Sunday, December 21, 2014

Vdope dropped on Razor Tongue Radio

Vdope's "Bounce Rock Skate" was dropped on the latest Razor Tongue Radio episode.

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This is an all music episode of RTR.  Enjoy the tracks & come back next week for more shit talking & diatribes.

Week 141 Set List

[0:00] Shao blabs.
[0:31] Tommy Cassidy Feat. Pauline Garza – Good Now
[3:32] Arcturus – Wylin’
[6:08] Epp – Gun Break
[9:13] Yung Devi – So Real
[12:59] Grynch Feat. Malice & Mario Sweet – Lips Don’t Lie
[18:08] No Queztion Feat. DJ Phinisey – Ready For Me
[23:05] Minority Report – Dreams
[26:57] Illmaculate – Do Not Disturb
[30:16] Dikulz – World Problems
[34:27] Caz Greez – Serotonin Drainin’
[38:15] True Justice Feat. IMperfect Cody – Is It a Crime
[41:32] Vintage Dope – Bounce Rock Skate
[44:59] Fanobee – Bleached
[49:12] 509 Wreckerz Feat. Humble 1 – Salute

Old School NorthWest Joint of the Week

Weekly One to Grow On

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sirius Blvck - Yung Vultures (video)

When I went back to Indy to briefly visit family, I slipped away to do a show with Ace-One and finally perform our joint live. As I was in the crowd mingling, one of the artists opening, stepped to the stage and launched into their set. Sirius Blvck dropped an impressive set of drugged out electro hip hop and I've kept him on the radar ever since.  Last night I got a blip in the form of this video and I'm seriously impressed. 

This is some dope ish!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Dawhud x Ace-One announce "David & Goliath" & drop "So Hellified"

After the reception of "Battle Anybody," Dawhud & Ace-One started working on a track to follow it up. One track turned into an EP and within a short amount of time, the EP turned into a full length project.  Although the two would hint at what they were working on, they held their cards close and kept a lot of it under wraps. 
Ace-One was in the midst of finishing up his "Rapmonster" series and with the sheer chest pounding vibe of their prior track, the two came up with the project's concept & title, "David & Goliath".  Kings... giants... champions... titans.

Today we're officially announcing the project and dropping one of the tracks to give listeners a sample on what they're working on.  "David & Goliath" will feature legendary emcees Masta Ace & Sadat X alongside longtime friends/emcees Joe Harvey, JO etc. Production will be handled by Dawhud and Da Beatminerz.  With a legendary title like "David & Goliath"... legends should be involved. 

The two are currently working on finishing up the LP and as we get closer to a release we will keep you up to date with it's progress.  (vinly?)  Till then enjoy the duos new track, "So Hellified" featuring JO.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

R-Juna - They Live

The Regan Era 80s gave us films like "Robocop" & "They Live" that were social commentary on corporations, excess & greed masked as popcorn action flicks.  These films were ahead of their time as most people just watched the films like the masses they were trying to "wake up".  

In a time of vast separation between the haves & have nots, police brutality & surveillance, R-Juna presents us with a rally cry/soundtrack for the 99%.  Following the foundation of "They Live", R-Juna provides the shades and "came to chew bubble gum and kick ass."

It's only fitting that as we approach "Black Friday" and the mass consumerism of the Holiday season R-Juna challenges us to wake up. 

Listen, learn and crack your eyes.  

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Vintage DOPE review on

"Bounce Rock Skate" was just reviewed on So Much Good Music

It’s funny how taste and trends work. When I first got into hip hop (a very long time ago), it was all about the newest freshest shit. If you were still bumping something from two months ago, you were stale. There was this pride in having the latest joints. It also meant that the evolution of the music happened faster. Like if you look at how hip hop has evolved from say ’94 to now, the lifespan of a particular sound style is way longer than it was from like, ’87-’94. If you loved a particular sound like say, mid-eighties electro-sounding hip hop, you had a small window to get it, cause pretty soon people wouldn’t be making it anymore.
Now that hip hop is getting older, and has some history and perspective, cats are able to go back, dig out those classic sounds and make them work for the present day. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. No lie, a lot of early hip hop was garbage, simply because it was still so new people weren’t very good at it yet. So if you suck now, I’m giving you a pass just cause you say it’s a throwback.
Luckily Vintage Dope live up to their name with “Bounce Rock Skate.” It’s a throwback to those Eighties beats and rhythms, electro funk and bouncy bass, braggadocio and party records. Comprised of Olympia producers and rhymers Dawhud (who got the seal of approval from DJ Premier himself) and NW hip hop hustler Luvva J, Vintage Dope dig into the past, bring it to 2014 and make is sound, well…dope.

Per their SoundCloud page:

“Vintage Dope’s self titled debut is an ode to DJs, DJ culture and classic west coast production that is summer time theme music with the windows rolled down. Simply put…’Cratebangin.’ No guests, no gimmicks, just crates and lyrics.”

You can check out the whole project over on their SoundCloud page, hit them up on Twitter, and buy the project on Bandcamp.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

PHD - Really Make You Feel Better feat. R-Juna (Video)

PHD just dropped the video of their 2nd single, "Really Make You Feel Better feat. R-Juna," off of their "Unexpected" LP.  This album has been in solid rotation on my phone since they dropped it earlier this summer.  Pimp... Hard... Daily...

Check the visuals and check the LP. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

All your Friend's Friends - Jump Kick the Legs (video)

Smoke told me about this project he was working on with K records a year or two ago.  He was given the keys to the K records vault and in the process was making a hip hop compilation out of it. 

The project... "All you Friend's Friends" and here's a taste of it featuring a who's who including Xperience, Zikki, Candidt, Swamptiger, Jesus Chris, Hashtronaut, Miz, Nicatine, Ang P, Shellz Sck, the homie Heretic The Heathen and my man from Vintage DOPE, Luvva J.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Real Life Click - Blood of Kings & Been Too Long (Video)

Real Life Click JUST released their "SANGVIS REGVM: Blood of Kings" EP and it's honestly one of the best projects I've heard this year.  On Friday they held a release party for the project and debuted the video for "Been Too Long" with champagne, class and a performance that mirrored the title of the group's EP. 

Before they went into their set, Miz stated, "We wanted to make they type of project that we'd want to be worthy enough to hand off to Jay." And that's exactly what it is, 7 joints that are a nod to classic golden age boom bap yet relevant to today's ears. 

