Sunday, July 19, 2009


4th of July I went with my wife and her parent's to visit some fam out in the burbs of Cleveland. When I jokingly told my friend's that I was heading to Cleveland and going to say what's up to "Bone Thugz" I got a txt back from my friend wondering if it was anything like the episode on "40 Rock." Although I didn't get to peep downtown Cleveland, these two videos pretty much sum it up.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Physics (on the DL tip)

The Physics

I was introduced to the Physics through my man Just Be when I was trying to book a show. I hit them up and Thig hit me saying that they were working on their LP, but not ready to perform. Jump about 9 months into the future they drop their LP "Future Talk" and dug out a nice fan base in the 206. I've hit Thig every now and then to just chop it up and randomly I was like, "Yo, when you going to drop some new ish?" HAHA He emailed me back saying, "Next week." HAHAHAHA

So here we are, The Physics drop another gem and this EP is for DL on their site.

If you did check out their debut LP you'll know what feel good hip hop you're getting yourself into. The "High Society" EP is along the same lines, but I would say that their sound has progressed/matured. If this is a sample of what their new LP is going to sound like... sign me up.

Do yourself a favor and cop this joint.