Friday, September 28, 2012

Vintage Dope - Cratebangin'

Hide your records you bacon a$$, trick a$$ DJs!!! 

That pretty much sums it up. 

Vintage Dope is...

Ryan Fresh

This group/project took a long minute to really find it's sound/concept.  Ultimately, you can say it's genesis came from Ryan Fresh suggesting that I spit over the Kreyshawn "Gucci" beat.  When he first suggested that, I thought he was crazy.  I wasn't going to mess with that beat.  The song is wack, I don't care if it's the ish hipsters, hipster rappers or kids were diggin'.  Ryan then said, "Naw... just flip it on some cratediggin' steeze.  That was the "AH-HA" moment.  Now, that wasn't the moment that the scope of the project really materialized because it wasn't.  Months would go by as we were trying to figure out what we wanted to do, our sound etc. 

We wanted to have something that sounded different than the "Dawhud" tracks because if there's really no difference between the group stuff and the solo stuff, what are you bringing to the table?  (so to speak)  The concept of gangster cratediggin' started to evolve and we started developing it.  What if all the classic west coast gangsta rappers we listened to were also talking about their record collections?  The answer was Vintage Dope. 

It's been a hard project to explain to the people and artists I've talked to, but the moment I've let them hear the music, they all have the same "AH-HA" moment I had when Ryan hipped me.  So... get hip, check it and get ready for more Stone Cold Cratebangin' ISH!!!

And you can't forget the REMIX homie!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A.C.E. O.N.E. (Cipher Sessions the writtens)

A.C.E. O.N.E., The Proforms, Breakdown Kings, Indy man about town and Rap Monster, sat down on the cusp of his solo debut for another "Cipher Sessions" installment.  

You've been holding it down in Naptown for quite some time in various rap groups and on your own. Why has it taken so long for you to put out a SOLO record?

I've always wanted to do my 1st solo with a true purpose behind. I def wanted to give my people(fans, supporters, comrades, etc.) the solo they've been waiting on, but it had to have purpose. I personally felt it was time for a "HARD!" Hip Hop album. It's been far too long since I heard something that was just "HARD!". Everyone doesn't do it & a lot can't, but I can & it my 1st SOLO was answer.

A title like "Rap Monster" creates almost larger than life imagery.  I feel that your presence on stage commands that.  There was one time I was at a show and there was this group opening for Keith Murray.  (I don't remember who)  They had you drop a verse on one of there songs and honestly you murdered their entire set in that ONE verse you dropped.  THIS is what I think of when I think of your title.  Was this some of the thinking behind "Rap Monster?"

I remember that gig! Keith Murray's great people! That group was/is my guys Sleeper Cell & that track was/is "Microphone Killers". (Side Note: I did I track w/them & C-Rayz Walz "Outcome" that's killer!)
Rap Monster's an actual title that I've carried since 1998 when I was exclusively wormusic w/Justice League. It does sound colossal for I AM A TITAN! "I tried to explain before unleashing the pain/I'm a mastadon trapped inside a 5'9" frame"

Indy is in many ways the crossroads city to Chicago, Cincinnati, the East Coast and the South.  In my opinion you've been able to capture that in your style.  You've got the look and energy of Mos Def/Yassin Bey, the gruff drawl of Willie D and verbal acrobatics of many great East Coast emcees... basically your style has a universal appeal to MANY listeners without being TOO East Coast, TOO Southern etc.  When you were trying to find your voice as an emcee, was this something you were trying to be aware of or is this an example of your life and influences shaped your style?  (And... where do you find your inspiration?)

Yes sir, I am & have been quite aware of it. I decided in my mid-teens to just do what I want & makes me feel comfortable. I've always truly had more fun doin' me. I did nothing, but freestyle for 3-4 years when I first decided I really wanted to rap/emcee & I feel that most def let me be more me, than any outside influence. I've always listened to & dug variety of artists from all regions, countries, & genres. I've never wanted to rock, like anyone else...I've just wanted to be as good, or better.(The original inspiration was Rakim "I Ain't No Joke", then my cousin Slimm, & always life, as I live & see it.)

Some emcees like writing in the studio with the beat, some people, like GZA, take ages with tracks slowly developing their rhyme... or you have cats, like Jay-Z, pretty much just spit in the booth.  What's your style of writing?

No matter the location; I love the damn near lost art of writing! I admit that I've done quite a bit of typing on the ol' mobile here in the last few years though. I've actually practiced all of those writing styles you mentioned, but I don't prefer to make up on the spot. It's a gift no doubt, but I feel that myself & my rhymes are more focused & put to better use when I write/type/text my words. It's my X-Men theory. All mutants are powerful when unfettered, but in most cases that powers better used & with more impact when channelled & focused properly.

To follow up that question, do you just write and then find a beat that fits what you're saying or does the music/beat speak to you 1st as inspiration to what you write?

I do write many titles, hooks, verses, & even complete songs before ever hearing a beat; if the muse leads me to. I've heard many beats & knew exactly what rhyme's been waiting for it. Some of my production guys have actual built beats around rhyme's I've wrote & rhythm's I've thought of. I'm forever down to write to, or with a beat! There's nothing like the melding of rhythm & rhyme!

