Sunday, December 26, 2010

Couple new joints from upcoming projects

Here are a couple tracks from the projects I'm working on.  As you know I'm polishing up "Dub Styles," working on a follow up to "Basement Sessions," "Revisionist History" and... hopefully I'll be returning to the "TransAtlantic" project.  The 1st two were produced by Dee Supreme from Finland, the last track was produced by JustanotherDJ from the UK and I laid down the cuts on the tracks.  (and vocals obviously)

Swing (TransAtlantic)  "Dub Styles"  This was an 11th hour addition to "Dub Styles."  I had already done the rough mix, which some of you may have heard, but my man Dee Supreme hit me with this beat and I couldn't resist.  (I even say that in the track)  I was then thinking about saving it for a "vol. 2," but I then decided to add the cut to the project along with a couple other treats.  When the project is all said and done, it's going to be pretty dope.  If you heard the original version, the final version, when released will be more well rounded and cleaned up.  This track is a quick joint, two 8-bar verses... just a quick little jammie.  Dee Supreme has some serious heat.  He also produced the "Come Equipped" track which REALLY set off the "Dub Styles" project in the first place. 

Swing (TransAtlantic) by Dawhud

Connections (feat. Just Be)  "TransAtlantic"  Some people may have heard this, but it's kind of gotten lost in the shuffle.  Originally, this was going to be a project with Dee Supreme on the beats and Just Be and myself on the rhymes.  The concept was, Dee was in Finland, Just Be was back in Seattle and I was in Indy.  We would bounce tracks back and forth, but as we were working on the project, Corey aka Just Be decided that he wanted to hang the mic up.  We were then thinking about it being like how on the 1st Tribe album it was mostly Q-tip, but then on like one or two tracks Phife was rhyming.  Like... he's down, an official part of the project, but not going to be there for everything.  (Or would that be Jerobi?)  Anyway, this joint was what set off the project and we ROCKED this joint at the "Basement Sessions" release party. 

Connections (TransAtlantic) by Dawhud

Process "Untitled" This track you may have heard when I did the interview with "Tottaly Crushed Out"  JustanotherDJ produced the track, I laid down the vocals and cuts.  This track is all about the process of creating a track from start to finish.  Gear, time and software may have changed, but how I go about it hasn't really.  The 1st verse is actually about making a beat on an MPC2000 and loading it up into a DAW.  I take it from the record to the end.  The 2nd and 3rd verse are basically taking the "way-back" machine and showing how I did it then... SU-10, SP-1200, pause mixing etc.  I then go back and forth on the time line.  I was reading "The Watchmen" at the time and thought I'd do some "Dr. Manhattan" steeze, but if anyone picks up on that, I have no idea. 

Process prod. Justanother DJ (cuts & vox by Dawhud) by Dawhud

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Jammies!!!

Heard this track a while ago and I've always thought it was pretty dope.  It's like a play on the whole, "I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause" yadda yadda.  I can dig it!

And I can't FRONT on this jammie.  1st off, Mayer Hawthorne is one of my fav artists.  Duke has soul and he FLIPPED this joint.  Well... I guess that's not really what he did, but I dig it.  In my opinion it seems like there's really only 10 Christmas songs and everybody covers them, but this is the exception to the rule.  99% of the time when you hear, "Christmas Time is Here" it's with the Charlie Brown kids and you can't understand a single word the kids are saying as it's blurred into the red.  Mayer Hawthorn put it down on this joint and I can't believe I've missed him AND Sharon Jones BOTH twice when they came to town.  (shaking head)

Mayer Hawthorne - Christmas Time Is Here by Mayer Hawthorne

And you CAN'T go wrong with this one!!!

Have a Merry Christmas, stay safe and keep diggin'.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Best wack movie theater experiences

I love film.  I've always loved movies... watching them, discussing them, studying directors work... the whole thing.  At one time I actually worked at a movie theater and a video store at the same time.  (that was a trip)  I studied film in college and my roommate was a film major, so we had a lot of discussions and got downright snobby.  Truth be told there was actually one time when we were watching "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and while Leatherface is chasing the girl in the thicket/field there is this beautiful dolly shot.  I remember sitting there watching this very intense horror film and both of us going, "WOAH... look at that shot."  HAHA

Much like how I was with a LOT of my music when I was younger, I was rather snobby and didn't want to lower my standards to watch lower cinema.  (i.e. a ton of movies)  As I've gotten older I've eased up on the attitude and learned to enjoy myself.  I honestly dig watching a real bad movie and kicking back a couple beers.  Films like "Plan 9," "Manos: Hands of Fate," and "Troll 2" have blessed my DVD player and made for a great evening.  Now, for the most part, watching a bad movie is usually best if you're watching it at home on DVD and with Netflix, you can either stream or get movies in the mail and not feel like you're shelling out cash on a sh!tty movie when instead you could rent "Inception."  Also, you usually don't want to pay full price for a movie in the theater if you think or know it's going to be bad.  BUT, if everybody is in on it, it can be like a glorified version of getting some friends to come through and watch it on your TV.

Once, in college, when I was at my snobby peak, my roommate had me go with him to watch "Showgirls" at the Capitol Theater in Olympia with live commentary from one of the writers for "The Stranger."  At first I was holding back because I didn't want to go to a theater to see a really bad, shitty, underage jerk-off movie, but I had one of those moments and thought, "what the phawk."  The best part of the movie was that it was trying so hard to be sexy and it was so UN-sexy, it was actually not arousing in any way shape or form.  Instead is was just flat out funny.  It was honestly one of the best movie experiences I have ever had and was so happy I went and saw that in a theater.  (pseudo midnight movie/grindhouse style) 

Although I've enjoyed watching bad movies with friends or my wife at home there REALLY isn't anything like going to a theater and fully experiencing the film with an audience.  This is where films like "Grindhouse" aka "Planet Terror" & "Death Proof" or "Mechete" do real well.  I'm sorry to say that I didn't get to check "Mechete" in the theater and instead saw it on bootleg, BUT while finishing up principle recording of "Basement Sessions" I DID see "Grindhouse" with my man Corey aka Just Be and it was so friggin' dope. 