Blood of Kings indeed.  

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ace-One - Rapmonster Redux: A Titian's Revenge... Release The Krakken!!!

Ace is on a roll. The Rapmonster, The Krakken, hip hop's Kaiju has been walking, stomping, crushing, killing and destroying everything in it's path. 

As the Rapmonster saga continues we've been presented with "Rap Monster Redux: A Titan's Revenge... Release The Krakken!!!"  For this installment we've been given a re-imaging of tracks from the LP along with a few new joints. The majority of the production is handled by IRIS and she paints a backdrop that is befitting of a rap titan.  (additional production by Stakzilla, Joe Harvey and myself)

Usually pseudo remix projects can't capture the energy of the source material, but I have to say some of these joints are just as dope as the originals.  The result is a nonstop LP that is equal parts headphone nodder and trunk rattling rap music.  (which is VERY hard to do)  I can easily say this will be one of my favorite LPs of the year.

Big beats... big rhymes... it simply is a record that will not be ignored.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

dl.orion - 13 Tracks

dl.orion (pronounced delorean) is a producer from BNC Switzerland that I've had the pleasure of working with on a few cuts.  (One Two Yo!, Highlights, Back to the Essence)  We met on the Stones Throw board and over the last few years and have developed and friendship/working relationship. 

A few months ago when I was putting together "The Dig Up" he mentioned he was working on a project that was part beat tape, part remix album and part original tracks.  I was sold when he just said he was working on a project, but when he told me the concept I was even more interested.  Time progressed and as he would get closer and closer to finishing the project, he would give me an update on the project. 

Finally after a few months of anticipation he hit me up with a preview of the album and it's exactly what I was wanting and expecting. dl. orion, armed with an MPC2500, drops cold hard beats reminiscent of Havoc,  Alchemist and DJ Premier's production.  Brooding beat downs over some familiar vocals and original tracks, "13 Tracks" is crafted like a portfolio highlighting dl.orion's production skills promise as a producer/beatmaker.  This is a sure shot head nodder.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ace One feat. Stakzilla - Manile

Man... the homie Ace-One stays killin it!  As he's getting ready to release "Rap Monster Redux: A Titans Revenge... RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!" we've been blessed with the 1st single, "Manile (Rue de Moi) feat Stakzilla.  I origianlly heard this track when I was back in Indy and met up with him to finally perform "Battle Anybody" live and it... blew... my... mind.  "Manile" is strictly 70s Cadillac riding music. (so fresh)

And on the real... I have to give a HUGE shout to Iris on the beats.  This woman is making some ill sh!t.

The beast is stirring...

The Rap Monster has returned to destroy & rebuild with, "Manile" (Rue de Moi) prod. by IRIS, the 1st single from ACE ONE's Strong Roots Records debut release & final Rap Monster installment, Rap Monster Redux "A Titan's Revenge...RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!" w/DJ Spoolz & IRIS, and mixed/mastered by Blooded The Brave.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Real Life Click - Been Too Long feat. Lega'c Jones

Real Life Click is gearing up for the release of their "Blood of Kings" project and this week we've been blessed with their latest single, "Been Too Long" featuring Lega'c Jones.  The group consists mainly of Ang P, MIZ, Know Life and Page Turner.

The 1st time I heard Ang P was when he dropped the "Chronic and Patron" video. It was a dope single, but with that track as my baseline, I honestly did a double take when I heard more material from Ang P and Real Life Click. 

"Chronic and Patron" was a track designed for club and party rockin... and for a joint like that... it was pretty dope and better than 90% of the garbage that GETS radio/club rotation.  It was an example of how a talented emcee could make a song like that and actually make it pop.  Anybody can drop 808 drums, two synth notes and chant a garbage hook. THAT'S why it was refreshing to hear an emcee like Ang P flex on a song to compete with that market.

Talking with Ang P, he mentioned that it was a double edged sword dropping a song like that. It opened a lot of doors, but like the response I had when hearing additional material, people aren't expecting the updated Boom Bap sound Real Life Click has. But, if it opens ears to quality music, it's all for the better, right? 

Here on "Been Too Long" we're given a bonified jump off for their project.  As the song hits after Ang P delivers the intro, it's established very quickly that it's equally a headphone nodder AND a radio playable joint without sounding like your average over glossy Clear Channel rotation.  MIZ and Ang P trade bars as Lega'c Jones fills in on the hook which proves that this is a shureshot 1st single.

Real Life Click are going to be celebrating the release of their "Blood of Kings" album on October 24th.  This album will easily be one the most anticipated projects I want to hear this year. 

Get familiar.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Vdope #murderdout tape is HERE!

Just received the red and black limited edition copies of the Vintage Dope album. You can order a copy at & each order comes with a DL of the album.

Steady #cratebangin

Sunday, August 17, 2014

DJ Premier drops "The Dig Up" Live From HeadQCourterz (6/6/14)

To quote Ice Cube, "Once again it's on!"  On the real, this is humbling.  Check the show and DL "The Dig Up" or cop one of the few copies of the cassette that are left.

Check the 52:01 mark.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fresh Fest Compilation (Corn Fed Mix Vol 1)

Justdue Records recently put out a comp of the artists it features at it's monthly showcase in Bloomington, IN.  The selection of tracks features artists like ACE One, R-Juna, Stakzilla, Son of Thought, Black Eddie and other upcoming artists from the Hoosier state. Sonically the collection of tracks runs the gamut from boom bap to trunk rattling mobbin' music.  There's seriously something for everyone on this mix and even as the styles vary, it's easily an end to end burner regardless of your taste in hip hop. 

DL the Fresh Fest (Corn Fed Mix Vol 1) and if you're in Bloomington, check the method!

As Ace-One would say, "ZOOM!"

What is Fresh Fest?  It is a showcase of Hip Hop in Bloomington, IN that aims to bring diversity and unity back to our cultural landscape.  It is named Fresh Fest to honor the original tour that took place in the mid 80′s.  Many say it was a large factor in taking Hip Hop culture beyond the streets of New York City.  At that time, many talented acts were festering under the radar of dying disco and bubble pop.  Today, with the over saturation of plastic trends and fabricated characters, many say it is hard to see or hear good music anymore.

