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Saturday, March 26, 2011

One, Two Yo! (feat Pacewon) prod by DL Orion

The other day I threw up some snippets from DL Orion's upcoming project featuring Moka Only and Pacewon.  This is the song he produced for the "Dub Styles" project featuring Pacewon.  This was a VERY last minute addition to the project, but it was totally worth it. 

On the real, "Dub Styles" will be coming VERY VERY SOON!  In the meantime, peep this joint.

One, Two Yo! Feat. Pacewon by Dawhud

Friday, March 25, 2011

Circle City Classic... droppin' deuces.

I'm soon going to thinking about Indy like Dr. Oop.  The 206 is calling and we're officially going to head back to the left coast.  The scene here has been real, but ultimately we need to migrate back to the land of raindrops. 

Peace to Rusty, Ace One, Joe Harvey, Eratic, Mr. Kinetik and all of the cats I've met here over the last couple years.  It has been ill. 

It's Magic!!!

The other night the Jazz Kitchen had the Dilla Tribute show with Black Milk.  This was honestly one of the best hip hop shows I've seen in Indy.  The band, Native Sun, played reinterpretations of classic Dilla beats as 317's finest dropped bars over the heat.  This clip was from one of the best joints courtesy of Rusty and Mr. Kinetik.  (It's Magic!)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DL Orion (snippets feat. Pacewon and Moka Only)

My man DL Orion has been working on this project for a minute.  I helped with some vocals on two tracks and gave him my two cents when he asked.  He also produced one of the joints that will be on the "Dub Styles" project.  (stay tuned for that) 

In the meantime, check these snippets from his upcoming project featuring Moka Only and Pacewon. 

You can also check the joints up on Amazon.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vampire Movies that Suck (BLAH!!!)

It would be REAL easy to jump on the bandwagon and talk about how much the "Twilight" saga sucks and who knows... I may, but I'm at least going to start off on some other films.  Vampire films are all different because they don't all subscribe to the same mythology.  (like lumbering or running zombies)  Some films have vampires that hate crosses, some can't withstand silver and some sparkle like Adam Lambert & Ziggy Stardust when they get in the sun.  (crap... I've already started talking about Twilight)

Where to start...

Well... for some reason people in Germany and the Ukraine visit my blog, so I'll start off with a movie directed by a German that was most likely shot in the Ukraine. 


Uwe Boll, hate him or really hate him, has made a name for himself by making films out of video games, using loopholes in German tax laws to finance his films and being just a plain old douche bag.  But, with his "Ed Wood" like film making he has made a career out of bad cinema. 

"Bloodrayne" is one of those movies that when reading the cast list you think, "WOW this should be pretty decent."  Wrong... wrong... oh so wrong.  I remember when this movie came out, it was one of the 1st times I saw a review in EW get an "F."  I for one couldn't believe that Ben Kingsley would be in a vampire movie and one that would get such a horrible review.  Just a few years prior he was in "Sexy Beast" playing one of the most menacing assholes in history... how could this be?  Well... it be and he be not the only one.  Granted Michael Madson has never had an amazing career, but he's worked with Tarentino on a few films, so you'd think he wouldn't be down for a movie like this.  Michelle Rodriguez had all that hype from "Girl Fight" and was building a solid resume, why this project?  And Kristanna Loken just did "Terminator 3," shouldn't her clout go up just a little?  (despite her acting)  I do not have answers for any of these questions.

The story, if you can really follow it is as follows.  Rayne is a half vampire half human who's father is technically the "king" of vampires.  (Ben Kinglsley)  He raped her mom and killed her.  About twenty years have passed and she want's to get her Inigo Montoya on.  She links up with some vampire hunters and there's something about a secret thing that can do something crazy.  (i.e. vampire body parts of the original vampire)

Wait a second... I thought I saw this movie before with Wesley Snipes?  Oh... this isn't "Blade"?  Oh... my bad... continue.

Michael Madson's Mullet is EPIC!!!
^^^Ok, so that part where it says "she lusts," it is honestly the most over the top gratuitous sex scene I've scene I've seen in a long time.  Not to ruin any plot points, but then again there isn't much of one, the vampire hunters throw her into jail and for no reason what so ever she just jumps this guy and takes her top off.  It's ment to be hot, but actually looks more like a broke ass porn on Cinemax that takes place in a medieval prison/dungeon.  I honestly started laughing my ass off and my wife just said, "WHAT?!"

From the horrible dialog, fake looking swords, almost non-existent plot, Michelle Rodriguez slipping in and out of an accent and Michael Madson's mullet, it's one of those films that seems to have had GREAT ambitions, but failed at everything.  Oh... I can't forget resident cool guy Billy Zane.  (do you REALLY think he'd be Zoolander's wing man?  Billy Zane is only Billy Zane's wing man)

Well, if this movie wasn't sh!tty enough there was a straight to DVD sequel and a 3rd one that was filmed at the same time as "Blubberella."

