Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ace One - Super Ugly (He Ain't Lyin') Video

A beast has been awakened...

Ace is on a roll as he's prepping for the redux of his "Rap Monster" LP.  Two weeks ago we were given the Joe Harvey laced "Stutter Step Bang" and without hesitation Ace is now dropping the video for "Super Ugly". (feat. Ma & DJ Spoolz) 

Cold gettin' dumb and steady knocking 'em out the box with a video that's simply gritty... filthy... nasty!  Ace is so gutter and droppin' straight butter. 

Don't get caught sleeping because the Rap Monster has been summond.

Keep it locked for Ace-One's "Rap Monster" (Remixed & Remastered) which will be released on February 18th. 


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pete Marriott - While You Were Asleep EP (free DL)

While we're waiting for#REALHIPHOP to be released, Pete Marriott dropped the "While You Were Asleep" EP.  Open your eyes and cop the joint!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Moka Only & Psy are The Nope - Sinus EP

Man... the homie Moka Only keeps busy and makes solid ish all the damn time. Just got hipped to The Nope - Sinus EP. (Moka Only and Psy from The Oddities) Cop it off the Urbnet bandcamp site and catch the vibe.

In an era where most hip-hop artists claim to 'break new ground' or 'challenge the boundaries', yet more often than not only deliver on diluted retreads of stale rap clich├ęs, Canadian/American duo The Nope (Psy of the Oddities and Moka Only) offer a different approach: they drop all pretence of treading new waters. As The Nope emcee Psy shares, "We're exactly the same as every other music group you've ever heard before. So, prepare for absolute boredom." For once, a rapper tells the truth.

The Nope is at best reactionary, their subversiveness a mere academic contrivance. Purported Dadaists, Psy and Moka Only claim to be "anti-everything," crafting songs about "whatever we feel at the time." And with tracks like "Mickey D's", an opus on eating at the imperialist Golden Arches chain three days in a row while recording, or another entitled "Chant'n'Sing", where Moka confides that, after airing woman troubles, "I can understand why some of yall want to pee on 'em man," the claim of speaking what is on their mind in unguarded fashion is not to be questioned.

Yet, I don't know if it is to be lauded either, even if it makes troubled RnB crooners sympathetic. Sometimes naked honesty can amount to a case ‘When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong’, rather than a nuanced artistic declaration. Though, in fairness, how a listener views the duo depends on whether he or she takes The Nope serious. The Nope creates feel-good nonsense, mood-music hearkening to a bygone era when acts like Ultra Mag and Y’all So Stupid had a rightful place. And Psy and Moka's talents shine, regardless of whether their gifts are realised on material of any depth or significance.

Instead, Moka's soulful off-kilter production and Psy and Moka's playful lyricism and nimble rhyme-schemes recall the creative lightheartedness of early-to-mid 90s hip hop, except without Jurassic 5 or Ugly Duckling-like anachronism.

Monday, January 20, 2014

"The Throwaway" produced by Domingo

Coming off the heels of DJ Premier placing "Battle Anybody" on his top 20 of 2013, Dawhud is dropping "The Throwaway" from his upcoming "The Dig Up" mixtape.  (aka "The Dirty Tape)  "The Throwaway" is produced by the legendary Domingo and according to Dawhud he received the beat from him a few years ago, but with multiple projects "it just got lost in the shuffle."  After hearing another legendary producer, Marley Marl, use the same sample in a MPC tutorial and Marco Polo use it for an undeniable dope cut with MOP, on his "Newport Authority", Dawhud was at a crossroads.  Should he scrap it?  Move on? ...or just rock it?  What we get is "The Throwaway" a quick joint as Dawhud rhymes about him dragging his feet, being uninspired, but ultimately becoming inspired to show that the joint is NOT A THROWAWAY.

Simply... "it's all how you rock it."  It's... all FRESH.

The "The Dig Up" aka "The Dirty Tape" should be out March of 2014 to promote the two EPs he is currently working on.

Pete Marriott x Killah Trakz - 100 Proof

Just a few days after the art for Pete Marriott's LP leaked, the "100 Proof" single featuring Killah Trakz surfaces.  The joint is a classic street biz record that shows a glimpse of that world, but instead of just glorifying the life, it also tackles the prison-industrial complex.  It used to be the norm hearing cautionary tales of the street that ultimately showed the downfall of that lifestyle, but in today's market, it's missing.  That's why it's so refreshing to hear artists tackling that concept instead of the stereotypical "hustler" image made popular in the last decade plus.