Well, Indiana has been overlooked.  For too long a place where people left to “make it,” today’s talent is deeply rooted.  Fresh Fest wants to take Hip Hop into the ears of everyone who needs it right here.  Most acts are from all over Indiana, and we are proud, but we’ve hosted artists from Boston to Chicago, to Oakland.
An intimate basement show provides a uniquely raw experience that elevates the level of energy given to and reciprocated by the crowd.  We get people hype.  We also smash stereotypes held by some less aware people that we cannot work together as competitors, black men and women, white men and women, gangsta rappers, backpack rappers, party animals, animal lovers, political activists, singers, promoters and anyone else we are supposed to fight with.  Hip Hop was founded on Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun!!  Remember that!!
We have had the pleasure of hearing the music of classically trained singers over the sounds of self-taught hip hop producers.  We have seen spoken word, sets with loop machines, live afro-beat bands that shine light on one of the true roots of hip hop and emcees who’s styles range dramatically.  We are proud to have a female presence in our scene, both on stage and in the crowds.  PSA:  SUPPORT DIVERSITY!
In an effort to bring people together on one project we have a compilation featuring many of our past performers.  This project is a reflection of all the effort put forth by artists and their respective groups, labels, etc…  It is only the first of many volumes to come.
You can catch Fresh Fest every first Tuesday of the month at The Root Cellar Lounge in Bloomington, IN starting at 9:30pm.
This event could not take place without the help of many people.  I would like to give a special thanks to the Root Cellar Lounge, DJ Spikes, Josh Johnson, Strongroots Records, Bet the Bank ENT, Cut Camp, Ghost Town Collective, Sonrah Musiq Group, and FundRazor Records for your continued involvement.  There are too many performers to thank individually.  You are all appreciated with deepest sincerity.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

DJ Premier drops The Dig Up on Live from HeadQCourterz (5/16/14)

Once again, I'm honored to have the LEGENDARY DJ Premier drop another track of mine.  This time Primer dropped the intro to "The Dig Up" featuring DJ Evil Dee doing his thing.

The track drops at the 1:38 mark and DJ Premier GOES IN on the joint!!!

Oddly enough, it's the episode when Masta Ace and eMC were on the show.  Then fast forward to July and I'm opening and vibing with Masta Ace and eMC.  Crazy!

DL "The Dig Up" and grab a copy of the limited cassette while there are still a few copies left.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Azariel Levvi - Madison Ave

I was introduced to Azariel Levvi through Heretic.  We were chopping it up and he was telling me that I should link up with this cat he knew because he had that "Golden Era" vibe that would compliment the stuff I was working on.  I watched the video he had for "It's Like That" and heard some of his tracks and was feeling what he was doing.  I was honestly impressed.  This cat is doing what I was trying to do at his age and in my opinion... better.

Emails back and forth, projects stacked, life... it just kind of stayed there.  It honestly wasn't until my hand was kind of forced to make me make time.  (and it was a good thing)  Az, hit me up and was like, "you wanna work on a song?"  "Yeah, sure, " I said and I was honestly down, but it was kind of that "I'll get to it when I get to it" things.  And then as I was busy putting out the fires in front of me, he emailed Heretic and me, "yo... I booked studio time on Monday."  So... it was on and in many ways working with a date instead of a loose deadline gave me more focus.  (but that song is another story)

Not too long ago, Azariel dropped this joint on his soundcloud page and when I pressed play, all I could do was say, "damn..."  "Madison Ave" starts off as a reminiscing track about his younger days, but as it progresses, it turns into an amazingly personal song.  Vulnerable... deep... and simply dope.

Check this cat.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Vdope dropping "No Change" on Razor Tongue Radio

Listen HERE
Week 119 Set List

[00:00] Sadistik – Nowhere
[2:59]  Life is stupid sometimes.  Hello new world cup fans.
[5:32] Jon Belz – I Breathe Music
[7:57]  Thaddeus David Feat. Stewart Villain & T-Spoon – Everything
[11:35] Second Family Feat. Phinisey –TNT
[15:48] Weed entrepreneurs seem to be behaving in stereotypical fashion.
[18:35] Jae Rhyme – High School
[21:25] Vintage Dope – No Change
[24:16] Yung Devi – Aaron Rodgers
[27:10] B-Dub doesn’t do the discount double check.
[30:00] Leezy Soprano – 4 the Heads
[32:39] Raz Simone – Bow Down Outstanding new vid HERE!
[36:20] The popos want pics of your POPO.  Shao seen lots of dicks.
[38:49] Whurlwind Ent. Feat. Chad West – Adrenaline
[41:38] Epp – Diamond Back
[44:12] Spindle – Name Kill
[47:27] Charlie Ray Feat. Twisted Insane – Much Love

Friday, July 18, 2014

PHD - Unexpected

The title says it all.  The dude JO, The Klinik & DJ Spoolz dropped this LP out of nowhere.  Total left field ish and so worth it.  Cop this and get down!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vintage DOPE

Masta Ace rockin' the Vdope joint with EMC and Luvva-J
It... is... here.  "Yo... we bad meaning BAD!"

What started off as a fun side project turned into a movement.  Vintage DOPE's self titled debut is an ode to DJs, DJ culture and classic west coast production that is summer time theme music with the windows rolled down. Simply put... "Cratebangin".  No guests, no gimmicks, just crates and lyrics.  Tuck your chains, they're coming for your records!

You can purchase t-shirts, the digi LP and preorder the special cassette pressing of the project on the bandcamp page. #cratebangin' indeed.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

PHD - Pimp Hard Daily feat Ace-One & DJ Spoolz

I need more of this in my life.  (period)  The project I was just hipped to PHD features one of my favorite new cats, JO. Just last week I heard their track "Really Make you Feel Better" and then the hit me saying they were about to drop a video.  BOOM!!! It's on!

The title says it all... PHD... PIMP... HARD... DAILY.  DAYUM!  AND the joint's featuring the homie Ace-One and DJ Spoolz.  This came out of left field and I'm so happy to be hearing this ish.

7/15 their LP, "Unexpected" will be dropping on Strong Roots Records.

Till then...

Vintage Dope - "Bounce, Rock, Skate"

As we get closer and closer to the release of the Vintage Dope album, we finally get to see a new track from the project.  "Bounce, Rock, Skate" is sure to be a party anthem for the summer with classic west coast flavor and party rocking rhymes that are reminiscent of the roller skating jams from back in the day.

