Basement Sessions

Dawhud, pronounced Daaa-Wu'd, presents his debut LP, "Basement Sessions," a journey back in time to when golden age hip hop rocked the spot. In the current state of swagger heavy product placement corporate rap, "Basement Sessions" is a concept LP that takes the listener back to the high school days of mid 90s hip hop in a "Fight Club" package. Those who fiend for dusty grooves and SP1200 boom bap will not be disappointed with Dawhud's classic sound and B-boy laced tracks.

Jose Gutierrez Jr., M.Ed. - "Weekly Volcano Magazine"

"Sessions is a thematic composition that pays much overdue homage to the mid-\'90s, popularly recognized as the second golden era of hip-hop — the reigning days of Black Moon, The Nonce, Wu-Tang, Masta Ace, Big L, etc. Sessions is worthy of your time."

Dub Styles: Walkman Redemption (Chronic Tape version)

Dawhud present's: "Dub Styles: Walkman Redemption (Chronic Tape version)." "Dub Styles" is an ode to the legacy of what mixtapes were and cassette culture. As a follow up to “Basement Sessions,” Dawhud gives us the album/mixtape within his debut LP. As it begins with a variation of the skit from “Basement Sessions” we are taken down the rabbit hole as the hiss from the tape begins.

Simply put… dub as in mixtapes and dub as in reggae hinted boom bap. (A soundtrack for the spring/summer or when you're drinking some Red Stripe)

Revisionist History Vol. 1

Hip hop is a mix of postmodern art and revisionist history itself.  Artists take elements of music from our past and reinterpret them into new art.  In that spirit, Dawhud used the same pieces of "history" that were used on many classic hip hop songs and made them into something of his own.  Nodding to the classics and never trying to outshine them, Dawhud built a collection of tracks featuring artists like, Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Moka Only, Rusty Redenbacher, Pacewon, Ace-One, Verbal Math, Wildchild, Fash-1 and Luvva-J.

The Dig Up (Hosted by DJ Evil Dee)

Coming off the heels of having "Battle Anybody" selected by DJ Premier as one of his "Top 20 Songs of 2013, " Dawhud follows it up with "The Dig Up aka The Dirty Tape".

Hosted by the legendary DJ Evil Dee of Blackmoon, Dawhud "digs up" a collection of b-sides, guest shots, remixes and joints produced for other artists. Grab your shovels because this is the DIRTY TAPE.

Vintage DOPE

3 DJs... old school west coast flavor... simply put... "Cratebangin". No guests, no gimmicks, just crates and lyrics. Tuck your chains, they're coming for your records!
"...Vintage Dope live up to their name with “Bounce Rock Skate." - So Much Good Music