Friday, April 9, 2010

Dub Styles snippet/Demo... soundcloud jammie

I put this up for a DL a little bit ago, BUT I put it up on soundcloud for everyone to peep. So, peep this little snippet/demo of the project. This is but a taste of what's to come.

Dub Styles snippet demo by Dawhud

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dub Styles (coming SOON!!!)

It's been too long for an update. A lot's been going on, BUT as spring and warmer weather is about to hit us all a soundtrack is in order. DUB STYLES. I know I've been upping this project for a while and as projects have changed or others have been started, this one was the priority to get out. The one thing I knew regarding this project is that the type of tracks on this project wouldn't work well with a leak during winter or fall. This is jammie for warm weather.

If you DON'T know "Dub Styles" is the mixtape that's mentioned on the LP, "Basement Sessions." It's kind of an album within an album. I HATE to use the term mixtape simply because that term is thrown around as an excuse for a sh!tty demo tape or a comp of tracks that didn't make any album. BUT it IS a mixtape. It's an ode to the mixtapes I grew up with. (DJ B-Mellow etc.) It's a play on the term "Dub" as in mixtape and "Dub" as in the records I used came mostly from reggae records. This project will also feature production from Dee Supreme and Josh G.

I'm VERY VERY close to having principal recording finished and will hopefully have a leak version of the project up on my newly created soundclound account.
As we get closer to a release of some sort I will be keeping you posted. I may have a VERY limited edition special version of the project up. (not going to release all the details, BUT if you would be interested in something like that... you may want to help support in the release of the project)

Stay Tuned!!