.

Along with the digital release of "Something's Coming..." there will be a limited run of cassettes in purple and gold flake. The physical cassette will feature 4 tracks on the b-side produced by Da Beatminerz that will not be released digitally or featured on "The Scepter & The Sword".  (to purchase a copy of the limited cassette, click here)

Friday, September 2, 2016

Ace-One Rap Monster REDUX (remixed by Mefadone Klinik)

September 1st was Ace-One's bday and to celebrate a remix version of his "Rapmonster" LP was released produced by Mefadone Klinik.  I was amped to listen to this and it instantly was the soundtrack bumping throughout my day.


"The Klinik takes his hand at the Rap Monster album and remixes 13 of the original joints from ACE ONE's solo album.  Released on ACE ONE's birthday!"

D&G at Chreece

Last weekend Ace and I debuted D&G at Chreece.  We had a crazy time at the festival and broadcast  it live on Facebook.  If you didn't happen to catch the videos, here's a recap.  Already thinking about coming out again next year.


Friday, July 29, 2016

Converse (Sho Nuff) Remix and Cassette Single Drops

When we were coming up with the idea for a cassette single release for "Converse" we thought of the days when there was either a dope b-side or remix on the tape.  I remember when Show & AG dropped "Next Level" and how the remix Premier did was just as dope as the original.  With that in mind I put together the Nyte Tyme Remix paying homage to DJ Premier's version.  (In many ways this remix actually is a catalyst to put together another round of "Revisionist History" tracks.)

In the meantime...

D&G are giving a glimpse into this project in the form of this cassette single.  The two different versions are limited to 50 and all are hand stamped, sealed etc.

Order Now

Thursday, July 28, 2016

D&G Debuting "The Scepter & The Sword" at Chreece

D&G are proud to announce they will be debuting "The Scepter & The Sword" at the Chreece Hip Hop Music Festival on August 27th.  If you're in the Indy area, come see us unleash our epic.

More announcements to follow...

Something's Coming...

Monday, July 25, 2016

D&G - Converse (Sho Nuff) and Cassette Single

As D&G are gearing up to release their epic, they pull back the curtain a little to show the 1st track they recorded when they started working on "The Scepter & The Sword".  "Converse" pays homage to the Shogun of Harlem as D&G glow alongside their longtime homie Joe Harvey.  And to continue glowing, the "Nyte Tyme" remix gives a nod to Show & AG's "Nyte Time" mix DJ Premier did of "Next Level".

This glimpse into the project will also be celebrated as a cassette single.  (in two versions)

Bruce Leroy Green and Sho Nuff Glow with glowing wax seals.  Both are limited to only 50 of each variant and are available for preorder.  Each cassette single is stamped and sealed by hand as the duo has treated this project like a precious document.

The digi 12" and cassette tape will officially be dropping on 7/29, but you can preorder the items now as they will soon become a collector's item.  

Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Klinik Dropping Battle Beats

Klinik is the man behind the boards of PHD (with J.O. and DJ Spoolz)  He just recently finished a bout of beat battles through the JBBL series with Jay Brookinz and the results are in...

Here's a selection of the man's battle tested beats and blaps.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Just Due Sampler Vol. 2 (feat. D&G)

Just Due recently dropped a compilation of tracks from their roster to act as a glimpse into their current and upcoming releases. To bridge off of the recent Monstarrrrs "Rampage" LP it features various cuts with all three members, Stak, Ace & Big Oil.  With that in mind, the jump off track is none other than D&G's "So Hellified" to bring the pain.

Get your Just Due and Stay Hellified!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Monstarrrs - Rampage (Ace-One, Stakzilla, Big Oil)

Release the Kraken!!!

Monstarrrs is one of Ace-One's many groups and side projects.  The Rapmonster, the Kraken, the Kaiju... Goliath... this rap titian is on a RAMPAGE and he brought company with Stakzilla on the rhymes and Big Oil on the beats.  These Monstarrrs follow the themes that Ace's carried throughout his last few LPs/projects and like an ungodly disaster on a great city, the Monstarrrs come stomping through leaving a wake of destruction in their path.

With the energy and chest pounding bravado of a wrestling theme, "Takeover The Jam Sh%t" sets off the 8 track LP and to quote Ace, "It's ON!"  The trio are on monster mash busting beats, rhymes and eardrums throughout the whole project as it goes from the above mentioned track to the closing "Change Sh%t."

The tempos may change, the energy may ebb and flow, but it is nothing but a bumrush from the trio.  An end to end burner and much like any disaster, this LP attacks with force... and before you know it... it's calm as we see the devastation laid from the Monstarrrs.  But, unlike the monster movies of old, we want the rampage to continue and for the Monstarrrs to return.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

R-Juna - "The Inner Voice Part 2 EP"

Strongroots Records is a co-op boutique, but if there was an underboss, R-Juna would be the one you would "put some RESPEK" on.

The concept is simple... R-Juna on the rhymes, Iris on the beats and DJ Spoolz on the cuts. As simple as that is, it's also a complex project and with many layers.  This is a balancing act that many artists have to fight when working on a project tackling concepts like this.  Like a "spoonful of sugar" you need to find a way to get people to take their medicine and R-Juna has done that without coming across as too preachy.  Iris is in top form with the production providing a sugar laced head nodding backdrop for R-Juna to weave verses to.  And Spoolz wraps the bow on the package with precision cuts.  Guests are kept simple to Richard Cook and Ace One on "No Worries" allowing Juna to flex fully but allow what guests are on the project to shine like AZ did on Nas' debut.

This is probably the best I've heard from Juna and it easily makes me want another dose.


Friday, April 22, 2016

Blooded the Brave - "Not A Game" video

Blooded ain't playin'.  "Y'all wanna talk practice?  Not A Game..." John Reese with the ish!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

JO - Dues video

It was just a little over a month ago when JO dropped his Kurt Cobain video and here we are with the follow up, "Dues." Prepping for the release of his "Grown Man Business" LP in May, Nevi Moon drops the production with DJ Spoolz cutting up an Ace sample on the hook.

Dues paid indeed.

Amped to cop the full length project.  Cop the video and track on soundcloud.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

JO - Kurt Cobain video

JO... this guy is a beast.  I know I've said it before, but I 1st heard him on Ace-One's "Knuckle Scrapper" and was just blown away by the voice, flow and pure bravado that JO brought to the mic. We then heard him kill the summer of 2014 with the PHD - "Unexpected" album with The Klink & DJ Spoolz.  Through conversations and posts JO would hint at a full length solo project and now here we are with the video for Kurt Cobain.

Cold rhymes, cold track... and dayum that white fur.  Cold killin' em on some Kurt Cobain ish produced by Nevi Moon and directed by the Brand-it Bandit.  

"Grown Man Business" is dropping April 5th, keep it locked!!!