Friday, June 30, 2017

Ang P - Bribes and Schemes (Prelude)

In the process of a year and a half Ang P has been consistently knocking project after project out. "L.I.F.F." set it off and within a few months it was followed up with "Manicotti" and within a few months of that that was followed up with "#Project1031."  Boom, boom, boom... no rest for the wicked.  I spoke with him and Ang was saying he was just wanting to keep the momentum going and was already working on a full length.

Ok... dayum homie...

Then one day I got a txt and he let me hear some clips of the new LP, "Vibes and Dreams." I just shook my head not because I'm hating or disappointed, but because it's like it just bleeds out of this dude.  Shortly after I heard those preview tracks, Ang opened up preorders for the LP to be dropped in July and... it was on!  And just when it appears, this is the plan, we're cool, I know what's coming THEN outta nowhere dude drops a prelude EP "Bribes and Schemes."  Like, yo... c'mon, b... for real?  Ya killin' me, man...

So as we're presented in this prelude EP, "Bribes and Schemes" is the yang to the ying of what will be "Vibes and Dreams."  It's a bit of a departure of what Ang has developed as his main lane and sound, but this whole EP works within itself sonically.  Hearing him over different styles of production honestly just shows that he's a diverse emcee and can honestly rock whatever is served to him to make it his own. (and it still sit in his discography perfectly)

5 tracks deep, "Bribes and Schemes" is a dope appetizer for the main coarse coming in the form of his upcoming LP.  As "Manicotti" was an EP that felt more like it was built for summer listening, this EP is like a late night summer rollin' soundtrack.

Cop the EP and preorder "Vibes and Dreams".

Can't stop, won't stop.

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