Speaking of style, but on the flip side... you've got some dope ish that only you can pull off and look so fresh.  Example: that DOPE A$$ jacket you got?  Another thing my wife always brings up when I mention your name are those ill bracelets.  My wife is honestly envious of those joints.  Where do you get these things and is your fresh style a reflection of you as an emcee?

Wow! The "Brown Bomber" gangster coat I got from "Dope Fiend Carl"! That dude was my guy! He always used to come by pad & try to sell me shit he boosted, but it always the most useless & random shit! HA! He'd try to sell me tampons once, but he knew I didn't have a girl! It was crazy! He borrowed $5 off me once & disappeared for a few months...LOL...when he came back around he was trying to fleece some shit & I asked for my $5. He didn't have it so, he gave me legendary coat. I've always dug bracelets, cuffs, wristbands, gauntlets, etc. I feel I have a true warrior spirit & I've never been uncomfortable outwardly showing it. "Right here, right now I'm takin' a stand/A.C.E. O.N.E. in my Conan B-boy stance". They're a true reflection of me as an individual. I'm always on the hunt for new pieces to my puzzle of madness.
Rap Monster Release Party

Who helped develop, record and produce this record with you?  Did people help direct you or did you just go IN? 

I developed the Rap Monster only, because I am the Rap Monster, but I didn't build the album alone. I recorded 98% of the album with my Proforms/Cut Camp brethren Joe Harvey. All the producers did a bang-up job! There were some beats I heard & had to have, but many were made specifically for me. I helped build on a handful of beats i.e. samples, arrangement. I got awesome input from Joe Harvey & DJ Spoolz, but I already had most of the album's sound in my head.

You're a very busy man in the Indy scene, what do you have on deck along with this project?

I've talked to my friend Devon Ashley, drummer supreme, about forming a live band for the Rap Monster. I'm mad excited about me & DJ Spoolz The Doo Doo Browns aka The Dookie Bros.! Work with The Proforms, Cut Camp, wormusic, The Breakdown Kings, Dead Man's Switch, s.a.i.n.t RECON, & Mic Sol never stops.

Finally and most important... where can people find your debut LP?I'm gonna need everyone to start following Ace One the Rap Monster on Sound Cloud, go check me on Band Camp at, & get acquainted with me & my fam at,, & It's time to take over the world...WHO'S COMIN' WITH ME!?!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Vintage Dope "Cratabangin" 9/28

Next week Vintage Dope will officially drop their debut single, "Cratebangin".  You've heard the remix off of the ongoing "Revisionist History" jump off and ish from the snippet tape, but September 28th, it will be here.  In the meantime... peep the samples.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Vintage Dope - "Cratebangin'" (More Bounce Remix)

Here we are, "Revisionist History".  This project has been a long time coming and this monthly installment will be its new incarnation.  Originally "Revisionist History" was going to be a compilation release, but budget issues, emcees and other projects pushed it to the back burner.  As time passed, I had a handful of tracks and numerous beats, but ultimately it was shelved.  (although I did let people hear the rough tracks that were finished)

And that was pretty much it.  It sat... every now and then I'd dig up some records, think of a flip or make a beat, but for the most part... "Revisionist History" was dead.  Then, as I mentioned in a prior post, the whole project was basically resurrected by the simple suggestion from DJ Ian Head to make it a monthly post.  So, BIG shout out to DJ Ian Head for sparking the "revision" of "Revisionist History."

So, how do we set it off?  What should be the 1st release/installment for "Revisionist History?"  Since I've started making beats for this project and collected records, there have been many different tracks/beats to select from.  Bottom line, the jump off needs to be something undeniable, something classic... something that everyone will get.

If you've also heard the hints I dropped on Twitter and Facebook the debut track would be a Vintage Dope release.  This track actually came from making a bulk of beats for the Vintage Dope project and just throwing the vocals of another V-Dope track over the beat I made.  Fast forward to when I decided to reignite this project.  I'm contemplating what to release, thinking about all the things I could do for the jump off and I realize... I have this cut and what better way to help cross promote Vintage Dope than to release this remix.  BOOM!

Zapp & Roger's classic "More Bounce To The Ounce" is probably one of the sickest beats of all time and it helped define a lot of the west coast's sound.  EPMD, South Central Cartel, J. Dilla and COUNTLESS others have used this classic track from Zapp & Roger to make instant heat.  At one point it was so OVER sampled that it was almost a cliche when you'd listen to a random west coast rapper.  (much like Skull Snaps and Substitution break on a lot of east coast hip hop) 

EPMD's classic "You Gots To Chill" is probably one of my favorite flips.

That being said... here's this month's installment of "Revisionish History" and technically the 1st official release from V-Dope.

"Cratebangin' (More Bounce Remix)."

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rasco Show Canceled

No debut for V-dope.  But, Friday there will be a V-Dope debut HERE when the 1st track from "Revisionist History" is released.