Roll down the windows and press the volume to 10. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

PHD - Really Make You Feel Better (feat. R-Juna)

A couple months back I was working on remixing "Knuckle Scraper" for the homie Ace-One when I was introduced to J.O.  I txt'd Ace and was like, "YO... WHO... IS... THIS... BEAST?"  When I heard his voice and flow I pictured something like a mix of Above the Law and Bumpy Knuckles.  A month or two later when I was in Indy and at Ace's release for the release of his "Redux" LP I was able to meet J.O. and he looked exactly as I pictured him in my head. 

To my surprise this morning I was going through my feed on FB and found this project he part of called PHD. (J.O. x Klinik x DJ Spoolz)  Straight dope ISH!!! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Vdope Biz (merch)

We will have a VERY limited amount of Vintage Dope tees available at the Masta Ace show on 7/10 at The Croc in Seattle.

Don't sleep.

7/8, 7/10 & 7/11 Vdope Biz

Next week is going to be some big things for Vintage Dope. 

7/8 We'll be dropping a new single. 

7/10 Opening for Masta Ace & eMC at The Croc in Seattle.

7/11 Opening for Masta Ace & eMC at Jezebels in Olympia.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vintage Dope... COMING SOON

"Naw... they don't know"

"Vdope on the set, let the system BANG!"

The Vintage Dope project is mastered and ready to go. More details on the release coming soon.

We will be debuting the project at The Croc in Seattle on 7/10 & at Jezebels in Olympia on 7/11 with the LEGENDARY Masta Ace & eMC.
@vintagedope (twitter)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Vintage Dope Debuting/Opening for Masta Ace 7/10 & 7/11

The Vintage Dope LP is finished, the masters are in and the art is being finished.  We're really excited to release this project shortly and to announce that we will be debuting our project while opening for Masta Ace at The Croc in Seattle and Jezebels in Oly.  (7/10 and 7/11)

This is going to be an amazing show. (period) You will not want to miss this.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Interview with Thurston Talks

This is an interview I did with Katie Doolittle from 'Thurston Talks' about how I started rhyming, making beats and DJ Premier putting "Battle Anybody" on his top 2013 list.

By Katie Doolittle

Mild-mannered IT guy by day, hip-hop recording artist by night. For musician Dawhud, having an alter-ego is just a natural part of life.

dawhud hip hopEvery day he puts on his khakis and loafers, commuting to his tech support job. Little do his coworkers know that Dawhud spends his evenings mixing beats and writing lyrics. Little do they know that, under his sensible button-down work shirts, he sports multiple tattoos. Dawhud’s most noticeable ink pays homage to his wife, Kathleen, a classically trained jazz singer. It’s a tangible testimony to the two major loves of Dawhud’s life.

Of course, Dawhud’s passion for music runs more than skin-deep. He’s been hooked since the age of five and can still remember his first exposure to hip-hop. “My dad was changing the channels [on our TV] and we came across the beginning of Run DMC’s ‘It’s Tricky’ video. The beginning of it is Penn and Teller. It’s a skit; they’re doing Three Card Monte.” Though Dawhud’s father changed the channel just moments after the actual rapping started, Dawhud’s interest was piqued.

dawhud hip hop
Nickhole Arcade at Spider Monkey Tattoos
did Dawhud’s sleeve tattoo.
It depicts Dawhud’s wife, a classically trained jazz singer.
“When a lot of kids were still playing with their G.I. Joes I was spending my allowance on tapes,” Dawhud says. He further explains, “It wasn’t just the music; it was the culture of it–DJing, making beats, rapping, graffiti.” Chuckling, Dawhud recalls his childhood penchant for Hammer pants as well as his thwarted efforts to get a flat-top haircut. He speaks with fond humor of rapping over the South Bay Elementary PA system about topics like good sportsmanship.
Fast forward to middle school, when Dawhud realized that having a diverse group of friends meant having access to diverse music. “Where my parents’ collection was a lot of Credence and the Doors and Three Dog Night, my friends had all these Gladys Knight type records.” Using this wider range of music, Dawhud began pause mix beat-making, which involves hours of fiddling with a double cassette deck to create a short beat.

He kept making music throughout high school and college. As he grew older, he was able to afford more equipment and expand his production. But it wasn’t until his mid-20s that Dawhud got serious about recording an album. “A friend of mine, Tommy, passed away and that was really what made me realize that I can’t just think, ‘Well, I’ll get around to it… someday.’”
dawhud hip hop
Dawhud’s dog Max often keeps him
company in the recording studio.

Dawhud began revisiting his earlier work, reshaping it into the critically acclaimed Basement Sessions. It’s a concept album examining the relationship between an artist and his larger-than-life on-stage persona. Dawhud describes it as a reimagining of Fight Club set in his own adolescence. It’s about a kid going to high school and then, outside of school hours, meeting up with people to free-style.
The album—indeed, most of Dawhud’s work—celebrates golden-era hip-hop. “The way I tackled it was not to just put something out. I was thinking about all the music I grew up with and liked, and I thought if this is my only shot I want to make something that, one, I would want to listen to and two, if this is it, I want it to be it.”

But as it turned out, Basement Sessions wasn’t it. Dawhud kept getting ideas, kept composing, and kept growing his contacts within the hip-hop community.
Last year, Dawhud sent a song to DJ Premier, who is widely considered one of the greatest hip-hop producers of all time. DJ Premier has his own record company and has worked with such big-name artists as Common, Mos Def, and Snoop Dogg. Currently, DJ Premier also hosts a weekly radio show. Dawhud sent in a copy of his song “Battle Anybody” (featuring A.C.E. One) after hearing that DJ Premier was willing to listen to demos.

“I honestly was like, ‘Whatever. He’s never gonna hear this. But why not?’ And then I completely forgot about it.” It took a friend’s text message to clue Dawhud in that DJ Premier was actually playing his song on air.

“I totally screamed like a little girl,” Dawhud confesses. It got even better. DJ Premier published his list of the top 20 hip-hop songs from 2013… and “Battle Anybody” appeared as number nineteen. Dawhud recaps: “There’s my song. Nobody’s heard of it. Nobody knows who I am. And then it’s right there in between Busta Rhymes and Jay-Z.”

Needless to say, making DJ Premier’s list is a big deal. The initial effects have been positive, but it’s still too early to predict the long-term impact on Dawhud’s music career. He’s actually not investing much effort in trying to forecast the future. “Just putting out the first album was all the success I needed. Everything else has been a blessing and well beyond what I imagined.”