Listen, learn and keep it locked for Pete Marriott's #REALHIPHOP LP dropping soon.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pete Marriott #RealHipHop Cover Art

Pete Marriott has been working hard on his project "#REALHIPHOP" for a minute and as we're reaching the final sprint to it's release, the art has been leaked. The art follows the theme he's been setting with his last few single releases, "Rap Demon", "The Kidnapping" and "Plant the Flag".  (a mixture of delicate beauty with Grimm undertones)   

Despite the project being pushed back, it will only build on the anticipation for it's release.

A.C.E.- One - Stutter Step, BANG! (It's Not That Easy)

Art by Gray Granite
2013 was a good year for Ace-One and it's about to get better. Coming off the heels of not only having DJ Premier play a song he was featured on, but putting it in heavy rotation and then including it at #19 for best songs of 2013.

So... what does Ace do with that?

Well... homie is about to release the Kraken!!!

Ace is prepping for the February 18th release of "Rapmonster - (Remixed & Remastered.)"  As we get ready for him to release the Kraken, he heats things up with a joint produced by Joe Harvey, "Stutter Step, BANG!"  Two thirds of The Proforms link up and do exactly what they do best... simply drop ill sh!t.

"mmm...mmmm...mmmm, ain't that somethin'!"

Speaking of... the whole fold, that is The Proforms, are prepping to release an EP shortly. To quote themselves... "GET READY."

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Battle Anybody is #19 on DJ Premier's best of 2013


From the DJ Premier Blog

"This is something new… Instead of albums DJ Premier decided to give out his top 20 hip hop songs of 2013 first, via his radio show LiveFromHQ. But don’t worry, his list of albums are coming later on the blog! So here we go:
20. Busta Rhymes – Thank You (Feat. Q-Tip, Kanye West & Lil Wayne)
19. Dawhud – Battle Anybody (Feat. ACE one)
18. Jay-Z – Open Letter
17. Rapsody – Kingship
16. Statik Selektah – Bird’s Eye View (Feat. Raekwon, Joey Bada$$, & Black Thought)
15. Papoose – Faith
14. Drake – Pound Cake (Feat. Jay-Z)
13. Demigodz – Just Can’t Quit (Feat. Motive, Blacastan, Ryu & Scoop Deville)
12. K-Rino – Antagonistic Radio
11. Joell Ortiz – Roll Deep

10. P-Money – The Hardest (Feat. M.O.P.)
09. Rick Ross – Oil Money Gang (Feat. Jadakiss)
08. DITC Ent. – Come and Get Me
07. Bumpy Knuckles – Word (Feat. Sy Ari da Kid)
06. Durag Dynasty – 360 Waves
05. H. Stax – Field Nigga
04. Big Sean – Control (Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica)
03. De La Soul – Get Away 02. Pusha T – Nosetalgia (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) 01. Jakk Frost – Beard Gang Initiation (Feat. Malik B & Nima AB)"

Thursday, January 2, 2014

DJ Iron - Beneath Tha Surface (best of 2013 hip hop)

Blessed to have DJ Iron include "Battle Anybody" on his best of 2013 mixtape.
The Find Mag

"2013 was an amazing year for hip hop, and independent hip hop in particular. We at The Find think it’s truly inspiring to experience a new ‘golden age’ for hip hop. We don’t want to compare the last couple of years to the 90s, so let’s dub it ‘silver age’ for that matter. The quantity AND quality of independent releases, the DIY ethos of many artists, the discovery of many talented beatmakers and emcees, comebacks and reunions by hip hop heavyweights, indie labels popping up like daisies… Hip hop lives. This new guest mix by DJ Iron explores the best hip hop of 2013 “beneath the surface.” The Belgian DJ came up with over an hour worth of topnotch underground material, which is the tip of the iceberg of what 2013 had to offer. We highly recommend DJ Iron’s own 2013 release, Classic Recipes, a collection of killer reworks and remixes. We can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store. Happy new year to you and yours!"