Friday, February 19, 2010

Back by popular demand (strictly for the DJs)

Basement Sessions Inst. & Clean Tracks!!!!

I've had some cats hit me up about these because the link had died. Here it is, back up. Just click on the link to DL the inst version of the LP with a few choice cuts cleaned up for radio play.

Dig it!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

It may be cold...

...but I'm working on some heat rocks. HAHA Just finished recording a track for my man DL Orion's project. (should be real dope) "Dub Styles" is getting close to move on to the next phase. I'm really hoping to have some sort of a rough version of the project out Spring/Summer. The untitled project that will end up being the follow up to "Basement Sessions" is coming along too, but not as developed as "Dub Styles." So, you may be asking, "What's up with 'Revisionist History' and 'Trans-Atlantic?" They have not been forgotten, these things all take time and the balance of these projects along with life are what's up. (and money too) Heck, I feel like trying to balance time to post up this blog is something that takes the back burner some times. HAHA

In other news...

Slanging records and some gear up on ebay to hustle some dough for these projects. (and paying off the current and last project)

Ebay ish

I'll be putting up stuff as much as I can. I've had a lot of cats overseas hit me up for some of the ish I've put up. Oh... and yeah, I'm drpoop2000... old school online alias, but I've kept it because I don't want to start over again with the feedback. HAHA

You can also donate by hitting the button on the blog and trust me it'll go to getting ish out.

As things progress, I'll try to keep this blog more up to date so it doesn't seem like things get left in the dust. HAHA

In the meantime...

Keep it locked!!!