Equipped with such a positive attitude, it’s no wonder that Dawhud enjoys all aspects of his life… both as a mild-mannered IT guy and as a hip-hop recording artist.

Want to hear Dawhud’s music for yourself? Check out the links on his website or look him up on iTunes.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Battle Anybody (live)

The other day I was in Indy visiting family and it just so happened to be when the homie Ace-One was having a release party.  I was able to drop in and we were able to finally perform "Battle Anybody" live for the 1st time. 

Ish... was... EPIC!!!

Check the audience at the end of the joint!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"The Dig Up" - Hosted by DJ Evil Dee

I have to be completely honest, I hate the neo concept of what a "mixtape" is.  It's evolved into fully formed albums with concepts, art and high profile artists. Now they're used as albums to promote albums and blah, blah, blah.  (old man rant... get off my lawn... it's my football now!) 

That being said, I realized I was at point where I needed to either adapt to the current biz model or just get left behind.  (like the major labels not understanding the digital age and treating their consumer base as an enemy)  So, here I am at a point realizing I had a collection of work, but none of my current projects were close to being finished.  I had tracks that I did with other artists and joints that didn't necessarily fit on any of my current projects and instead of letting these them collect digital dust, I decided to put them together.  Oddly, I discovered that when putting these tracks together, they may not have fit into what I was current working on, but together they all worked as a nice comp/mixtape.  And being that I'm from a different era of "mixtape," I decided to take it to the decks.

If I was going to make a mixtape, I wanted it to be a mixtape that I would want to hear and be a nod to the era I came up from.  As I was in the early stages of compiling this I was listening to "Soundbombing," my old B-Mello and Beatjunkie tapes and studying the vibe/tone to wrap my head around the whole concept.  What made Soundbombing so dope?  Well... you had a DJ like Evil Dee on the decks and hosting the mixtape laying in the cuts building the mix like a how a DJ would kill a live set. (C'mon KICK IT!)  I then decided, why not shoot for the stars and see if I could get someone I've looked up to for SO long on the project. I contacted his manager and...

(see iphone convo) 
The moment my jaw dropped.

This was a moment where I honestly tried to be as cool as possible, but found myself on the verge of screaming like a little girl watching a "One Direction" music video.  I was sitting at my desk at work with my boss behind me trying to keep composure as my 13 year old Bootcamp fanboy was bubbling up. 

Once that was locked... it was on.  So, I started digging into old session files, demos and completed tracks to start compiling the mix and connect all of the dots.  What came together was not only a collection of b-sides and collab tracks, but some new music made just for this and previews of upcoming releases.  In many ways "The Dig Up" is like a audio resume highlighting my emceeing, DJing and production.  I hope you dig it, no pun.

Thanks to: Ryan Fresh, Corey Ball, Evil Dee, Luvva-J, Smoke, Dee Supreme, DL Orion, Josh G, Domingo, Wizdom, Ace-One, Just Another DJ, RA Scion, Heretic & SOS, Big Fletch, Po'Safe and everyone that helped compile this. 

There will be a limited edition release of this on cassette that will be following shortly.  (preorders available on the bandcamp site)  Till then...


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Proforms - Elroy Preston (EP)

A couple years ago The Proforms released their impressive debut "Atavism" that, when released, was easily one of the best LPs to come out that year.  In the short time after its release, we were greeted by releases from the group's members in the form of solo and group projects. Helping extend their branches like the blueprint Wu-Tang made in the 90s, The Proforms extended their brand with Cutcamp, BDK etc. 

As we were blessed with all of these additional projects, the ultimate question continued to be raised if they would ever follow up their debut. A year ago, it seemed like the answer would be "no" when Joe Harvey decided to move with his family to Korea.  It would appear that the nail was in the coffin for any future Proforms releases... but, it wasn't.  Before I knew it, Joe Harvey hit me up and said he was excited that they already had an EP finished. 

Say word? 

A short period of time passed and Joe let me hear the rough version of the project and it was EXACTLY the follow up that compliments "Atavism."  Seven cuts deep Joe, Skittz, Ace and Spoolz drop a better EP than most artists do in an ENTIRE album. 

The EP starts off with what was also their 1st single, "Here Come the...", which is like a war chant declaring they are BACK on the scene.  In it's short track listing, every track leads to the next one and compliments the one that plays before and after it. And before you know it, the exit interlude is playing and you're left exactly where you were after "Atavism" finished playing for the 1st time.  (wanting more) 

The Proforms easily have done it again. "The Elroy Preston EP" is here.

The Proforms (@theproforms)

Ace One (@ace_one_)
Joe Harvey (@proformjoe)
Skittz (@skittzformpro)
DJ Spoolz (@djspoolz)

Mastered By:  John W. Ripley for Ripley Recording

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dig These Records Ep. 3 (interview with Dawhud)

DJ Ian Head from DollaBin started up a podcast titled "Dig These Records" where he interviews DJs/beat-heads & music aficionados.  Recently he interviewed me and we talked about how I got into digging, the story behind "Battle Anybody" and how I discovered Bob James.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Early Excavation (pre Dig Up Mix)

Before "The Dig Up" drops on 4/22, check a mix of additional remixes, b-sides and collab cuts.  I realized while putting "The Dirty Tape" together I had more material than I thought and instead of leaving it out I decided to do a quick mixtape to wet your appetite. 

The "Early Excavation" features remixes I did of Black Moon, Nas, Method Man, Mobb Deep along with tracks I did with Mergence/Rhyme Commission, Dl Orion, Josh G and an unreleased track from the shelved Trans Atlantic project.

Shout out to Po Safe, Dee Supreme, Josh G, Corey Ball aka Just Be, Big Fletch and Dl. Orion.

Black Moon - How Many Emcees (Dawhud Remix)
Mergence feat. Dawhud - Foundation
Nas - Ain't Hard To Tell (Dawhud Remix)
Method Man - PLO Style (Dawhud Remix)
Josh G. feat. Dawhud - Fell The Vibe (original version)
Dl. Orion feat. Dawhd - Back to the Essence
Trans Atlantic - Say Yes
Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt 2 (Dawhud Remix)


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Dig Up aka The Dirty Tape (Hosted by DJ Evil D) Official Anouncement

The Dirty Tape cassette art
"The Dig Up"...  I've been dropping subtle hints here and there, but was keeping it on the low as I was putting it together.  (along with other projects) 

To put it simple... "The Dig Up" is going to be a collection of unreleased tracks, collabs, remixes and tracks I've produced for other artists.  The legendary DJ Evil Dee from Black Moon will be hosting and I'll be on the mix. 

