Monday, December 19, 2016

D&G Limited Edition 7" Lathe Cut

When D&G offered a glimpse into their upcoming album, "The Secpter & The Sword," it was in the form of a snippet/mixtape featuring a mix of previews, remixes and b-sides from the project.  Two of the tracks that stood out were "The House of Dawhud" and the original version of "Goliath."

Dawhud and Ace-One decided to release these tracks as a single outside of the "mixtape" format and have them made into a limited edition double A side lathe cut. Taking the concept of this epic project and wanting it to be a special limited release, the 7" is a clear lathe cut and laser etched with the D&G logo on the center.  Along with the 7", every jacket is laser etched and painted by hand.  Each 7" will technically have a different cover and every lathe cut will be different from all of the 50 copies made.
D&G will be accepting preorders and will start shipping the single after January 7th.

 Preorder the limited edition 7" now before Christmas for only $10. After the New Year, if still available, they will be $12 (plus shipping).  Each purchase comes with an immediate download of the two tracks including inst. versions via the D&G or Dawhud bandcamp site.

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