There is no doubt a time and a place for bad cinema.  A little over a month ago I was down visiting the in-laws and Kath was going to go out for the night with her cousin.  What was I to do... enter "Resident Evil: Afterlife" w/o 3-D.  I had movie passes and was down to see it by myself, but at the last moment I ended up going with... I guess you'd say cousin in-law Dan.  HAHA  Now, up until that moment I had not seen ANY of the prior "Resident Evil" movies in full, but knew that a zombie apocalypse movie should be a good time.  We rolled up to the theater that shockingly was still playing the movie after it had been out for longer than it's shelf life and used passes instead of paying.  (the ultimate laugh)  We get into the theater and there are only 4 other people.  I honestly thought there would be us two, but alas there would be a couple other people there to enjoy what most likely was going to be a bad movie. 

This was one of those movies that was an obviously trying to cash in on something as soon as they could.  1st off, it's a movie based on a video game, 2nd zombies are vogue and 3rd and most important, it's in 3-D.  Now we did not get to see the film in 3-D and despite how the previews say that it was shot using the same process that James Cameron used there were your typical wack 3-D type effects, like they throw knives at the screen etc.  The print itself also was past it's expiration date and in true grindhouse/midnight movie fashion it had started to fade and turn colors when some reels would start. 

Now, that trailer doesn't look to bad and it seems pretty decent.  Unfortunately the BIG problem this movie has is simply... it tries too hard and doesn't know what kind of a movie it wants to be.  It starts off wrapping up what was at the end of the 3rd movie, but honestly when watching the 3rd film you didn't need another installment to know for sure if Alice would seek revenge on the corporation that turned her into what she became in the 2nd and 3rd installment.  So, for the 1st 20-30 minutes of the film it's wrapping up this storyline in a really bad "Matrix/Blade" rip off.  Once it's over, the film finally can catch it's breath and shift into what it's supposed to be about and it does for the next half of the film.  We go from techno horror sci-fi to "Dawn of the Dead" rip off in the process of 40 minutes.  As our heroes finally decide that their prison is too much of a prison and in this case they really are in a prison, it then turns back into a techno sci-fi horror again. 

But that's not the fun part.  The best part of this movie was the simple fact that the story couldn't find itself, the action was over the top and unexplained and dialogue was horrible.  Honestly my favorite part of the movie was when we are being shown what's in the prison and we are taken into the basement.  "When we got here... there was no one left, until we found that."  You then see a prison cell straight out of "Silence of the Lambs" and a shadowy figure locked inside.  As the person comes closer to the light you realize that the person in prison is the guy from "Prison Break."  HAHA  When the audience was introduced to him I actually said out loud in the theater, "Heeeeyyyyy PRISON BREAK!!!"  HAHA  (Poor guy is typecast in movies too.)  He then says he knows how to get out, but must be let free to help them.  When they finally free him, he just so happens to be one of the main character's, who happens to have amnesia, brother.  I couldn't help but laugh out loud at how ridiculous the whole thing was and it was damn fun.

Honestly, it was a pretty bad film, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Enough that I may just watch it again or cop it on DVD to add to the collection.  Not because I think it should sit next to my "proper" films, but because it can sit amongst my guilty pleasures.

Resident Evil: Afterlife 2/5 for the movie as it self, but 4/5 for the experience.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Music Was The Gift That They Gave Me

Murder Was the Case Christmas 2XLP promo with colored vinly!
I will admit I am not a real big fan of Christmas music.  A lot of people, mostly women throughout my experience, seem to get that confused with hating Christmas.  I don't hate the Holidays, I just don't dig the music.  Working retail during the Christmas season gave me an overdose of Christmas music from the 1st day of November to December 31st.  Not only was it the same playlist over and over, but there was maybe a dozen songs in total that were being sung over and over with different artists.  You'd have the Britney Spears or Beyonce version of some classic that "Ol' Blue Eyes" sang twenty minutes ago over the P.A.  If you've had to endure this over the season while some middle aged woman give you sh!t because you didn't have a pair of boxers in her husband's size at 4:59pm on Christmas Eve, you know what's up.  I could easily turn this post into a bunch of stories of my retail past, but I'll save those for later.

MUSIC!!!  That's what's up and that's what I'm talking about.  So, as I mentioned, the Holiday music is kind of a grind to me, BUT I did want to share with you a VERY cool find that I actually forgot I had.  This isn't really a Christmas record, but it is a promo version of the "Murder Was the Case" album with a Christmas twist.  Just before the album was released and holiday season, they did a promo version of the album with holiday colors on the cover and colored vinyl.  It actually says, "Music was the gift that they gave me" on the cover, side and back.  (no barcode)  I know they did something like this when "Doggystyle" came out, as in colored vinyl, but I've never been able to get my hands on it.  I got this bad boy when I worked at 2nd Time Around in the U-District in Seattle.  As far as I can remember, they didn't do anything different with the track list, but regardless this pressing is badass!!!

Stay diggin'!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Time Mofo!!!

Tis the season sucka!!! Illin' at Kath's office party. (b-boy/girl stances included)  We keep it gutter foo!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Alright Baby!!!

Some of this is taken from my bio page.

Long story short I DJ'd in a trip hop band called "Detective Honey."  While I was in the band we had three different lineups and sounds.  The first was heavily produced and had a darker tone.  Melinda Baker did a large majority of the production including keyboards and guitar.  (she was amazing)  We had a Portishead, Massive Attack vibe and were part of the downtempo electronica scene in Seattle.  This version of the band only had one gig, but thankfully Michell Meyers, the original vocalist, had it recorded.

