Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fleeta Partee - This Is Hip Hop (video) (Dawhud cameo)

This is the video for Fleeta Partee's track "This Is Hip Hop" featuring John Crown, Yirim Seck, Jarrard Anthony and produced by Jake One.  About two months ago I was an extra for the filming and spent the majority of the day on a bus going through Renton, Rainer Beach, The Central District and SoDo. 

Side notes: all the old cell phones are props I brought and I wore a pair of deadstock British Knights that they did some shots of, but it didn't make the cut.  Also, the day they shot this video was the same day I also went to shoot the cover art for "The Return/Battle Anybody" 12".  (notice the clothes)

Friday, June 7, 2013

No Delayin' (Stop Watch mix)

Best laid plans.  Originally there was a different track planned for the June release, but things just didn't pan out.  Instead I found myself remixing a track that I haven't even released yet.  And oddly without me even thinking about it, the track fit SO well with what it's paying homage to.  I even made a reference to O.C.'s classic in the rhymes when I did the original.  (even if it was NEVER intended that way)

This song I originally wrote when I first moved from Seattle to Indy.  I had just finished principal recording of "Basement Sessions" and was in this in-between phase of what my next move was going to be.  I was kind of bored with just working on post production for "Basement Sessions" and at the time didn't have access to my gear, records etc.  I just had my laptop and a removable harddrive with drums.  From that short period I created the original version of this song and the redux version of "Lyrics & Beats".  Maybe the original version will see the light of day, but for now it's getting the remix treatment.

I'm just going to keep it simple... the name, the flip... BOOM!