Dracula: 2000

The title in itself says it all.  Dracula... IN THE FUTURE!!!  Well, it's not really the future, but it was 2000 and they wanted to revamp, no pun, the whole take on Dracula.  (so it ended up with a B-list title)

Full disclosure, I ONLY saw this move because my co-worker at Hollywood Video said Vitamin C was naked in it.  (anybody remember her?)  In all honesty I hardly remember much of this movie.  I even forgot or knew that Gerard Butler was in it as Dracula, but I will say he does have one great line. "I don't drink... coffee."  And homie bangs Vitamin C on the ceiling, straight Lionel Ritchie style.  How baller is that?!  Flying sex!

Gerard Butler's hair is also EPIC!!!
I actually had a movie pass that I used for my friend Carlos and I to go see it and I remember when it was over I could only think, "damn... a free movie and I saw that sh!t?"  Now, although I can't really remember much of the movie I mostly just remember the AMOUNT of disappointment I had after watching it and my co-worker saying it was such a cool vampire movie.  I will most likely have to cop this joint again to fully enjoy it.  (or not)

Finally to add to this trio of bad hair vampire movies...

Vampire in Brooklyn

In the early to mid-90s in Olympia there was a $1 theater that would show all sorts of movies and they didn't care how old you were if you wanted to go see an R rated film. This theater is where I saw "Pulp Fiction" and "Heat" when they came out.  Growing up, half the time my parents would want to go see one movie that I could care less about, so I'd check something else out that I was mildly interested in.  Enter "Vampire from Brooklyn."

Eddie Murphy... the most EPIC hair of all!!!  Jerry curl mullet!!!
I honestly can just imagine the pitch in the studio office.  "Well... Coppola did 'Dracula,' so to get the black demo, lets redo it with Eddie Murphy!  First he was looking for a bride in Queens... now he'll be looking for a bride in Brooklyn!"  High fives all around guys... high fives.

The thing is, that pretty much sums up the whole movie.  But, it's modern... as in the 90s and like many Eddie Murphy movies made after "Coming to America" he dons all sorts of make up to play different characters.  What does this mean... well see for yourself because the whole thing is up on youtube.  (see below) 

A lot of people argue that if this was released now it would have been a lot more successful.  I'm not sure.  Although Eddie Murphy was in slump at the time, pre "Nutty Professor," the film as a whole couldn't find it's niche.  It wanted to be a horror, it wanted to be a comedy, but couldn't find it's footing in either.  You ended up with an hour and a half of "meh."   

What's really lame is that Wes Craven did the last two movies I mentioned.  Honestly fam... I know you can do good stuff, but those were pretty lame homie.  Been caught slippin' I guess.

And what do ya know... I didn't even go on a rant about "Twilight."

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wack Movies IN SPACE!!! (echo, echo, echo)

Here we are once again with another installment of crap cinema.  These are a couple films that I've enjoyed in the past, but honestly are some bad films.

Let's start off with "Starchaser: The Legend of Orin."  I saw this movie in the theater when it came out.  It was originally in 3D, before the over the top fad of 3D dominated everything in theaters.  Then 3D was such a rare treat that when they'd show some wack John Wayne movie like "Hondo" on TV in 3D everybody would run out to where ever they were selling the glasses and buy them up.  So, here I am... about 4 or 5 and waiting in the snow outside the movie theater to see this movie.  I remember they actually had someone tell us that the print of the film was delivered late and they were putting the reels together as we stood in line.  (no time to make sure all of the reels were there or if it was put together properly... there were people waiting)

I remember we went inside and got our glasses. (which were closer to the popular 3D glasses they use now instead of the classic red and blue joints from back in the day)  The movie started and honestly all I remember was that it was a complete and TOTAL rip off of "Star Wars."  Even at such a young age I was sitting there thinking, "so... he's Han, he's Obiwan, he's Luke... that's a lightsaber etc."  And after that... that was it.  I totally forgot the name of the movie and a majority of the storyline.  I always remembered seeing this 3D sci-fi movie, but couldn't remember the name of it and no one I knew had any idea of what I was talking about.  (except my dad)  So... now that we are now in this beautiful digital age of search engines, forums & youtube, I simply typed in "Star Wars rip off cartoon 3D" and BLAM there it is.  "Starchaser: The Legend of Orin."

From simply looking the film up on youtube, it looks like you can watch the whole movie in several parts.  I've just thrown a few up so you can check some of it out.  If you remember "Fire & Ice," "Heavy Metal," "Wizards" or "The Lord of the Rings" animated films, you'll see a similar style. 

It isn't hard to believe that this film is pretty rare.  About a year or two ago I was able to get a copy from Netflix and watch it, but upon looking for it again, they don't have a copy.  (probably because someone "lost" the few copies they had or it just got damaged)  And by the way... when I did get that copy a year or two ago, I didn't even make it through the film.  I ended up passing out after 30-40 minutes only to wake up 5 minutes before the credits rolled and the "Obiwan" character is telling Orin that the "not copywritten force" was in him. 