Detective Honey - Alright Baby (live at Toast) Dawhud by Dawhud

This is the ONLY version of this song that really exists.  (outside of some practice recordings)  This was the jammie that would turn the party out when ever we would throw this on.  Later on, as the group evolved, lineup changed, the song did too.

I'm hoping to up some more of the music we did.  Unfortunately some of the studio recording we did, the engineer messed up my tracks and they were all of beat.  BUT, I found the original versions of some of the tracks w/o my parts on them.  I may redo those cuts after all these years.  HAHA  Like Godfather III.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Harry Potter and the Boring A$$ Camping Trip of Magic

^^^The poster pretty much sums up the movie
Alright, let me start this off with saying I dig the Harry Potter franchise.  I will admit, when the books were blowing up I thought it was stupid and didn't understand the whole thing behind it.  (much like the Twilight hype) 

Although I saw the 1st two films in the theater, I honestly didn't really like the series until the 3rd installment.  The 1st two films suffered from UBER Chris Columbus family itis and honestly that was the main demographic for the early books and films.  But, like many franchise films, after the basic characters are developed, the later films can just kick it in 5th gear and drive.  (much like many of the comic book films... X-Men, Batman, Ironman etc.)  This is what was able to happen by the time "The Prisoner of Azkaban" hit.  The characters were pretty well developed and the ultimate storyline throughout the books were set in motion. 

Sit, and enjoy the ride. 

"Prisoner of Azkaban," "Goblet of Fire" & "Order of the Phoenix" all kept everything in motion as Harry dealt with the problems given to him in each installment.  By the time "The Half Blood Prince" was finally released, after about 6 months to a year after it was finished, the films took a different tone.  Not on action, but on moving pawn pieces.  Granted you had your splashes of action here and there, but the focus was more on drama and setting everything up for the ultimate showdown.  (which will be the final and 8th film)

Enter "The Deathly Hallows" (part 1)  Granted the last book has a lot to cover and from where we leave off after the last film, the crew has to really get down to brass tacks if they're really going to wrap it up.  So, what to we do with SO much stuff to cover?  If we have one movie that's about 2 1/2 to 3 hours, it's too short to really cover what's in the book and if we split it into two films... well, much like the two Matrix sequels it feels really disjointed.  The only time I've seen a film/series that did this and it worked well was with the Kill Bill films.  Between Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 you had two completely different films, styles and tones that ultimately would have made one real disjointed movie if it was released as one.  So, that's the elephant in the room with the latest Harry Potter book.  What do we do?  We break it up.

The result is a film that finds our heroes on the run and trying to discover how to defeat "you know who."  It starts off with a great pace, but then loses steam after they narrowly escape those who are chasing them.  The majority of the rest of the film then is mostly dialogue with little action as they are dealing with inner conflicts within their circle and trying to figure out how "you know who" can finally be destroyed.  When looking at the bigger picture, I understand that the film maker is trying to put our heroes at their lowest lows before wrapping up the 3rd act in "The Deathly Hallows (part 2)" BUT, with this film it does not translate like "Empire Strikes Back" or "The Two Towers" where you can look back and argue that it's the best film in the series. 

Now does that mean that this film is a complete let down?  No.  Although I didn't like the pace of the film and thought it lost steam after the one hour mark I understand where this film sits and how it plays in the ultimate storyline.  This may end up being one of those films that later on when everything is said and done, I'll probably dig it more, but I don't know and can't say at the moment.  I will say that when watching this in the theater I honestly wanted them to wrap it up and I haven't felt like that in a movie theater in a long time.  Maybe it is because this film is all build up with no release and therefore the audience, i.e. me, feels cheated.  The payoff that we want we don't get for another half year, so the 2 1/2 hours we spent in the theater was all just to prep up for the summer.   It reminds me of when I went to see "The Fellowship of the Ring."  There was a middle-aged couple sitting in front of me and when the credits rolled the husband turned to the wife and said, "3 and 1/2 hours and that's it?!"  "There's 2 more movies," the wife replied.  "DAMNIT!!!"

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1)    3/5

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dawhud goes to the movies!!!

I'm a big movie nut.  I always have been.  My 1st job was even at a movie theater.  At one point I was working at a movie theater during the day and a video store at night.  Those days were long, but are what paid for my Technics 1200SL and Vestax 06 Pro.

Anyway, I was thinking, this spot doesn't ALWAYS have to be about hip hop.  So, I will be posting reviews of movies I see.  Some, that are in the theater and some that I see on video. 

I got this idea when I kept throwing up very short reviews of movies on my Facebook page.  Why reserve that only for Facebook or Twitter?

I'll be posting some reviews shortly and fell free to comment on the reviews as I'm down to turn them into an open discussion.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dawhud Drums from the EPS

Back in June I threw up an SP1200 kit with drums that were featured on "Basement Sessions" along with some other dope kicks and snares.  A lot of cats DL'd the joint and I heard several cats use them in their mix.  I'm glad cats were diggin' the drums that were straight off of my collection of disks. 

Back then I said I was thinking about putting together drums from my EPS, MPC etc.  Well... after finally getting some time and having the right person to get me motivated, here are some classic drum kits off of disks from my EPS Classic. 

These drums are NOT from projects, but instead classic kits that have been run through the EPS to get that 12bit sound.  You MAY have these drums from another source, but do you have them from an EPS?  My guess is no. 

Check it out

Alesis HR16B
Alesis SR-16
Boss DR550 Mk2
EMU Percussion kit
Korg M1
Korg T1
Roland JV-80
Roland MC-303
Roland R8
Roland TR 808
Roland TR 909

Dawhud EPS drum kits (12bit) link here

Dig the drums and I'm hoping to put more up soon.

Keep it LOCKED!!!

