Friday, June 23, 2017

Preorder D&G's "The Scepter & The Sword" Now

At long last D&G's epic LP is here... well almost. "The Scepter & The Sword" will be released on July 14th and is now available for preorder.  There will be two versions available. One in standard black and the other will be a deluxe splatter version that mirrors the cover art.  Fat Beats will be distributing the standard version of the 2xlp, but the limited edition will be available directly through D&G and Dawhud's bandcamp site.

Along with the vinyl release, D&G have other merch available AND a limited 8GB USB cassette drive! In the shape of a cassette and housed in a purple case, this USB drive comes preloaded with D&G's "The Scepter & The Sword" along with other b-sides, remixes and solo projects from Dawhud & Ace-One.
Order NOW!!!


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