(Review from Netflix by someone who worked on the film)

"Yeah, I was a production assistant on this movie for 3 years. I am also the voice of "Boro" the Mandroid in the swamp sequence. "I get his arm!" This was one of the first post-TRON movies to use computer generated ships. We had plotters drawing each ship on paper for both left and right eye views. Given the limits of computing power of the time, this took forever! The story was a rip-off of every Sci-Fi film out there but the 3D was cool to see in animation. If anyone has those glasses that you use for some T.V. shows that give you a faux 3D feel they work quite well for alot of the movie. The quality of the animation shifted so much because we did some of it better to get investors in the film....As production went along money dried up, quality suffered and re-takes didn't happen as it had to get out to theaters. Oh well! Good film though, nice to see if finally on DVD in widescreen instead of the dreadful VHS pan and scan!!!!"

On to the next one.  This film has been a guilty pleasure forever.  I am talking of none other than "Ice Pirates."

Like "Starchaser" this story begins with waiting in a long line outside only to have someone say that there was something wrong with the print and they couldn't show the film.  I honestly don't know how or when I ended up seeing it.  Most likely I ended up seeing it on video, but I do know it was a staple on TBS alongside "Beastmaster" that I watched on the regular.  So bad... but so good. 

Brief synopsis... the universe is running out of water, so it becomes the next big currency... space & pirates are involved.  What more do you need?  Robots, space herpes... this is a craptastic popcorn movie for a Saturday night.

In fact...

A week ago I was with my wife at a Big Lots and I just happened to walk by there DVDs and see this staring me in the face with Robert Ulrich's pretty eyes.  No words were spoken, I simply grabbed it and made a B-line to my wife.  Upon showing it to her she simply uttered, "YES!" with the same amount of excitement I had when discovering it.  (and that's why I love her)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ensoniq EPS Classic!!!

Thinking about putting this baby up if anybody is interested in it. Ensoniq EPS classic fully expanded memory with the 8-output expander. (pretty rare my friends) Original sound library, manuals and a ton of disks with drums, synth sounds etc.

If you don't remember, I threw these drums up a few months ago from my EPS disks.

If you're interested in getting some ill 12bit crunch without having to PAY SP1200 prices, this is a joint for you. You can use the filters on it to make some real grimy ish. (ol' school RZA 36 Chambers type beats)

If you're serious, hit me here or on my email.

This is my baby, but I need to downsize.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mergence - Foundation feat. Dawhud

Po'Safe of Mergence asked if I wanted to get down on a project he was working on with his crew.  It originally started of with a tweet asking for a one word idea/concept for a track.  I gave him a couple ideas along with "foundation."  By the end of the weekend he tweeted me and asked me if I wanted to throw down a verse on the track.  No question... it's on.  Before he even sent me the beat I had pretty much mapped out what I was thinking about writing for my verse.  What was my foundation?  What started this?  The verse pretty much says it all.  To quote Dead Prez, "it's bigger than hip hop," but at the same time, hip hop played a big part. 

Don't sleep on this project.  Eratic , from The Green Hornet EP, also threw down a nice verse for the project.  Slick beats, slick rhymes... a refreshing dose of boom bap as these cold months draw to a close.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Ladies dig this pic.  I think it makes their ovaries hum.
This is the homie Zack.  He is my... 2nd cousin in law.  (I guess that's what you'd call it) 

He's a cool cat, as you can see.  Honestly, what other 2 year old can rock a Kangol like that huh? 

Sam Jackson ain't got nuttin' on Zack!  And that's word!
One of the cool things about living closer to Kath's family is being able to kick it with cool family.  (and it's NICE actually having family that likes being with each other) So, whenever any holiday or 3 day weekend occurs, my path usually crosses with Zack.  And whenever our paths cross, it's comedy or I'm playing superhero as seen in the above picture.  (I literally picked him up a split second before he did a faceplant on the pavement... it makes for a cute picture)  Even when I'm not around it's comedy.

Roll clip...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

AG feat 950 Plus - Coctail Party Talk (Dawhud remix)

This is a remix I did for an upcoming AG project titled "South Bronx General" that Iller is putting out.  I'm not a huge fan of remixing joints, but the chance to do something with AG from DITC was too cool to pass up.  Iller will be putting the remixes up for vote shortly and when it's time to vote... help a bro out.  The winning remix will get the placement on the new AG LP. 

AG feat 950 Plus-Cocktail Party Talk (Dawhud remix) by Dawhud

Saturday, March 5, 2011

DJ Ian Head & Gabriel Teodros - Lentil Soup

Latest release from! FREE DOWNLOAD. A few songs DJ Ian Head  and Gabe have done over the past couple years, compiled for your listening pleasure.

City blocks, good friends, old records, late-night recording sessions, and lentil soup. Over the past two years, Gabriel Teodros and DJ Ian Head been on the move, but always managed some musical adventures whenever they found themselves in the same city.

The LENTIL SOUP EP is sampling of these journeys, that often found us back in Brooklyn, NY eating red lentils and freshly-baked pita bread.

We hope you enjoy!

The Lentil Soup EP.
  1. Church
  2. Computer Parlor
  3. Airports
  4. Diamonds (featuring El Dia)
  5. Breathe (At Your Mom’s House Version)
  6. Faith is a Muscle
  7. Sweet Revive (featuring alSarah)
Produced by DJ Ian Head

Written by Gabriel Teodros

Mastered in Seattle, WA by Dume41 @ The Legion Of Dume