If you're having issues with the link, throw a comment in the post and I'll find another site to upload the folder.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


This is a joint from the "Dub Styles" project.  Those of you that heard the leak of "Dub Styles" got to peep it.  I'm not sure if its on the myspace, but that joint's been forgotten.  Anyway, I wrote this track because I was just remembering the types of clothes I wore back in the day and how things have changed.  Then when I was at the beatbattle earlier this month there was this kid there with a hightop fade and an Oakland A's baseball jersey.  Now it was kind of fresh, I'm not going to lie, but duke couldn't remember when cats wore that ish.  I myself do and the circle of cats I was in jokingly mentioned that these kids should bring back Hi-Teck/Jodici boots.  HAHA

Things have changed, things have stayed classic and somethings have come back without their original meaning.

Well... for you kiddies, here's this joint. 
FRESH (in the day) by Dawhud

Here's another joint I wanted to share and show the side by side of the original and the redux version.  On the "Lost & Found" comp I had the original version of "Lyrics & Beats" I did around 97/98 and mentioned that I reused the hook for another song.  Funny, because the hook ended up on this total redux of "Lyrics & Beats" and elements of one of the original verses ended up on "Come Equipped" on the "Dub Styles" project.

Lyrics & Beats (from untitled Dawhud project)
Lyrics & beats by Dawhud

When hearing this version it's on some gutter/basement boom bap.  Simple yet effective... some just want lyrics & beats.

Lyrics & Beats (Original Version)
Lyrics & Beats (original version 98) by Dawhud

Here's the original version from 97/98.  The horn sample came from a porn movie that a friend of mine brought over to my house.  I honestly hooked my tape player up to my VCR and taped the sample off of it.  Later when I got my SU10, I loaded it up and looped some drums.  I always dug the basic elements of this song, but it just didn't come out the way I really wanted, I guess that's why I kind of gave it the redux and chopped up verses to use on other tracks later on. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dawhud - Lost & Found (1997 - 2000) demos (free DL)

LOST & FOUND (1997 - 2000) Demos, Skits and Lost Joints.

A few months ago I started uploading old demos on the blog with pseudo commentary/behind the scenes info of the tracks.  I have compiled all of the tracks with pics and flyers in a single DL for you to enjoy. 

These tracks were recorded between 1997 and 2000.  Some of these demos were reworked for the "Basement Sessions" LP.  This collection works as a companion to the "Basement Sessions" LP and really gives you a glimpse of what that project came from. 

Click Here to DL Dawhud - Lost & Found (1997 - 2000)

If you are having trouble with that link, try the Bandcamp page and DL the comp there. 

Lost & Found (1997-2000) Bandcamp page

Lost & Found (1997 – 2000)

1) It's the Click (SYA) (98)
2) Is You Gunna Come Witt (97)
3) Purification (98)
4) Most Don't Come Close (98)
5) Look, Listen & Focus (97)
6) Lyrics & Beats (98)
7) Wild Style (98)
8) Do You Wanna Rock Wit Me (98)
9) T.E.C.H. (98)
10) Deja Vo (skit) (98)
11) Elements of Hip Hop (99)
12)' 2 (98)
13) World Premier (99) original 4 – Track version
14) The Mob Comes Equipped (98)
15) From This Moment On (00) original 4 – Track version
16) Cheeseburger Delux - Grand Buffet (skit) (98)
17) From This Moment On (00) digital 12 track version w/o Just Be vox (bonus)
18) World Premier (99) digital 12 track version (bonus)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

BRAINS!!!!!! (sneakers, zombies and wack costumes)

It's that time of year to dust off the Halloween Pro-Keds and kick it.  Yep, Fall is in full effect.  Just before I was going to head out on Saturday I realized that there was that brief window of time that I could still rock those kicks.  BLAM!!!  Went back to the closet and pulled out these bad boys. 

Now, I'm not a HUGE sneaker head, BUT I do have a few pairs of shoes that I keep in the box and rotate with what I'm doing.  These bad boys I copped off of ebay because they were out of season.  F-R-E-S-H!!!  I'm not a big fan of orange and most people aren't, but the Jack-O-Lantern and Headless Horseman on the side are ILL!!! 

Another thing that's cool about these kicks are that when you open the box the tissue paper on the inside has blood splatters on it.  HAHAHA  Just dope!  Knowing how much I love these kicks, I should see if I can cop the other limited Halloween joints they made.  (Friday the 13th and Dracula kicks)

Speaking of blood on my sneakers...

Classic track!!!!!!!

After donning the shoes and having a full day, Kath and I went to Broad Ripple to get  dinner and were greeted by a sea of humanity... or zombies that is.

I knew in Ballard they would do zombie walks, but I never happened to be around when one popped off.  I grabbed my phone and hit record. 

Please note: Zombies will break character for beer.

After the large throng went past we made our way closer to our destination and saw more of them waiting on the other side of the street.  Please note: Zombies apparently obey traffic laws.

Even in large numbers zombies will allow oncoming traffic through their large mobs.  Interesting.

Outside of the sneakers I will not be doing anything special for Halloween, but I will show you one of the wackest costumes I have ever worn.  Now I don't remember this costume at all, but I always remember the picture in one of those incredibly embarrassing photo albums your mom makes to show your girlfriend.  The best part of this costume was the fact that my mom obviously was working hard on it because she crocheted the mask/wings.  Now that's not what's funny, what IS funny is that she just plain said, "forget it" and threw a garbage bag over me to finish the costume.

Now this is just ONE example of all the wack costumes I've worn over the years.  There was the one year I went as a vampire.  Now I didn't have a vampire costume, I had a poncho with a picture of Dracula on it and vampire fangs.  I couldn't talk with them in my mouth so I either had to mumble "trick or treat" or take them out of my mouth.  Then there was the year I wanted to be Batman and we got the "bootleg" Batman costume that my mom altered because she thought it was TOO dark to be wearing at night and sewed a large Batman logo with glow in the dark puffy paint on the cape.  (hey mom... see picture above for example of a dark costume... honestly a black garbage bag isn't going to say, "Hey driver, don't hit me.")