C'mon KICK IT!!!

I honestly haven't been a fan of the "mixtape" game and concept, but I figured that this would be a dope compromise to wet people's appetite as I finish up what I have on deck.  This project consists of tracks recorded from when I just finished "Basement Sessions" to what I'm currently working on.  (some released, some shelved, some originally for other projects and some are the original versions of tracks released on other releases.) 

Hence the title...

"The Dig Up" aka "The Dirty Tape" will be available on 4/22 and there will be a limited edition cassette pressing to follow. 


DJ Evil Dee (hosting)
Jonwayne (Spacebound)
Josh G (production)
Domingo (production)
Dl.Orion (production)
RA Scion
Dee Supreme (production)
Big Fletch
Po Safe (production)
Just Be
Heretic & S.O.S.
Vintage Dope (Luvva-J & Ryan Fresh)
Prince Po
Moka Only

Till then...

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Falling Down & DJ Spoolz - The R.I.P. EP

Today I was greeted with an email from DJ Spoolz about a project he dropped that I had no idea about.  Falling Down, producer for Killarmy and other Wu-Tang related projects, and DJ Spoolz, The Proforms, Ace-One etc., teamed up on a tribute instrumental EP titled "The R.I.P. EP".  This is not your average instrumental project, Falling Down lays down the instrumentals and DJ Spoolz layers in cuts from fallen artists like ODB, Biggie, Big L and Big Pun. 

The result... 10 joints of some seriously soulful Wu tinged beats with sharp cuts from Spoolz. Spoolz said they're currently debating re-releasing the project with emcees doing tributes over the instrumentals.  If that happens, I will be copping the joint, no doubt.  Regardless, this is a dope project worthy of a spin. 

Do the math...



Tuesday, March 11, 2014

RA Scion & Vox Mod - Sharper Tool; Bigger Weapon

Last summer I randomly hit up RA with a batch of beats to see if he was interested in anything.  He had just released one of 2013's heavy rotation classics, "Adding to the Extra" with Todd Sykes, and wrote back saying he was currently working on a project that was going to be out in the fall that was blowing his mind.  I honestly was shocked that he was not only already working on another LP, but going to be releasing it shortly while I was still pumping "Adding to the Extra" in my car. 

November came and RA released "The Sickle & The Sword" with Rodney Hazard.  I wanted to go to the release party, but was unable and before I knew it... RA posted on Facebook that the two had parted ways due to what Q-tip coined as "Rule 4080".  Contracts, lawyers and all the bullshit in the middle made what RA referred to as the best project he worked on since "Tobacco Road", shelved, buried and pulled from all major online retailers.  In a last moment act of defiance, RA offered the entire project up for free from his website and honestly that's the only reason I was able to get my digital hands on it. 

It was rather bittersweet.  On one side, RA was getting more publicity and pulling a larger audience from the drama that unfolded, but on the other side his work was left in a pseudo limbo.  Should he abandon the project or move on?

RA decided to take the lemons life gave him and "paint that shit gold."  He took to social media and allowed people to remix the tracks to the album.  Quickly, he received submissions from numerous beatmakers, but  would he be able to construct a cohesive album that would rival "Sword"?  In the past, remix albums have had a tendency to fall flat compared to their source material as they fail to capture the true feeling and vibe of the original song or album.

The true art of a remix is to capture what was in the original song, make it your own and make it something new, refreshing or better.  When Pete Rock remixed "Shut 'Em Down", he was able to take an already dope Public Enemy song and turn it into a platform/statement that HE had arrived on the scene.

This obviously was something that was at the heart of RA's thinking when deciding what his next move was.  Traditionally working with one producer on each project, he needed to find an artist that was able to share his vision and rework "Sword" into a "Sharper Tool; Bigger Weapon."  Enter Vox Mod. 

Now... although you could technically call this album a remix, it's more a reworking.  This is something different... re-imagined, redeveloped and reshaped. 

Before I was going to sit down and write out my review on this album, I wanted to give it a proper listen.  So, for my morning commute I decided that I wanted to listen to "Sword" & "Weapon" side by side.  I left for work in the early morning as the original album painted the dark sound scape while I drove into the darkness.  It was a dope album... I'm not going to lie.  RA had a GOOD reason to think he made a great album because IT WAS and IS a great album.  But as it finished and "Weapon" started, dawn broke.  As the remaining miles of my daily journey were finally greeted with light, so was RA's album.  Vox Mod's production built a lighter, fuller sound that seemed to give it the soul it needed to carry RA's message.

As I sat there, in my last few minutes of my commute, pulling up to work, I thought of how that observation was the perfect metaphor for RA's experience with this album. Through the darkness of this experience, he was able to come out on the other side and greet the light with a re-imagined work.  It truly is a "Sharper Weapon; Bigger Tool."


"Sharper Weapon; Bigger Tool" will be available March 18th.

The Proforms - Look Out

The Proforms and Ace-One have really been clocking cats with the one two punches.  Ace on one week and The Proforms following the combo.  As Joe Harvey, Big Skitts, Ace & Spoolz prep for the release of their "Elroy Preston" EP on April 15th, they bring us their 2nd single, "Look Out". 

And we should do just that...

The horns blast the warning shots at the beginning of the track as the sirens chant, "look out".  The drums hit and Joe sets off the session as the crew joins in to trade bars.  Before we know it, we're ridding through the track as the 7"/45 doo wop vibe pumps nonstop. 

Classic groove... ill rhymes..."Get it IN... NO DOUBT."

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Revisionst History is now Available

The limited edition cassette pressing of "Revisionist History Vol. 1" is here.  Only 50 were pressed up.  Get the "book on tape" before they are gone!!!

Order here


Prince Po (Organized Konfusion)
Wildchild (Loot Pack)
Pacewon (Outsidaz)
Rusty Redenbacher (Mudkids)
Moka Only
Ryan Fresh
Verb Math

Monday, March 3, 2014

Pete Marriott -100 Proof (video)

To follow the release of Pete Marriott's - "#REALHIPHOP" LP, we've been blessed with a video for the single "100 Proof" (featuring Killah Trakz).

