Tuesday, September 27, 2011

J Bels Roxwell... YAGGFU

You Gonna Get F*$ed Up If You FRONT!!!  And honestly there are a lot of people that are fronting. 

YAGGFU Front was a trio in the early 90s that repped North Carolina WAY before Little Brother picked up the mic.  They dropped the "Looking For A Contract/Slappin' Suckers Silly" 12" and followed it up with the slept on classic, "Action Packed Adventures" on Mercury Records.  It being the early 90s and the glut of dope hip hop that was coming out at the time, PLUS the lack of label support, YAGGFU got lost in the shuffle for a lot of cats.  They were a group that had a Pharcyde/De La vibe that kept it serious, but also knew to have fun without coming across like a joke. 

Time passed, Mercury Records disolved and after their debut LP almost nothing was heard from the crew.  Around 2002 a project called "The Secret Tapes" was released and that sounded like a mixture of cuts left from "Action Packed Adventures" and newer tracks.  But after the release of "The Secret Tapes" almost nothing was heard from Spin, Jingle and Damage.

So here we are.  It's 2011 and J Bels Roxwell aka Jingle has been putting together a project/EP.  The lead single is "Things Hoped For" and it's produced by none other than the prolific Moka Only.  Jingle hasn't lost a step and in many ways sounds as hungry and on point as ever.  He now seems to have a sense of maturity, focus and "Grown Ass Manism" that he didn't have before.  And although tracks from their debut were rich in content, Jingle has aged like fine wine as he sets it off talking to Spin & Damage."  It doesn't hurt that Moka's production is able to keep Jingle relevant but still draw from what made YAGGFU Front so dope back in 94.

I'm honestly amped to hear the rest of this project.

Don't FRONT!!!

Things Hoped For Produced by MOKA ONLY by J Bels Roxwell of YAGGFU

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dee Supreme beat tapes.

Hit the hyperlink to DL Dee's Creative Wealth sickness!!!
Dee Supreme is my dude.  If you don't know, he laced "Come Equipped" along with "Swing" from the "Dub Styles" project and we've worked together on a few other tracks.  In many ways his beat for "Come Equipped" was what REALLY kicked that project in motion and it honestly is one of my favorite tracks I've recorded period.  Hailing from Finland and Armed with an MPC2000XL Dee puts out some serious heat. 

A couple years ago he dropped the "Creative Wealth" beat tape that was full of quick beats and goodies in a "Donuts" like fashion.  


Time passed, life's happened and outside of a few videos a lot of people haven't been broken off with much from Dee Supreme.  Oddly enough I was thinking about him the other day and reached out to see what he was up to.  Then I hit up the STMB forum and to my surprise Dee just dropped two instrumental EP/beat tapes.  (Can't Stay For Too Long & Always Halfway to Somewhere)  Needless to say within minutes I was DLing the joints and listening to them.  In the time that has passed we can tell he's matured and his sound has changed. And all for the better.  Although Dee has always been on a laid back/ jazzy vibe I can tell his instrumentation has improved and he seems more comfortable in his shoes.  (so to say)

Check out my man Dee Supreme's beat tapes and chill... "till the next episode."

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rusty Redenbacher - The Tinkerer title track & inst EP

Rusty Redenbacher, Mudkids/ATFU/Prof & Hustler, dropped the title track from his forthcoming LP, "The Tinkerer" to get our mouths watery.  If the snippets he's dropped and this track are what the rest of it will sound like it will be a MUST cop! 

"Rock to the title track from my forthcoming self-produced album here. It’s still unmastered, but I’ve been  talking about it all day and I wanted to let you hear a bit of what it’s on, yo…leave some feedback, repost if you want. When I get this thing mastered, we’ll start with some official drops.
…plus I just finished it last night, so I gotta let y’all hear SOMETHIN…right? We tryna build something here…" Rusty Redenbacher

Rusty Redenbacher (#ATFU) - The Tinkerer by RustyRedenbacher
To also prep for his project he released a free EP of beats to DL called "5 On the Black Hand Side."  Do yourself a favor, check it out & chill to some badass ish.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Eratic - Negative Balance 10/4/11

Eratic is one of Naptown's slickest emcees and reps that grimy, dirty, dusty boom bap.  On October 4th, Eratic will release his latest project "Negative Balance."  Earlier this year he put out the tasty "Green Hornet" EP alongside Mr. Kinetik to wet our mouths for future projects.  In the last few months we've seen Mr. Kinetik murder several releases and NOW... it's Eratic's time. 

This is a quick promo video about the project with a track over a Doom flip. 

And don't forget to check out Eratic's "Post Eratic Syndrome" LP.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Late Nite Blues - DJ Ian Head

DJ Ian Head is always coming correct and this lost gem from the Aretha EPs he he was working on back in 07 with Evol-One is no joke. 

"Here's a cut I left off the Reborn Soul EP I did with Evolve-One awhile back - "Late Night Blues," just something simple chopped directly from the record - no added drums or sounds. It's basically a little exclusive as I enter the Bandcamp world, getting my stuff together before a couple upcoming releases."

And if you missed the original work, check out the product at

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ol' School Beat Tape... get it while you can.

I was notified that my link on Rapidshare for my Ol' School Beat Tape will expire in a day or two.  Cop the DL while you can.

"Free DL, click the hyperlink above.

This is a collection of early beats made on my SP1200 and SU10.  (mostly from the SP 1200)  Some of these beats were later developed into remixes or tracks on the "Basement Sessions" LP. 

(Note: The cuts on this beat tape that became tracks from the LP are ones that are NOT available on the "Basement Sessions" instrumental version.) 

The majority of these beats were made between 1999 - 2001 and while I was developing my production style w/ the SP.  During this period I thought it was far easier to go digging, sample, sequence and make a beat than it was to sit down and write a song.  (or maybe I just wanted to make beats and DJ... or was bored with emceeing at the moment)    Who knows?

This was basically the 1st beat tape I circulated to people around the way and it really WAS a beat tape.  I would usually record all these tracks to a tape or minidisk and listen to them in my car.  (usually tape)  It wasn't until a few years later when every cat had a CD burner that I was able to bust it out on disk.  (which is what this rip comes from) 


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Brothers From Another - Quality of Living

Brothers From Another...

Whatever these cats do, it's "good times" music.  When listening to their voices you can ALWAYS tell they are having a great time and smiling.  I first heard of this duo a year or two ago and thought, "damn... these kids are in high school doing this ish."  Now they're in college in Cali, but they come home to kick it and Beeba Vision Part. II is a prime example of how they do. 

Amongst their studying this duo obviously had the time to put together an LP with a who's who of Seattle beatmakers.  Quality of Living dropped on the 1st of September just in time for Labor Day weekend and for everyone to get in their last chill session before summer ends.  And it's just that... sipping Corona's and windows rolled down or a soundtrack for your BBQ. 

Do yourself a favor and check out their latest project while you can still catch the hipster bus and say you dug them before everyone else did.