I could go on and on, but I don't have any pics for ya'll.  (I digress)

Anyway, have a Happy Halloween suckas!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Beat Battle

Boom!!!  Yesterday I was in the Broad Ripple Music Festival's Beat Battle that was sponsored by Heavygunblog.  Indy has some serious heatmakers and they all brought it for this battle.  The night before I was up till 1am working on some beats to throw in the mix.  One of them was a sample challenge beat for the battle using theme songs from the 80s.  I went through some 80s soundtracks I had and came across this.

Dawhud - Ghost flip for Beat Battle by Dawhud

It wasn't until the day before that I realized that the battle started at 1:30pm and went all the way till 9:00pm.  The moment I found that out I honestly couldn't help but think, "damn... phawk braggin' rights, let me get eliminated."  HAHA  Don't think I "booby trapped" myself, but when I didn't advance I called up my wife and was ready for a sandwich and a nap.  HAHAHA  No joke I was eliminated by a cat that goes by JP.  He looked like a "hippie'd out/Yoko'd" John Lennon with a green leisure suit.  He played some dope stuff, but in my opinion they were more on some DJ Cam/Krush chill beats than some battle joints.

This is the 1st joint I played and the beat that I actually did at 1am before the battle.

Dawhud - Battle joint by Dawhud

Unlike most beat battles I've been in there was no back and forth, they just had me play my 2 beats and then JP played his.  The judges made their decision and that was that.  Also, the sample challenge beats weren't played until the 3rd round, so unless you made it to the 3rd round, nobody got to hear it.  However, J. Brookinz and Heavgunblog is putting a comp together of all the sample challenge beats with some local emcees over them.

Here's the 2nd joint I threw in the mix. Looking back I would have picked something else, but that's what I picked because I had no idea what JP was going to come with.  So, BLAAAM!!!!

Dawhud - 2nd battle beat by Dawhud

All in all it was dope and after taking a "disco nap" I was recharged and met up with Joe Harvey, Longevity, Blake Ali, Rusty and a bunch of the cats from the show earlier at Locals Only.  It was kind of an after party for the joint. 

More stripes... dig the beats.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Diggin' Spot (Headstone Friends)

This is one of my fav spots to check when I'm visiting the in-laws in Terre Haute, IN. It took me a minute to realize that this spot was a record store because it looked like an alien porn barn. HAHA I always come up when I roll through here. It's run by some hippies, smells of incense and they're usually blasting some psych rock. I've found a lot of records for the "Revisionist History" project there on the cheap and they've got a HUGE section/pile of 45s that are $.25 each.

On this trip I found a sealed copy of Redman's Dere Iz a Darkside cassette with the original RED tape, Shirley Ellis' Clapping Song 45 and the Tough Guys soundtrack.

Peep the digs!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

OG Revisionist History Beat Tape

This project has been on my plate for a long minute and I'm really wanting to pick it up and just plow my way through it. I want to get it right, but I don't want it to turn into one of those things that just sits and sits.

This is the original beat tape I created when I first thought up the project.  (way too long ago)  I was still in Seattle and just had my wisdom teeth pulled.  I was home for a week, in pain and my face was the size of a bowling ball.  I couldn't record, but I wanted to work on some music, so I just started chopping up records and flipping ish.  By the end of the week I had this beat tape done.  I've made a ton of other beats for this project and I've also got a ton that I haven't made... but are on the list to be made.

So, dig the og beat tape and play a little, name that tune.

OG Revisionist History Beat Tape by Dawhud

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This applies to a lot of cats.

Man... this track was slept on too much. Rick Ruben didn't promote the hip hop on his label unless it was Mix-A-Lot. (just sayin')

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bandcamp & Music page

For those of you that have been checking the spot, I've slowly been getting things in order. There's a Bio, Shop & Music page.  All pages are currently under construction and will be updated as soon as possible.  I have added a music player and put hyperlinks to my soundcloud, myspace and bandcamp pages. You can peep and DL joints from "Basement Sessions" on the bandcamp site. (some are free)

All pages and this site will all be kept up to date with new tracks and projects.

Hit the Music page for details or peep the bandcamp spot.

Support indie art!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hellafied Gangsta Sh!t

The other day I made a "Hellafied Gangsta Sh!t" playlist for when I mowed the lawn. I straight ice cold grilled mofos as I cut the greens in my grass stained shelltoes. (gangsta)

You can't front of Cube, Dre, Snoop, Eazy E, Da Lench Mob, Compton's Most Wanted, Dogg Pound, Too $hort, Lil 1/2 Dead...

I may make basement music, but sometimes you just want to bump some NWA

BTW the farmer tan is from ice cold grillin' mofos while mowing the lawn.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Revisionist History

I know a lot of cats have been wondering what is up with this project. Let me tell you it is STILL in the works. These things take time, if you want to get them right. A project like this also isn't as easy as locking yourself into your studio, dropping some beats and recording. So to feed your hunger pains, here are a couple scratch joints from the project.

For those of you that don't know, this project is exactly what the tile suggests. I'm taking the same samples that were used on classic hip hop songs and flipping them in a new way. On this project I'm mostly focusing on the production. I'll be on a few joints, but I'll be more behind the boards.

Dig it, hit me up and support. (that's all I can say) I'm really hoping to eventually get this project finished.

True Lies - Dawhud, Fash-1, Verbal Math (from Dolla Bin) & Wildchild.

True Lies-Dawhud feat. Wildchild, Fash 1 & Verbal Math by Dawhud

Ultra Somethin' - Rusty Redenbacher (Mudkids)

Ultra-something - Dawhud feat. Rusty Redenbacher (Mudkids) by Dawhud

Don't Front (We Got 'Cha) - Prince Po (Organized Konfusion) Moka Only

Dawhud, Prince Po & Moka Only - Don't Front (We Gotcha) by Dawhud

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dopest t-shirt (period)

Found this gem at a TJ Maxx in Terre Haute of all places. I'm sure 99.9% of the people there that came across that shirt just scratched their heads and continued digging till they found some ugly/discontinued Ralph Lauren.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Watch Out Now!!!!

