Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My wife and I did this a couple years ago. We were both working at the same office. (a news paper at the time) It was the week of Thanksgiving and we unfortunately had a VERY close friend of ours die... so what did our office do? They had us work the day after Thanksgiving. Yeah... So as Kathleen and I realized that there would be literally NOTHING for us to do at the office and that we would BE probably the only people in the office we came up with this. (and we really were about the only people in the office... I think there was a total of 5 people in there that day. HA!) Anyway, Kathleen and I on Thanksgiving day prepped by baking the cubicle walls and gingerbread office people. We took everything to the newspaper the next day and literally worked on it all day. In a way it ended up becoming the office mascot and trumped all the other Holiday decorations we had up there. Clients or business people that were being interviewed would come in and comment on our Gingerbread Cubicle. We even had a friend of ours that works at KEXP talk about it on the air and have people ALL over the world ask to have the pictures emailed to them.

We went into quite a bit of detail when creating this. If you'll notice there's even a red Swingline stapler and a T.P.S. report. HA!


Ginger office 1

ginger office 2

ginger office 3

ginger office 4

ginger office 5

ginger office 6

Monday, December 8, 2008

Calling all journalists, bloggers and forum ish talkers...

Word! Want to review my LP? Get at me and I'll hook you up. If you write for your high school paper... COOL, write a blog... COOL... hit up forums... COOL! It's all dope in my book I may even throw in some surprise snippets from the other projects I'm working on.

So, get at me!!!