Friday, July 24, 2015

Zachery Le'on - Clouded Vision Sunny Mental

I kept seeing a pic of Klinik DJing on a rooftop for what looked like either a gig or a music video.  Now I know what that pic was for and damn... it's dope.

Zachery Le'on is another artist that will be filling out the strong roster of talent that is Strong Roots Records with his upcoming LP this fall.

Check the visuals.  Dope ish!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

O-BOY$ - The Lo (Luvva-J, Hook Heavy & Drastic)

My homie Luvva-J, Vintage DOPE, Hook Heavy and DJ Drastic formed a group called O-BOY$ and dropped their lead single, "The LO."  I heard this song a few months ago when Luvva-J let me peep a couple cuts from the project and I honestly made that "who farted/breakface" look when I heard it.

The Marvin Gaye 45 chop and the pseudo trap drums surprisingly make this really dope blend of Rockafella era Kanye meets UGK Cadillac late night riding.   The trio then trade bars painting Oly spots and the neighborhoods I knew well growing up.

Welcome to the LO.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bedlam Brethren - When the Sun Speaks

Bedlam Brethren consists of Merc Versus (Muncie, IN) and Udi (NYC).  I 1st heard Merc Versus when I was still living in Indiana and he was working with the Zulu Nation.  I'd hear a song here and there and at the time it had that spin off Wu-Tang sound reminiscent to Killarmy and Sunz of Man.  It was pretty decent, but outside of our online conversations and sharing stuff, I didn't continue checking his work.

 I honestly hadn't heard anything from him in a minute and had no idea about this group till DJ Spoolz hit me up. When he said Merc Versus was in the group I was kind of shocked.  There was this long lapse from when I hadn't kept up following and where he was now.  And... BOOM... this project... It was like seeing a child growing up and then skipping a good portion of the middle school and high school years.  You see the person again and they're basically all grown up and you think, "damn... they grew up."

This project is well polished and developed.  All the little bits of Merc Versus style that I remember that had promise, have filled out like a young man that went from skinny kid to yoked out.  Udi has that street poet NY vibe that reminds me of a young Fat Joe & Pun.  Sick shit and slick production that is classic 90s NY ish.  (and cuts from Spoolz is always on fresh mode)

"When the Sun Speaks" would have been one of those joints that when I was in high school I would have bragged to my friends that I heard this song before them on a mixtape from DJ B-Mello, Evil Dee etc. And when I finally had the cassette or 12" single, I would have put it on the mixtapes I made.

Twitter info:  @bedlambrethren; @mercversus; @hollowchrist; @djspoolz