This is one of the last minute tracks that's being added to "Dub Styles." It's like "Godfather III" with this project. "Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in."

I just though that I had to do something with this classic sample and I didn't want to throw this on a Vol. 2. (so we're adding it to Dub Styles since it hasn't officially dropped)

16 bars... on some battle ish... cuts... nuff said.

Watch Out Now!!!! Wooooooo!!!!!!!

Dawhud - Watch Out Now by Dawhud

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Re-upped inst version of the LP on beatthebrakes

For those of you that have slept... check it out.

I'll also reup the link on the old post.

You can also follow the beatthebreaksoffyoass.blogspot. (he's got some DOPE ish!!!!)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Snippet from Soundbombing 101

This is a short snippet from Soundbombing 101 last Saturday. I was in a production feature where Indy producers and beatmakers played some of their heat. J.Brookins, Longevity and Joe Harvey all played some heat. This is a beat from a track I'm working on for the untitled Dawhud LP called "Hey Baby (like that Anna.)"

Sorry about the blur and WTF camera because I was playing the beat and trying to record the video with my iPhone at the same time. HAHA

For those of you in Indy, DON'T sleep on the Soundbombing 101 show every month at Locals Only. From what I was hearing from Joe Harvey, the production portion of the show is going to turn into a dope little showcase paring up producers with emcees to do some dope ish for the show. Sounds dope.

Here's a little info on the track. The 45 I used for this I found at an antique store when I was still in Seattle. My wife and I went up to Snoqualmie, WA which is where they filmed "Twin Peaks." It was this little 45 that actually was warped at the beginning of the the 7". I didn't use the 45 till after I moved here and I was making beats for the Skribble Jam beat battle in 2008. I kind of forgot about the beat because I've just been working on other projects, but had an idea of what I wanted to do with it. (well... originally... regardless I still forgot about the beat.) Then when Joe Harvey asked me to come through for the production set I was diging through some beats and dug up that beat. (BLAM)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dub Styles: Walkman Redemption (leak version)

Alright suckas... you didn't get this from me. HAHA This is a rough mix of the project. I am still working on the mixes for the project and I think I will be adding one more track. It's mid July and the whole thing was to get a version of this out for the summer. Well... here's a leak/preview version of the project for you all to crack a Corona and chill to. (or Red Stripe if you're kickin' it Ras Trent style) The few peeps that got the 1st rough draft will notice some changes and that it's been cleaned up a bit. Like I said I'm still working on it and I'm hoping to have a FINAL version ready.

Just to let you know the project is 1 track. (not broken up into individual tracks) I did it like that because I wanted to hear how the whole thing flowed together.

Also know this... this link is only good for 100DLs and will expire after 1 week. If you do whatever with it, so be it, but know this link will die.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lost & Found vid

Count how many times I say "original" in the vid. HAHA But, here are some of the o.g. tapes, rhyme books, disks and ADATs that have the ol' school demos that will be featured on the "Lost & Found" comp. Peep the vid and you can also check the older posts here to hear the tracks. (or the soundcloud page

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dawhud drums from the SP1200

These are drum hits from disks STRAIGHT off of my SP1200. Some of these were used on the "Basement Sessions" LP. I was thinking about throwing together some other drums from my MPC and EPS, but enjoy these SP1200 12bit crunchy drums. Not a TON, but some dope hits.


BTW they are all single wav hits.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ol' Remixes from the SP1200

These are some remixes I did with my SP-1200, Akai DPS12 and the vocal tracks straight off the 12". Most of these beats I did in college, but hadn't figured out what I wanted to do with the beats till I ended up throwing the vocals over them. In all honesty I still want to do something over the beat I used for the Shook Ones remix. In my opinion I think these remixes get the vibe of the original, but there will never be anything that will be better than the original.

Shook Ones

I've always dug this beat... I just think it's COLD!

Shook ones (Dawhud remix) by Dawhud

How Many Emcees

You can get the fist... whatever... but how many emcees must get dissed.

How many emcees (Dawhud remix) by Dawhud

PLO Style

This was a simple beat I did on the SP, but it just kind of had that dark vibe that a lot of the Tical LP had.

Plo style (Dawhud remix) by Dawhud

It Ain't Hard To Tell

This was the one remix I did from the jump as a remix. The other ones I just had beats and found vocals that went with the track. This one I thought out. I was thinking that the original was so dope because of the Michael Jackson vocal sample and that a remix would be able to get that feeling if it had that same vibe. Hence the vocal sample I used.

It aint hard to tell (Dawhud remix) by Dawhud

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Preview Dub Styles tracks on the myspace player

Preview tracks from the Dub Styles project up on the myspace page. (I know it's like abandoned amusement park, but you can check some choice cuts from the project)


BTW if you heard the leak/rough mix there are TWO tracks on the myspace player that were NOT on the leak/rough mix that will be on Dub Styles.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Review/DL up on "Beat the Brakes off yo..."

Check it!!!

This is an ill blog and it just so happens that the "Basement Sessions" LP was thrown up there recently. Check it out and peep the other jems up on the page.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ol' School Demos Vol. 4

Here's the remaining batch of demos I'm going to put up before I get the comp together. Some of these are skits from my old radio show, ADAT studio demos and ol' school 4-track demos. I've also had Mr. Carlos and Ben Shabaaz give their 2 cents on our old skits. Enjoy.

