Monday, November 30, 2009

Beats, rhymes and a whole lot of life

It is what it is. Working on things and this thing we call life is doing it's thing too. Without getting too much into the nitty gritty I'm finding myself in a position that I was in when I decided to fully commit to working on "Basement Sessions." For those of you that may not know, the kick in the pants that got me to pause and decide to work on that project was when a close friend passed away. God slapped me in the face and said, "yo, life is short... you got one shot... don't waste it." (that is if he'd say "yo") HAHA It was bittersweet because I would do anything to talk to my friend who passed than have released "Basement Sessions," but if it wasn't for his passing I wouldn't have realized that what I wanted and needed to do.

He passed the week of Thanksgiving four years ago and as happenstance would find it Thanksgiving has continued to be a time of reflection. I guess it usually is supposed to be like that, but what I mean is that moments like my friend's passing seem to levitate around this time of year. (which in turn makes me seriously take a magnifying glass to my life/dread the emerging holiday season)

So, what have I found after this long 4 day weekend? Well... I know what I DON'T want to do. HAHA I guess that's important. The next few weeks will really tell as to what and where things are going to be heading. Now, how vague can I be? HAHA I'll say one thing, my mother in-law said to both my wife and I to not waste our time doing what we don't love and use the talents that God gave us. Hearing that along with the other talks we had over the weekend has opened up a dialog about the future.

What does the future hold, I dunno about all the other ish but I can say this...

I'm working on "Dub Styles" and I'm hoping to have it done shortly. A lot of the recording is finished and I'm planning on a spring 2010 release/preview leak. I honestly think the project would make a better soundtrack for the spring/summer than while we're all freezing our a$$es off in winter. (yeah... not so much) HAHA I'm really diggin' it, I hope other cats will dig it.

You know what... blam... here we go peep this!!! Follow the link. This is a rough demo/snippet of some of the vibe from project. This is roughly how the project is going to sound. Just to let you know I've even made some changes from this. (I changed the intro a little bit) You most likely have heard the "Come Equipped" track that my man Dee Supreme laced a while ago, but dig it. This is but a taste for you all that are interested. Also, my man Josh G laced another one of the beats for this project. This has been a dope project and I'm really diggin' how some beats from other beatmakers/producers/associates mesh well with this project. (I will say it has been a little weird at 1st not rhyming on a beat that I made, but it's all good... takes some of the load off me)

And if you're wondering why it's taken so long... well some of it has been the ish I was talking about in the 1st part of this blog and also the project itself took a different turn and other songs that originally were for this project ended up creating another project. All good.

In other news...

My man Rusty from The Mudkids dropped a free EP. Peep the link and DL the "Free Money EP!!!" I DL'd that bad boy and rocked it on some serious head nodding ish. Don't sleep on this. I mean... on the real, it's free. HAHA The site is looking fresh and I'm looking forward to seeing more from their site. And for those of you that DON'T know... Rusty battled a Mr. Mathers back when...


Dig it.

Until next we meet.