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pete Marriott #REALHIPHOP is now Streaming

Pete Marriott's magnum opus "#REALHIPHOP" is streaming before it's release date on March 3rd.  On 1st listen I can easily say that the build up has been MORE than worth it.

Dark... brooding... beautiful... like the cover art.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Revisionist History Vol. 1 Ltd. Ed cassette Preorder NOW

Preorder the limited edition cassette version of "Revisionist History Vol. 1" now.  (50 total)  The shipment should arrive within the week and all orders will be shipped out accordingly.  Get your hands on the red/gold book on tape while you can. $7.00 including shipping

Or click here.

You can also preorder through the bandcamp site.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Heretic & S.O.S. - Renters & Owners

One of the many projects I'm working on at the moment is producing and DJing for Heretic and S.O.S.'s LP.  It started off with a beat here and a beat there and ended up snowballing into a full project.  I'm a big fan of artists using one producer to keep their project within the same sonic range, so I was down as it began to develop into an album.

The foundation for this beat was just chillin' on one of my SP1200 disks for years.  It sat, undeveloped till they mentioned wanting a beat to "smoke" to.  I quickly thought of the bass line/loop that I had just waiting for a long minute. So, after long last I finally developed and finished this beat.  Although I was thinking they wanted a beat to "smoke" to make a track about "smoking herb," Heretic & S.O.S. took the beat and turned it into joint about being involved in a scene as a "renter" or an "owner". 


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ace-One - Rapmonster (Remixed & Remastered)

Ace is on a roll.  (period)  From his collab work, the press and the new Proforms EP, steam is BUILDING. What better way to introduce the "Rap Monster" to those that are just getting acquainted with him than by remixing and remastering the LP? And for those of us that already knew, this is a chance to hear the LP again in a BIGGER & BADDER way. (with an improved mix and remastered be Ripley Recording)

Rap Monster (Remixed & Remastered)
Ace is a beast on the mic and with a title like "Rap Monster," you know that it's going to get "Super Ugly" on the LP.  The joints are jam packed with straight "wonka bars" from Ace and the guest emcees.  Hard beats, hard rhymes... the LP is a monster in itself and with the new mix, the monster has room to breathe fire. Unlike George Lucas, when Ace retouches his project, he actually fine tunes it and makes it better

The beast has awakened... now dig that.

DL Ace-One's - "Rap Monster" HERE.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Revisionist History Limited Edition tape pressing

I'm here to announce that "Revisionist History Vol. 1" is going to have a VERY limited run on cassette. There will be a total of 50 red cassettes pressed. For the moment, this will be the only physical pressing of the project. If the demand is large enough, there may be another pressing, but in a different capacity.

So... how do you get in on this. Well, to show thanks for the support I've received, I will be doing preorders to the people on my mailing list 1st. If you'd like to be on my mailing list, simply go to the Bandcamp page and DL one of the releases. (heck... get the digi version of "Revisionist History Vol. 1")

On 2/21, I will be sending out the email with information regarding preorders. After the people on the mailing list have been given 1st dibs, I will open up preorders to everyone.

This project was the 1st in a series of releases where I take the same records used on classic hip hop tracks and flip them in a new way. (hence the title "Revisionist History") This project had a LONG history in itself before it finally materialized in the form of a monthly release on my site. ( Despite the ups and downs I experienced while putting this project together, it was a labor of love and I was able to work with some incredibly dope emcees that I look up to.

Prince Po (Organized Konfusion)
Moka Only
Wildchild (Lootpack)
Verbal Math (Dolla Bin)
Rusty Redenbacher (Mudkids)
and my homies from Vintage Dope, Ryan Fresh and Luvva-J.

Vol. 2 will start up in the fall of 2014 and I've already got some dope ish lined up for it.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Proforms - "Here Come The..." Single

The Proforms (Ace One, Joe Harvey, Big Skittz & DJ Spoolz) are at it again with a new single from their upcoming EP.  "Here Come The..." is simply an appropriate title as we've been awaiting the follow up from their solid "Atavism" LP. 

"And it goes and little something like this..."

Joe Harvey's production hits with purpose and energy as it commands your neck to nod.  Once the war drums hit, Ace, Skittz & Joe Harvey trade verses while DJ Spoolz layers in the cuts. Within the 1st few seconds, you already knew, but The Proforms let loose, letting those who have been waiting know, "The Proforms Are HERE."

On April 15th, The Proforms will be releasing their "Elroy Preston" EP.

Keep... It... Locked... "Here Come The..."


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ace One - Super Ugly (He Ain't Lyin') Video

A beast has been awakened...

Ace is on a roll as he's prepping for the redux of his "Rap Monster" LP.  Two weeks ago we were given the Joe Harvey laced "Stutter Step Bang" and without hesitation Ace is now dropping the video for "Super Ugly". (feat. Ma & DJ Spoolz) 

Cold gettin' dumb and steady knocking 'em out the box with a video that's simply gritty... filthy... nasty!  Ace is so gutter and droppin' straight butter. 

Don't get caught sleeping because the Rap Monster has been summond.

Keep it locked for Ace-One's "Rap Monster" (Remixed & Remastered) which will be released on February 18th. 


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pete Marriott - While You Were Asleep EP (free DL)

While we're waiting for#REALHIPHOP to be released, Pete Marriott dropped the "While You Were Asleep" EP.  Open your eyes and cop the joint!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Moka Only & Psy are The Nope - Sinus EP

Man... the homie Moka Only keeps busy and makes solid ish all the damn time. Just got hipped to The Nope - Sinus EP. (Moka Only and Psy from The Oddities) Cop it off the Urbnet bandcamp site and catch the vibe.

In an era where most hip-hop artists claim to 'break new ground' or 'challenge the boundaries', yet more often than not only deliver on diluted retreads of stale rap clich├ęs, Canadian/American duo The Nope (Psy of the Oddities and Moka Only) offer a different approach: they drop all pretence of treading new waters. As The Nope emcee Psy shares, "We're exactly the same as every other music group you've ever heard before. So, prepare for absolute boredom." For once, a rapper tells the truth.

The Nope is at best reactionary, their subversiveness a mere academic contrivance. Purported Dadaists, Psy and Moka Only claim to be "anti-everything," crafting songs about "whatever we feel at the time." And with tracks like "Mickey D's", an opus on eating at the imperialist Golden Arches chain three days in a row while recording, or another entitled "Chant'n'Sing", where Moka confides that, after airing woman troubles, "I can understand why some of yall want to pee on 'em man," the claim of speaking what is on their mind in unguarded fashion is not to be questioned.