Elements of Hip Hop (99)

This is the only track I did a rough mix down from an ADAT. There's a version of "From This Moment On" on ADAT, but I don't have access to one, so this is the only thing I've got. This beat was one of the 1st beats I did with my SP1200 and my man Ishmael wanted to get on a track, so we made it happen. I was taking an audio engineering class in college and we rolled up to my school with my SP1200 to get in the lab and throw this down. Ishmael threw down this dope verse, I came up with the hook and wrote my verse, which I ended up using for "World Premier." I remember I did my verse in one take and honestly the track was never finished. Ishmael was on the 1st verse, the 2nd verse was supposed to have both of us on it spitting 8 bars each and then I did the last verse. We only recorded the 1st verse, 3rd verse and the hook, so with the magic of technology I've spliced it together so it's two verses. BLAM! Here's the best part of the track... IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ELEMENTS OF HIP HOP. HAHAHAHA

Elements of Hip Hop (ADAT demo) 99 by Dawhud

Cheeseburger Deluxe - Grand Buffet (skit) (98)

I got off work and was getting ready for our radio show when Ben and Carlos came up to my window and were like, "Yo, we want to record a skit." I let them in and Ben then tells me he's got this idea for a song for this character he created called "Cheeseburger Deluxe." He had a little yellow paper with just some basic rhymes written and we didn't even plug in the wackass keyboard we used. We actually just held it up to the mic. Mr. Carlos played the keyboard bits and I did the hook/hype man vocals. I think we did it in one take. I think it was one of the funniest things we ever did for our show.

(Ben Shabazz)

It's funny because Cheeseburger Deluxe is actually my crappy impersonation of Agallah's Cookie Monster. I got the name Cheeseburger Deluxe from a line in Sauce Money's Against the Grain, on the Soul in the Hole Soundtrack. That's considered real old school now I think. The Grand Buffet bit I got from remembering some Chinese buffet. It was real spur of the moment when we did it and it was obvious that not too much attention was paid to the lyrics. Spitting out just names of foods was really stupid! Indian rice? The salad bar? I'm not sure what was going on in our heads. Ghetto Superstar with the late ODB was the jam at the time, thus the chorus.

(Mr. Carlos)

Ben had come up with the idea to create songs from the perspective of a fat guy that only wanted to rap about food. The name of the album and title track was "Grand Buffet." I thought that the writing in the last verse in particular was great because it gave me a mental picture of some fat ass making his rounds at the buffet and very excitedly saying the names of the foods he was heaping onto his plate. I contributed by playing a jingle on a shitty little keyboard David had in the house. The finished product was gold and I still believe that we could've made a decent album or EP using this concept.

Cheeseburger Deluxe - Grand Buffet (skit) 98 by Dawhud' 2 (98)

This was originally the remix/pt. 2 to T.E.C.H. Teken was a popular game at the time so I just kind of named it that for a cool reference. I did this beat on the SU10 and recorded straight to my minidisk in one take to get as crisp of a recording as possible. I'd actually run everything through the 4-track, not record on the 4-track, but have the line output hooked up to the minidisk. Crazy. This beat I TOTALLY remade from scratch on my MPC2000 for the "Basement Sessions" LP as "Everybody Get (live)." Both tracks sound the same, yet are different and stand on there own. (if that makes sense) Unlike T.E.C.H. and Wild Style where I pretty much left the beat as it originally was, this beat totally got the redux for the LP.' 2 (demo) 98 by Dawhud

From This Moment On (00)

I made this beat on my SP1200 and this was the TRACK that I thought was just nuts. The way the drums hit... it was just one of those beats that I thought was SO dope. It was a Friday and I think it was the 1st Friday after we lost our radio show. I hit up my man Corey and picked him up. We went back to my house and we just wrote it out and recorded it within a couple hours. This song was recorded in every format possible. This is the 4 track version. A few months later we went to the studio at the college I was going to and laid it down on ADAT. Later on I did a version on a digital 12 track, but didn't have Corey lay down his vocals. Finally when I was working on "Basement Sessions" we got together and recorded the definitive version of the track. HAHA It took like six or seven years for that track to finally get done, but it was worth it. You can see the potential this track has when hearing the original 4 track version.

From This Moment On (4-track version) 00 by Dawhud

Deja Vo (skit) (98)

We did this skit on the Fourth of July, I think. We wanted to do a parody of Deja Vu, the strip club chain, because we had a friend that had the last name of Vo. We all came through to my house and plotted out the skit. Originally we were going to have a friend of ours have his sister do the voice of the stripper, but the moment we suggested that, he went from a happy go lucky guy, to an "I'm GUNNA beat YO A$$ guy in an instant. HAHAHA I remember we then played it off and were like, "we're just playin'... we think it'd be funny if you did the voice of the stripper instead." In an instant he turned back into mild mannered Murl. (like the Hulk turning back into Bruce Banner) To be honest I think it's funnier that there's a guy's voice trying to sound like a sexy stripper voice. HAHA When we recorded it, I just threw on the record and we basically passed the mic down the line and did it in one or two takes.

Deja Vo (skit) 98 by Dawhud

World Premier 4-track demo (99)

Original 4-track version of this track. As you know I also used this verse on the "Elements of Hip Hop" track, but because that track was never really finished I ended up using it for this track and it's always been a dope 1 verse battle style track.

World Premier (4-track version) 99 by Dawhud

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ol' School Demos Vol. 3

Here's another 3 joints from the vaults. I'm going to put all of these old demos together into a comp for you all to DL, so hold tight.

T.E.C.H. - (98)

This is the original 4-track version of T.E.C.H. You heard a rough version of the beat on one of the SYA demos. It eventually became this track and later on I gave the whole track the redux for the "Basement Sessions" LP. This was back when I went by the name "Chrome." It had nothing to do with being a baller... I just thought it was dope because there were those high quality tapes that had chrome in the magnetic tape. Now I've ran across several Down South rappers with the same name. HAHAHA This track has ALWAYS been the PEAK of my backpacker steeze. T.E.C.H. stands for The Elemental Chemistry of Hip Hop. Yeah... backpacker steeze... but then again I was 18. If I had a time machine I'd go back, slap myself and ask myself why the phawk I gave away my Dre CD.

