Thursday, April 25, 2013

Late Night Marauders - Cheese Burger Deluxe (summer 98)

This was the episode where we played the "Cheeseburger Deluxe - Grand Buffet" skit/song for the 1st time.  (including the John Forte record skip) 

Ben Shabazz - What... JUST... HAPPENED?! 


Also, as the new joint is posted on the soundcloud the prior one will be taken down due to space.  HOWEVER, the other episodes will be available to download using the following link.

Late Night Marauders Archive

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Late Night Marauders - Nardo Crunk (December 98)

From 98 to 2000, Mr. Carlos, Ben Shabazz, Aaron Cansler and myself had a radio show on KAOS 89.3 called "Late Night Marauders".  It was the peak of the Rawkus era and the emergence of electronica.   The skits from my "Basement Sessions" LP really were an accurate snapshot of the show.  (the goofing around etc.)

A couple years ago, Mr. Carlos hit me with a box of tapes he had of the show and I'm finally starting to rip them from the cassettes.  

I will slowly be ripping the shows and find the best way to host them for people to hear and download.  Till then, check out the "Nardo Crunk" episode from December 98.

UPDATE:  As the new episode is posted, the prior one will be deleted from the Soundcloud page and put in the archive.  Use the following link to hear and DL other episodes.

Late Night Marauders Archive

Friday, April 5, 2013

Prince Po, Moka-Only, Dawhud - "Don't Front (We Gotcha')"

This is probably one of the high points of all the tracks I've worked on.  As a kid growing up, the thought of actually working with people you have pictures of on your wall or binder is just some crazy ish.  There are a LOT of stories behind this song... who was involved, how it went down, what it could have been, but it probably couldn't have come out any other way AND it's classic the way it IS.  

The short story and the one that matters...

1st heard this jam, Mr. Carlos Walkman/
On the bus rollin home with a Source in my hand/
Last page, Sure Shot, as the cassette drops/
Baby a$$, so smooth ride till the wheel stops/
Had the poster, torn from the magazine/
Binder gloss framed like a backpacker vaccine/
Front on a classic, other legends with the sickness/
Man I'm out 5,000, back to the crate business/

That's how I first heard Black Moon's - "I Gotch' Opin (remix)".  This was one of those pivotal moments in my journey through 90s hip hop.  That song was one of the cuts that made me pretty much quit listening to west coast rap music and jump on almost anything east coast related.  I already was into Tribe, Gangstarr, Diamond D and Wu, but this kind of sealed the deal. 

That being said, I HAD to flip this cut and pay my respects to one of my favorite tracks of all time! And what better way to do it than to have some of the emcees you've looked up to for SO long on the track.  (Prince Po and Moka Only)

Don't Front...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ryan Fresh - Vinyls mixtape

At long last Ryan Fresh has dropped his "Vinyls" mixtape.  Vintage Dope in the building.

Ish is bubbling, homie!

Cut Camp "What!"

Cut Camp dropping another track from their collective, "What!"  If you don't know Cut Camp ( is like a who's who of Indy emcees and artists.  This track alone features Grittz, Skittz, Joe Harvey, Black Eddie, Scott Dubbs, Ace One, & Longevity passing the mic down the line.  Naptown has some of the dopest hip hop artists I've come across, so do yourself a favor and check the homies.
"Check Indianapolis / Naptown’s CUT CAMP with their second collective crew video. The video was shot at the Sabbatical ( in Broad Ripple. Shouts to them, No Bad Ideas ( for letting us invade their party for this shoot, and BDTB ( for featuring the video, the penguin, and everybody that came out and had a good time with us!

Directed by Skittz
Shot & Edited by TR (
Song Produced by LONEgevity
Cuts by DJ Spoolz (

Order of Emcee’s:
Gritts @itsgritts
Skittz @skittzformpro
Joe Harvey @ProFormJoe
Black Eddie @BlackEddie7
Scoot Dubbs @ScootDubbs
ACE ONE @Ace_One_
LONEgevity @Lonegevity

Cut Camp also includes DJ Jay Diff & Commander Pop’N'Fresh.

FIND Cut Camp @
Twitter: @CutCamp