Yet, I don't know if it is to be lauded either, even if it makes troubled RnB crooners sympathetic. Sometimes naked honesty can amount to a case ‘When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong’, rather than a nuanced artistic declaration. Though, in fairness, how a listener views the duo depends on whether he or she takes The Nope serious. The Nope creates feel-good nonsense, mood-music hearkening to a bygone era when acts like Ultra Mag and Y’all So Stupid had a rightful place. And Psy and Moka's talents shine, regardless of whether their gifts are realised on material of any depth or significance.

Instead, Moka's soulful off-kilter production and Psy and Moka's playful lyricism and nimble rhyme-schemes recall the creative lightheartedness of early-to-mid 90s hip hop, except without Jurassic 5 or Ugly Duckling-like anachronism.

Monday, January 20, 2014

"The Throwaway" produced by Domingo

Coming off the heels of DJ Premier placing "Battle Anybody" on his top 20 of 2013, Dawhud is dropping "The Throwaway" from his upcoming "The Dig Up" mixtape.  (aka "The Dirty Tape)  "The Throwaway" is produced by the legendary Domingo and according to Dawhud he received the beat from him a few years ago, but with multiple projects "it just got lost in the shuffle."  After hearing another legendary producer, Marley Marl, use the same sample in a MPC tutorial and Marco Polo use it for an undeniable dope cut with MOP, on his "Newport Authority", Dawhud was at a crossroads.  Should he scrap it?  Move on? ...or just rock it?  What we get is "The Throwaway" a quick joint as Dawhud rhymes about him dragging his feet, being uninspired, but ultimately becoming inspired to show that the joint is NOT A THROWAWAY.

Simply... "it's all how you rock it."  It's... all FRESH.

The "The Dig Up" aka "The Dirty Tape" should be out March of 2014 to promote the two EPs he is currently working on.

Pete Marriott x Killah Trakz - 100 Proof

Just a few days after the art for Pete Marriott's LP leaked, the "100 Proof" single featuring Killah Trakz surfaces.  The joint is a classic street biz record that shows a glimpse of that world, but instead of just glorifying the life, it also tackles the prison-industrial complex.  It used to be the norm hearing cautionary tales of the street that ultimately showed the downfall of that lifestyle, but in today's market, it's missing.  That's why it's so refreshing to hear artists tackling that concept instead of the stereotypical "hustler" image made popular in the last decade plus.

Listen, learn and keep it locked for Pete Marriott's #REALHIPHOP LP dropping soon.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pete Marriott #RealHipHop Cover Art

Pete Marriott has been working hard on his project "#REALHIPHOP" for a minute and as we're reaching the final sprint to it's release, the art has been leaked. The art follows the theme he's been setting with his last few single releases, "Rap Demon", "The Kidnapping" and "Plant the Flag".  (a mixture of delicate beauty with Grimm undertones)   

Despite the project being pushed back, it will only build on the anticipation for it's release.

A.C.E.- One - Stutter Step, BANG! (It's Not That Easy)

Art by Gray Granite
2013 was a good year for Ace-One and it's about to get better. Coming off the heels of not only having DJ Premier play a song he was featured on, but putting it in heavy rotation and then including it at #19 for best songs of 2013.

So... what does Ace do with that?

Well... homie is about to release the Kraken!!!

Ace is prepping for the February 18th release of "Rapmonster - (Remixed & Remastered.)"  As we get ready for him to release the Kraken, he heats things up with a joint produced by Joe Harvey, "Stutter Step, BANG!"  Two thirds of The Proforms link up and do exactly what they do best... simply drop ill sh!t.

"mmm...mmmm...mmmm, ain't that somethin'!"

Speaking of... the whole fold, that is The Proforms, are prepping to release an EP shortly. To quote themselves... "GET READY."

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Battle Anybody is #19 on DJ Premier's best of 2013


From the DJ Premier Blog

"This is something new… Instead of albums DJ Premier decided to give out his top 20 hip hop songs of 2013 first, via his radio show LiveFromHQ. But don’t worry, his list of albums are coming later on the blog! So here we go:
20. Busta Rhymes – Thank You (Feat. Q-Tip, Kanye West & Lil Wayne)
19. Dawhud – Battle Anybody (Feat. ACE one)
18. Jay-Z – Open Letter
17. Rapsody – Kingship
16. Statik Selektah – Bird’s Eye View (Feat. Raekwon, Joey Bada$$, & Black Thought)
15. Papoose – Faith
14. Drake – Pound Cake (Feat. Jay-Z)
13. Demigodz – Just Can’t Quit (Feat. Motive, Blacastan, Ryu & Scoop Deville)
12. K-Rino – Antagonistic Radio
11. Joell Ortiz – Roll Deep

10. P-Money – The Hardest (Feat. M.O.P.)
09. Rick Ross – Oil Money Gang (Feat. Jadakiss)
08. DITC Ent. – Come and Get Me
07. Bumpy Knuckles – Word (Feat. Sy Ari da Kid)
06. Durag Dynasty – 360 Waves
05. H. Stax – Field Nigga
04. Big Sean – Control (Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica)
03. De La Soul – Get Away 02. Pusha T – Nosetalgia (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) 01. Jakk Frost – Beard Gang Initiation (Feat. Malik B & Nima AB)"

Thursday, January 2, 2014

DJ Iron - Beneath Tha Surface (best of 2013 hip hop)

Blessed to have DJ Iron include "Battle Anybody" on his best of 2013 mixtape.
The Find Mag

"2013 was an amazing year for hip hop, and independent hip hop in particular. We at The Find think it’s truly inspiring to experience a new ‘golden age’ for hip hop. We don’t want to compare the last couple of years to the 90s, so let’s dub it ‘silver age’ for that matter. The quantity AND quality of independent releases, the DIY ethos of many artists, the discovery of many talented beatmakers and emcees, comebacks and reunions by hip hop heavyweights, indie labels popping up like daisies… Hip hop lives. This new guest mix by DJ Iron explores the best hip hop of 2013 “beneath the surface.” The Belgian DJ came up with over an hour worth of topnotch underground material, which is the tip of the iceberg of what 2013 had to offer. We highly recommend DJ Iron’s own 2013 release, Classic Recipes, a collection of killer reworks and remixes. We can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store. Happy new year to you and yours!"