Dawhud - T.E.C.H. (original 98 version) by Dawhud

Wild Style - O.G. 4 Track demo (98)

This was everybody's jammie, "Wild Style." Another track that got the redux for "Basement Sessions." This joint originally had 4 verses... what's up with that?! I rewrote a good portion of the rhymes for "Basement Sessions," but to this day I STILL will flip flop between the original and the new lyrics when trying to do the song. I did this track with my SU10 and recorded it on my Tascam 4-track. After I recorded the track I ended up performing it at the high school talent show and tore the roof off. This track has always got the party movin' and has always been one of my faves.

Dawhud - Wild Style (original version 98) by Dawhud

Most Don't Come Close - 4 track demo (98)

Before I knew what Skull Snaps "Brand New Day" was I was ALL about Gangstarr's "Take It Personal." I wanted to flip the drums and well... I admit I straight bit the drums off of the Gangstarr record. I was 18 and didn't know anything about all those unsaid rules about beatmaking and djing. I did this with my SU10 and to save time on the sampler I actually, put a loop together with all the samples, recorded it to tape and then RE-sampled into the SU10 so I could double my sampling time. It also gave the track an extra gritty sound to it. The rhymes are on just some, backpack, kill wack emcees, top 40 music is bullish. HAHA

Dawhud - Most Don't Come Close 98 by Dawhud

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dub Styles snippet (leak) vol. 2

This snippet features pieces of 3 tracks from the "Dub Styles" project. The 1st is a portion of a track I'm calling "A Day Like No Other," which you may have heard on the promo video. The 2nd is the full length version of a track called "The Basics," which was produced by my man Dr. Peppersauce. And the 3rd is just a teaser of the pseudo title track, "Walkman Redemption."


I hope ya'll are getting geeked because I'm pretty excited about this project. I'm working on the mixes to finalize the project and hoping you will be hearing it shortly.

And stay tight... more ol' school demos coming your way.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Old School Demos vol. 2

Cats have been diggin' these demos that I've been unearthing. A while ago I was thinking about putting a comp of all these old school demos and alt takes together, but I just was busy with other projects. I will be be throwing up these tracks in chunks as I rip the files off of tapes, mini-disks etc. Once I've put all the demos together I'll make them available for DL and post it.

SYA - The Mob Comes Equipped

This track was supposed to be an uber possie cut, but like what I have learned with trying to record possie cuts is that it's hard to actually get done. The only verse that was recorded was Keith's, B-Wyze. I did this beat with my Yamaha SU-10 and tried to layer some other drums over it with my mom's keyboard. I've heard quite a few cats use this sample and I've even revisited it years later when I competed in Big Tunes in Seattle. (a whole other story)

SYA - The Mob Comes Equipped 98 by Dawhud

Lyrics & Beats

This is a solo track I did back in 98 and no joke I got the sample off of a 70s' porn video tape. I've always liked this hook and wanted to do something with it so I reused "Lyrics & Beats" for a new track on an as of yet untitled LP.

Lyrics & Beats (original version 98) by Dawhud

Purification 98

This was a solo track I did in the summer of 98. This track I recorded straight to my mini disk player because I was wanting a more clear sounding track. This is on some "death to the wack emcees" type ish. About a week after recording this track I performed it at a show along with the original version of "Wild Style," which I'll be putting up soon.

Purification 98 by Dawhud

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ol' School demos (SYA... it's the click)

These are some of the old demos from the original group I was in back in the day. We all grew up in the same neighborhood and knew each other since we were at least 10 years old. The original group was made up of my man Keith (B-Wyze) his twin brother Kenneth (Kenny Mac) & myself... (at the time I went by Negative) Through middle school and high school we held it down. Our group was originally called the "Sycotics" (yes misspelled on purpose) Then we became "S-Y-C" for short and when we added some unofficial members that were in a group called "Young Assassins" we finally became "S-Y-A." (Sycotic Young Assassins) Did we rhyme about being crazy or anything? NO. HAHA We were just on some cipher/pass the mic type ish. Basement... freestyling... comp book writing... lunch table beating ish. We kind of were like the Wu-Tang in school. Not as in style, but as in we were a group that had all these spin off groups and unofficial members.

Is You Gonna Come Wit (97)

This is some straight pass the mic demo ish. Seriously... no 4-track, I just had a mic plugged into a mixer and tape deck. We'd spit in the mic and pass it when we were done with our verse. This track features Keith and myself along with our man Justin, who was part of the crew.

SYA- Is you gonna come wit 97 by Dawhud

Look, Listen & Focus (97)

You may notice that this beat and... I think my verse are what ended up becoming "T.E.C.H." This demo was done the same day as we did the "Is You Gonna Come Wit" track. Same thing... pass the mic and spit. HAHA I think I actually was holding my sampler and triggering the samples while we were recording.

SYA- look, listen & focus 97 by Dawhud

It's the Click (98)

This track we did on my Yamaha SU-10 sampler and a Tascam 4-track. This features all 3 original members and was one of my fav tracks we did back in the day. I think Keith recycled one of the verses from one of the other demos for this track. I helped write part of Ken's verse right before we recorded it. HAHA

SYA-It's the Click 98 by Dawhud

Do You Wanna Rock Wit Me (98)

This track has been one of my favorite jammies of all time. I put it up on my myspace page a while ago. I'm not on the track, but I did the beat. We did this track from start to finish in the process of a few hours. (from sample, to beat, to rhymes, to recording) I originally didn't want to make this beat because at the time there was all that Puffy jiggiy ish going on and I didn't want to make music like that. After the twins told me to trust them, I got down and made the beat. I'm glad they did because this track is bonkers. It is seriously a dope summer jammie.

SYA-Do you Wanna Rock Wit Me '98 by Dawhud